Friday, February 26, 2010

Well Deserved

I can't help but give my two cents about the controversy today surrounding the Canadian Womens Hockey Team being scolded about the way they celebration their Gold medal win last night. After the crowds had left, they took back to their HOME ice and threw a minor celebration on the ice. It included, champagne, cigars, beer etc, all the things you would find at a celebratory event. So why is this so wrong? There was nobody around. They just won the gold on home ice. Below I'll post some of the pictures, but while looking at them think about this. If this was a mens team celebrating on ice, do you think it would have made the headlines? No I don't think so either.

And thats my two cents.


Richmond are you ready?

Saturday night. The National, downtown Richmond. Approx 10:30 p.m.
Daaaaance Party!!

One of my favorite bands, The New Deal will be joining about four other acts to put on a show that should not be missed at the National. I have not seen the New Deal in years, which is wrong on so many levels. Yet, I'm super excited that they will be down the street from my apartment in just a few days!

Tickets are $15 dollars in advance. You can park at my work. We will have fun. We will rage. Hell I may even wear sweat pants because thats how much dancing without a care I will be doing.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Here is a video to get you in the mood for Saturday:

Friday I'm In Love

This post this morning is quite special because its remembering a dear friend of mine, Adam Perez. To all that didn't have the pleasure of knowing this man, I am here to tell you the story of Adam. Aka the best babysitter in the world.

Growing up in my family there were two things for sure. One, you were a kid with way too much energy. Two, our parents worked basically leaving my two brothers and I with a handful of babysitters that we would run havoc on. I mean I remember my mom telling me the story of one calling her at work and telling her that "she is just going to leave, and that my little brother was possessed (sorry rick)." So as you can imagine babysitters came and went, some lasted a few months some a few days. That was until Adam Perez walked into our lives.

Adam was the perfect babysitter for our family. Simple reason being he was almost as crazy as us. Adam came to our family, I can't remember our exact ages but I would say we were in elementary school? Maybe middle? Either way we were young, but not young enough to know how to have some fun. Adam was in high school over at Morristown High. He listened to good music, he had style, he made us laugh, he would do crazy things with us. My brothers and I just adored him.

Here are some of my favorite Adam stories:
-Adam one time got in trouble after my older brother tattled to my mother that they were burning smurf figurines in the backyard using a mirror and the sun.
-He went to that concert Woodstock 2.0. His pictures he showed us when he returned are burned into my brain for eternity.
-He was actively trying to quit cigarettes basically the entire time he babysat for us. My favorite moment came while driving up Mountain Way hill he turned to me in the front seat and said "I'm done!" rolled down his window and threw the pack outside. We continued to drive to our house where he dropped me off and said, I'll be right back. I gotta go find those cigs. He was back 10 minutes later with the pack.
-Adam was just hilarious to be around. He was an actor, loved music, loved to make people laugh. He would play us music until our ears hurt. The band most played was the Cure. He absolutely loved that band.
- The two of us again almost died on Route 10 one day heading to Hanover Lanes to bowl. A huge truck tried to merge into our lane, (and into Adams blue little VW Rabbit). His quick thinking of slamming on the breaks and stopping the car causing the truck to miss us by oh about 10 inches. I know saved my life.
-Some of my greatest childhood memories is of Adam taking us down to the pool and just playing with us for hours and hours and hours. He would always have some fun game or something that would keep us busy until my mom got home from work.

My parents went back and forth with Adam. Sometimes they loved him, sometimes I think they questioned what exactly he was teaching us. One thing was for sure. We absolutely adored this man. And they quickly realized it as well.

Adam was our babysitter for a few years until he left to go to college and then pursue his acting career in NYC. Looking back on childhood there are a lot of great memories to me, but besides my parents no older figure is tied to them more than Adam Perez. Adam taught us a lot about life but the two most important things to him was being able to laugh and the Cure.

Adam died a few years ago after being struck by a police cruiser who was on pursuit while he was trying to cross the street. I still think about Adam every so often, when I hear the words "woodstock" "smurf" or "the cure".

So today Adam, I dedicate this day to you. To remember to smile. Remember to laugh. To take advantage of the good in people. And to remember there is no better band alive...than the Cure.

I miss you Adam.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yes another American Idol post. Buy whyyyy katie? Why are you doing this to me?

Well for a simple reason. Idol is not all that bad. WHAAAAAA? Its obvious I need to tell you why.

Yes. Not all that bad. Some of the people who have came out of American Idol you just can not deny their talent. SOME OF THEM! Need example? Umm...Jennifer Hudson anyone? Now do I think that 2010 American Idol is the same from some of the first seasons where they were truly living the american dream? Example. Season one, they took a waitress from a diner in Texas. She had sung some times before never too professionally and gave her a stage to perform on. This girl had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Unlike these days where the contestants know that 50 million people are watching them and that their performance on one particular night could make or break their careers. These people especially during season one had no idea what they were trying out for. Is it like Star Search? They really hadn't seen the likes of this type of "pop star talent contest" before.

So thats why I always get sucked into American Idol. Because I loved the first season. It was fresh, it was new, were some of the people terrible? heck yeah. But did I care? Not one bit. Why? Because of this girl.

This simple waitress from Texas who on her first week on Idol came out and sang this. And I've been sold.

Drummer Madness

Well I really don't think it could get much better than this guy. Check out how he uses household items as well as trash cans for his drum kits. Some good beats for sure.

Happy Snowday NJ

Happy Snow Day To My Home State
(just don't send any of it down this way....we have had enough)

Today In Music History

Here are all the big things that happened this day, February 25th, in music history!
(Beatles Edition!)

1943 - This day was commonly thought to be George Harrison's birthday. In 1992, Harrison was reported to have said, "I only learned recently after all these years that the date and time of my own birth have always been off by one calendar day and about a half hour on the clock." His birthday is actually February 24.
1964 - At his house, Walter Strach throws a birthday party for George. George, angry at seeing the press was invited, attacks the cake and walks out.
1966 - George Martin is demanded by his wife a divorce. Yes demanded.
1969 - Beatles start recording their Abby Road Album
1972 - Paul McCartney releases "Give Ireland Back to the Irish"

Jamie Cullum

Okay after the wonderful start to the day yesterday I took some time to research Jamie Cullum and found some absolutely wonderful music. Almost every single one of his songs are absolutely incredible, he has the singer songwriter soul mixed with a sense of what is current. Great lyrics, great chorus, I need to see him ASAP.

Other songs to check out are: I'm All Over It, Please Dont Stop The Music, his cover of The Wind Cries Mary. It won't be the last I'll write about him.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nickleback Officially Less Popular Than A Pickle

I will start out this post saying that I have been laughing so hard following this story for the last few weeks. And waiting for the day that I could take to this blog and announce the official results. This pickle you see here to the left has more fans then the band Nickleback. Yes lets all share a collective laugh.

Now for the back story:
I find Nickleback to be probably one of the top 3 WORST bands that have somehow hit it big. It makes really no sense to me, and I knew out there I wasn't alone. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a fan page on facebook called "Can This Pickle Get More Bands Than Nickleback". Finally a cause I can get behind. I joined right away.

Slowly but surely this group took speed and it became serious. I started reading about it on other blogs, more and more people were joining and the group was close to hitting its goal of having more fans than the band who had 1.38 million fans.

Well facebook people. You did it. This weekend the group finally passed over 1.4 million fans officially making it more popular than the band. Hilarious. Now I thought it would kind of end here. Yay, we did it. That band sucks. Onto the next group to join like "No Way You Also Remember The 90s". Well it didn't.

When this facebook group hit its goal, it also became very national news. I even read an article about it yesterday stemming from cnn. Yet it hit a new form of craziness when the lead singer of the band Nickleback chose to get involved. Now the following will detail out exactly why this band is horrible and that nobody should support them at all. You ready?

THE MAN CAN'T TAKE A JOKE. The following is the conversation that the lead singer sent to the TEENAGER who created the page.

Yes thats right. The lead singer of this band has taken to his facebook page to shit talk a teenager and she won. haha. How pathetic can you be Chad? Really? Like you said you somehow sold 30 million records? Why do you care about facebook? (Current state: dying from laughter under my desk). When asked for further comment from the creator of the page she responded "This pickle page is strictly intended for humour. The whole time, I was pro-pickle, more than anti Nickleback." Coreal Anne whoever you are, you are my new hero.

And just to hammer the point home. I found this FANTASTIC video depicting the heated battle.

Digging a Hole

Now this is how you do it. I did not watch Idol last night. No Daria I didn't! I promise you! But I was just reading the recap of it and watched this one performance. Now I know I have went on record to talk about how I hate when people cover The Beatles. I think its wrong and just shouldn't be done. Yet I have to stop and give respect to the few people on the planet that can pull it off.

Do I think American Idol contestants should ever be allowed to sing The Beatles? Well thats laughable. But somehow they got the ok and now its fair game. Tread carefully contestants. If you choose to do this, it will most likely make or break your career. And I think that Lily Scott's version of "Fixing a Hole" did just that. Made her career. Bravo.

(Plus she sang "Fixing a Hole" on Idol, how cool is that!)

Today In Music History

February 24th

So gotta admit, nothing too spectacular happened today in the music world. Sad I know.
But here is a list of things that did happen!

1958 - The song "Get a Job" by the Silhouettes hits number 1 on the pop charts
1973 - The song "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack topped the charts and stayed there five weeks
1993 - Eric Claptons song "Tears in Heaven" wins big at the Grammy Awards

yeeah thats about it. Lets hope for something better tomorrow

Men at Work

Today they are building me a new office. Its the reason for the shortage of posts over the last two days. This morning they finally broke through the wall and started building me a new door. Yes thats right I'm attempting to do work while there are about four grown men inside my small office with big machinery. Why would you say? Because these guys are hilarious! I've now decided we are all fast friends and this morning when they finally broke through the hole, I played this song.

Its been on repeat ever since. We are dying.

Everlasting Love

This was the scene this morning. It's 8:35, I'm running late headed down to work. I get to my car, its cold and muggy out. I'm tired. Probably not in the best mood to start the day. I have approx 8 minutes before I get to work to change attitudes. I start heading down Cary St. My Sirius radio kicks in to the usual "Coffee House Station". A song comes across the radio it sounds familiar, but not at the same time. Wait what is this? An Everlasting Love cover? Why yes please.

Three minutes later I'm almost to work literally screaming this with everything I had. Something about this song. Something about this cover completely woke me up and got me in the best mood.

I love music.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today In Music History

Today in Music History - February 23, 2010

1910 - First ever radio contest is held
1927 - Pres. Coolidge creates the Federal Radio Commission (FCC)
1972 - Elvis and Priscilla Presley separated
1974 - Billy Joels most famous album "Piano Man" is released
1978 - Grammy Awards: Big winners included Hotel California, Fleetwood Mac and Debbie Boone
1979 - George Harrison releases his self titled album
1995 - Melvin Franklin (Temptations) died from heart failure.
1999 - Garth Brooks attended spring training camp with the San Diego Padres.
2003 - Norah Jones won five Grammy awards
2006 - The itunes music store records sales at 1 billion dollars

MJ Medley

Yeah its more from Oprahs Incredible show yesterday. This guy while you may think has too much time on his hands his story shows something different. Sam Tsui is a math major at Yale. Again, a math major at Yale. Him and his roommate (a earth science major) wanted a study break one day and thought it would be fun to make a video to put on youtube. It started as a three person group, then the girl dropped out, and his roommate thought of this idea, what if we digitally put you in there again? What followed was nothing short of genius. These two college students embarked on a project that yesterday landed them on Oprah. Between classes, study sessions and college gatherings these kids made these "just for fun" videos. There has been over 5 million views. Incredible.

That's Incredible!

So Oprah yesterday (yeah I said Oprah, remember where you are "non-judgemental") had a bunch of different people on her show titled "Thats Incredible". And you know what, she held up her end of the bargain, these people were nothing short of incredible.

It started out with her entire set made out of Godiva Chocolate (delicious!). Next she had a 7 foot 12 year old girl who dominates her middle schools basketball team (there should probably be a rule about that) , a man who can make full pictures out his etch-a-sketches (too much time on his hands), the tallest dog in the world, an enormous Great Dane, this insane Rusian Bar Trio who performed high flying tricks. And that wasn't all. The two best people she had on yesterday was an artist and a violinist. First the violinist David Garret came out and played his record breaking "Flight of the Bumblebee" in less than 2 minutes (basically has the fastest fingers alive) and a "speed artist" who does full portraits in two minutes. I was the most impressed by these two men just by their pure abilities and for being yup...incredible.

First video is the violinist. He isn't that hard to look at either ladies...

Second is the artist. Now this guys is amazing. I have to admit that half way through I thought he had messed up because all I saw was blobs of paint on a canvas. Yet as it comes together its amazing. Watch!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Muppets Are Killing it!

Yes thats right The Muppets, the fuzzy creatures we all know an love are KILLIN IT on the web these days. Their online videos have character, originality and are above all hilarious!

Check out the following videos for just pure comedy.

"Bohemian Rhapsody":

"Dust in the Wind" by my boy Beaker:

The Morning Benders

This band hails from Berkley California following the Indie music path paved for them by good friends Grizzly Bear and Death Cab for Cutie. This band seems to do everything right, great music, great video, awesome vibe, sound the whole package. Watch this video, appreciate this video, go get their album, Big Echo its worth it.

New Feature

So I'm taking this opportunity this morning to bring you a new feature to this site. A simple and easy reminder of all the good and bad things that has happened in music on this day years ago.
Lets see how it goes.

Today In Music History: February 22
1964 - The Beatles arrive back in England after their first US visit.
1978 - The Police starred in a TV commercial for Wrigley's gum. The ad hit the airwaves only a few months before "Roxanne" was released.
1989 - First Heavy Metal Grammy was given out to.....Jethro Tull
1992 - Kurt Cobain married Courtney Love
2001 - Steely Dan won their first Grammys ever, including the upset of Album of the Year for "Two Against Nature". They beat out Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP"

Marcus Roberts on Jazz Piano

Well happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend here in Virginia I know I sure did. Training started for the few races I have around here this spring, so that is exciting. On bummed out news, the ben and jerry's that I could see from my deck has closed its doors for good. While this will help my running out, it definitely bums me out that I will not be able to get my Cherry Garcia whenever I wanted. Sigh. Tough life.

Anyways onto the better things in life. Yes thats right Jazz Piano. I got into work this morning with about 100 things on my plate so I needed something simple that would just get me into the working news. I hit up my one stop destination for all things good in the music world, NPR and found this great concert from legendary Jazz Pianist Marcus Roberts. Roberts hails from Florida, where he first picked up the piano after losing his sight at age 5. Since then he has mastered a wide range of styles and arrangements. Enjoy this concert brought to you by NPR and get into the swing of the week.

Happy Monday

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Miss This Band

Yeah I'm going to say it, I miss seeing the String Cheese Incident. I spent a good portion of college following this band along. I do believe that this band single handedly saved me when Phish took a break. I loved seeing this band live, I loved taking road trips with friends to see them, they quickly became top billing in my book. I had some very memorable Cheese road trips such as Atlanta 420, Sunshine Florida and a Chicago NYE that the only word I can use to describe was "LASERS". I had such a great time seeing them. That was until Phish came back. Since Phish's return I haven't seen as much of SCI then I would like to. I would say I would love to change this, but they recently have taken a break (with only two shows scheduled this year in Colorado). So I feel like that girl that has went out searching for her long lost love to find him married with three children. So today I'm revisiting the old days, the days of fond memories, the days of the electric mandolin.


So I had the most terrifying experience this morning. I showed up at a nameless Middle School thinking I was there to pick up a donation. (Just like the principal had said). So you can imagine my suprise when I was quickly escourted into the gym, where the whole entire school is assembled, and introduced as the guest speaker for the day. I don't think I have ever been so scared in my entire life. Not only did I have absolutely nothing prepared to say, I had 300 of the tiniest eyes staring right at me. As I sat through the pledge of allegence, the principal talking, some adorable kids speaking about Volunteering it was finally my turn...

Somehow I made it through the entire thing without completely losing composure. Yet I do have to admit I did feel like this the entire time.

Now its time to compose myself and celebrate its Friday!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I'm completely addicted to the Olympics. This happens every single time the Olympics come on, I tell myself that I will not bend over backwards and stay up until 2 in the morning watching these events. Well where was I at 2 a.m. last night? Thats right. Watching some speed skating. While like everyone else I enjoy the summer Olympics a bit better, you can not deny that the winter games are not bad ass. With such events as the skeleton, snowboarding, ski jumping, and short track is easy to get swept up in these games.

I by far love snowboarding the best. I think its a spectacular sport because its still being figured out. The fact that last night the gold medal run was made by American Shaun White who basically invented all of his own tricks is unbelievable. What other sport is so revolutionary where Shauns Gold medal run from 4 years ago wouldn't have even gotten him into the finals this year.

And bravo to Shaun for being this sports ambassador. He has all the pressure in the world on him, and he is never seen without a smile on. I believe that one of the reasons why everyone enjoys the sport and the athletes involved is that they have fun. And isn't that the dream? To have fun and win a Gold medal all at once?

Check out what Shaun did to prepare for these games....this is incredible.

Pandora Suggestion

Good morning everyone! While I'm slammed trying to write a new volunteer manual here at work (fun and exciting!) here is something that is single handedly getting me through the day.

Go to and make an "Acoustic Soul" music station. Thats right, type those two words in as the key words and I promise to you what will follow will be so grand. Trust me on this one.

The last few songs have been from the likes of Jason Mraz, Tristan Prettyman, Nate Stone, Ryan McCalmon, Paul McCartney. Just really good relaxing music perfectly suitable for your office.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When You're Strange

This film from award winning director Tom DiCillo uncovering the history and previously unseen footage of the Doors, helps provide insight and reviews the legacy of this great band. In documentary style format DiCillo dives into the depth of this band. Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek has stated that "This will be the true story of the Doors" and that the film will be "the anti-Oliver Stone" obviously referring to the 1991 film about the group directed by Stone. That film drew a storm of criticism from many Doors fans for certain scenes that he completely fabricated.

This new documentary was first showed at Sundance in January of 2009 to okay reviews but it seemed to be missing something. Soon Johnny Depp was hired to re-dub the narration of the movie, and the movie has now taken on a life of its own. This very moving and touching documentary shows the band recording six studio albums in five years, as well as their electrifying live performances. It basically breaks down for the audience and shows what it took to make up one of the most influential bands of all time. It will hit theaters in early 2010.

100th Post

Publish Post
Well I made it to 100 posts. Kind of unbelievable.
Kind of feeling I need a life. Still kind of loving it.

The Wait Is Almost Over

Yes, thats right. The wait is almost over for the return of this years best new show. GLEE! Yes, if you need a reminder on why I love this show so much just click this link...HERE. This show is hilarious, well written, well acted, awesome songs and just overall badass. Just a few more months until the return.

This should hold you over.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Okay I know what you are all thinking. Katie that is a sick song and why would you do a post out about it. Simple, growing up it was my favorite song. I was lucky to grow up in a house with a lot of Beatles music, they were my moms favorite band so we grew up in appreciation of what they do and the music they played. I remember early on I owned the Beatles, Abbey Road album and absolutely fell in love. I used to sit up in my room and play the songs on my cd player over and over and over. Yet there was always one song in particular that I loved more than most. Yes, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" was that song, the song about the medical student that kills people. I never said I was normal.

I don't think I knew at the time the gravity of the lyrics that McCartney was talking about but I sure did love the light fluffy tune. They used humor in the lyrics and made the tough subject somewhat approachable. Again, no idea why I took such a liking to this song but I do remember vividly how happy it made me.

Which is exactly why I am posting this video. I stumbled across it this morning and I have had a smile across my face ever since!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RIP My Sharona

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band, the Knack, Doug Fieger died on Sunday at his home in California after a long battle with cancer. He was 57. The band whose long running hit "My Sharona" has become the symbol of the new wave era was the classic example of the "one hit wonders". The song spent six long weeks on the top of the charts in 1979 and became an instant high school dance classic for years and years to come. The song built on a simple rift, but had all the makings of a great pop song, and true to form Fieger says he wrote it in "15 minutes". The Knack, never had another song reach the top of the charts quite like "My Sharona" but they will forever be known for their signature song which still ranks as one of the best selling singles of all time.

Watch Doug rip this song one last time...

Strawberry Fields Not Forever... Abbey Road for Sale

Sad sad post today.

To the left is a picture of me outside Abbey Road studios in 2005. From the outside, this place still looks like what it once was: A Georgian town house in the suburbs of north London with a famous pedestrian crossing once used by the Beatles nearby. Yet on the inside, this place contains a notable slice of not only British but recording musical history. And unfortunately, shortly it will be going up for sale.

Cash strapped music company EMI is currently looking for a buyer for this famous studio. Its the place where the Beatles recorded some of their most notable tracks using the studio for most of their recording during 1962-1969. The sale of this studio will definitely mark the end of an era of music. For it was not just The Beatles who called Abbey Road their home, their have been countless number of artists that have walked that street and recorded some amazing tracks from inside those walls. In no particular order (because lets be honest that would be impossible) here are the top five recordings from Abbey Road studios.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
Perfectionists Pink Floyd choose the Abbey Road studios to record what many consider to be their musical masterpiece and because at the time Abbey Road was capable of making that perfect multi-layered sound that they wanted to create. The outcome was an album that has lasted for over 40 years.

The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)
Before this album Abbey Road was simply known as the EMI studios, yet all of that changed after the Beatles recorded their legendary album here. Its an album that has been enshrined in pop music history and ultimately gave the studio its name. Its also one of the last studio albums from the band.

Oasis - Be Here Now (1997)
This was the third album from the British rockers, who at the time became "bigger than, dare I say it, f**king God!"(N. Gallegher). The expectations of the band were high, but apparently not as high as everyone involved was, if the stories of the epic drug consumption in the studio ring true. The album came out to lavish praise and flew off the shelves across the world.

Radiohead - The Bends (1995)
The band was under extreme pressure to capitalise on the commercial success of their debut album and it near put an end to the band all together. First, the recording was delayed, then the label wanted to release a single to the public but the band fought and couldn't pick one they agreed on. Basically anything and everything that could go wrong with a recording session did. Yet somehow it all worked out in the end: the album was was well received and took the band in the direction they wanted to go.

The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King (2003)
Yes, the movie soundtrack. All of the music for all three films were recorded at Abbey Road studio but it was the third that was by far the most interesting. Annie Lennox was featured on a song as well as actors Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler also contributed to the soundtrack. It won Oscars for score and sound.

RIP Abbey Road. And thank you for all the great tunes....

Yup....Still Great

So after yesterdays post about the disaster that is the "We Are The World Remake" I have been trying to fill my ears with just pure good music. The music that no matter when it plays your feet start tapping and little by little it grows through you. By the end of the song you don't know what is going on but you are on your feet dancing like a fool. This song released in 1976 was a hit then and is still just as much a hit today. Whenever I need a good pick me up or just a few minutes of non apologetic dancing I will throw this tune on. Enjoy the road back to good music paved by Stevie Wonder.

Monday, February 15, 2010

We Are The World? Part Two

Well its taken me about three days to muster up enough courage to write this next entry. I know what I want to say about it, I know how everyone else feels about it, I just wonder why nobody else is saying anything about it. All news outlets are calling it "amazing", "inspiring", "thought provoking". I call it a "shame, tragedy, disaster, slap in the face to the original". I wonder who is right....

Please watch while reading comments to get full effect :)

The following is my exact thoughts while watching the "We are the World - 25 Year Anniversary Tribute":

  • Opening by Jamie Foxx – really didn’t we revoke his music pass just a few weeks ago at the Grammys for this?
  • Who is this Beiber child who gets the first verse of this “legendary song” He can not be more than 12.
  • Very moving images of Haiti throughout the video (nicely done)
  • Hey J. Hudson. Thank god for you and your pipes!
  • Ugh. I hate that lady from Sugarland. Why was she invited?
  • My boyfriend Josh Groban looks and sounds amazing as always
  • Whoa. Hey there Tony Bennet. Its been a while.
  • Mary J is awesome
  • Nice MJ with his signature glove singing with Janet. That was a nice touch.
  • Oh Barbara Streisand, you are well…you.
  • OH NO MILEY CYRUS. Why why why!!! And why would they have you follow Babs?
  • Is that you Enrique Iglesias? Where have you been?
  • Now I’m starting to not recognize anybody.
  • Is that a Jonas brother? No? Yes?
  • JAMIE FOX. STOP NOW. You are not Ray Charles
  • Wyclef is screaming again…
  • I hate Maroon Five anyone else?
  • Pink- Finally someone who can carry a tune
  • More people I don’t’ know…
  • Yeah Michael Jackson glad they gave you back another verse.
  • Usher doing his best Michael Jackson impression...not too bad
  • Who will sing the famous Cyndi Lauper Part? Okay I can live with Celine Dion. At least she can sing. Sounds really good too.
  • BREAK – okay up to this point while cheesey still could be released and be okay.
  • Fergie looks like she has been hit in the face, well that’s no different then her ordinary look (awww snap)
  • Chorus, with the masses. Tons of celebrities in here. Wait! Is that Vince Vaughn? Randy Jackson? The “Dude”? Oh man…
  • Lead singer of the Pussy Cat Dolls? Really? That’s classy.
  • An appearance by Toni Braxton, shes old school talent. Approved.
  • Okay the Chorus sounds pretty good, I can’t complain.
  • OH MY GOD. Is that Lil Wayne using one of those voice tracks that make him sound like a robot? This can’t be.
  • Was that Santana, where did he go? Come back!
  • Akon really? Okay this is starting to take a turn south. Voice tracks are not cool.
  • T-PAIN Did you hear what I said, if you can’t sing, a robot voice does not sound good! Who is in charge here?
  • Jamie Foxx just did the “Ray Charles Sway”….YOUR FIRED JAMIE.
  • Hold on: is this LL Cool J and a full rap section? I know this was not part of the original. Snoop Dogg? Really? Didn’t he kill someone? This just sounds terrible. TERRIBLE.
  • Can someone please tell Wyclef Jean to please stop screaming into his microphone.
  • Thank god for Jennifer Hudson for trying her best to save this recording…she is trying people! She can’t do it alone!
  • Damn that was a Jonas brother….
  • Kanye, the world still hates you. Sorry. That and all your lyrics sound the exact same. You earn no bonus points.
  • Wyclef, you need to stop. Now.
  • Back to the chorus….
  • Leaving with parting shots of Haiti. That’s at least nice. Sigh.

I really have no other comments about this video except for one final question. Where were the following? McCartney, Dylan, Jagger, Bowie, Springsteen, Prince, Aretha, Stevie, Whitney aka the Real Legends.

Now who do you think is right in their review?