Friday, October 29, 2010

And I'm Off!

"This has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way..."
Next stop Atlantic City to go Phishin! 

See you all there! 

(Im really hoping now that they play some Led Zeppelin. Pleeeeeeeeease)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Live Photo of the Week

I'm trying something new today. I love music and I love photography. 
So here is my favorite live photo of the week!

Here is MUSE frontman Matthew Bellamny at their concert during Austin City Limits earlier on this month... 

Happy 50th Green Eggs and Ham

Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite books. 

I used to have a MEAN Dr. Seuss collection... I wonder if my mother kept them...I should get on that.

Do you like green eggs and ham?

People Are Awesome

Check out this video of ordinary people doing some very extraordinary things. 
(I know one or two stunts are fake but 90% is pretty amazing)

Uh-Oh I'm Sick

Why does this always happen to me? I'm one day away from leaving for a fantastic Phish adventure up in Atlantic City but the sinus gods are keeping me down. Somehow I have tracked down an awful sinus/cold. Ugh. I'm at work until about noon today. Then I'm back in bed, doing everything in my power to curb this before tomorrow night.... boo.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Listen Now: Angus and Julia Stone

Meet Angus and Julia Stone, the brother-sister team from Australia that is currently taking the indie world by storm. They started collaborating just a few years ago and since then its taken off like magic. They hit success with their sophomore album A Book Like This and now they are just about ready to come to America's shores.

And let me ask you this, if you were a foreign singer would you break out in America by covering a song from one of America's favorite musicals?  That ballsy.

Here is their cover of "Your The One That I Want" from Greese. Yes, Greece.

Its pretty badass. 

Melodic Wings - Sean Gordon

Forget his hair and just watch his fingers. This is one of the more impressive acoustic guitar players I've seen in a while. How does he do that?

Ukulele Weeps

Meet Jake Shimabukuro. I don't know much about the Ukulele but I do know that this man makes it sound pretty damn amazing! Check out his version of the George Harrison classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". This is one of the better covers of the song that I have ever heard. And I've heard a lot! 

Rocky Horror Glee Show

Last night while the rest of the television world was getting into the Halloween spirit, GLEE went above and beyond all of them and presented their audience with a "Rocky Horror Glee Show". Based off the super fabulous Rocky Horror Picture Show, these kids dressed the part, sang the songs and most of all really pulled it off. 

As a huge fan of both shows I was a bit reluctant to watch but by the time they were done with the "Time Warp" I was about ready to start throwing things at my screen! (And to all fans of RHPS knows that this is NOT a bad thing...its actually encouraged.) So bravo GLEE for pulling off yet another feat. This one was big.

Now...Lets do the time warp again!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taylor Swift You Have My Respect.

Okay I know I know. You are probably asking why I'm writing here about Taylor Swift. Yet as a lover of all things music I have to pause for a minute to give this girl props. Thats right this girl at the mere age of 16 broke out into the music scene and has not looked back. Now for most pop artists this isn't a huge feat but she is a little different. At the age of 14 she was signed to RCA records as their youngest songwriter. Ever. Thats right...she first got into the business writing her own songs! 


This morning I saw her as she took the stage on the Today show to promote the release of her third album. An album that is completely written by her, and only her. She was there signing autographs, taking pictures with fans with the energy like it was her first performance ever. 

This girl is now 20. She writes songs about what its like to be 20. She doesn't use auto tune. We do not read about her on tmz. She is somewhat normal. And to be one of the biggest acts in the world right now and to keep that head on your shoulders has got to be pretty tough. So today, I say BRAVO! I know if I had kids I would want them listening to her and not that Miley Cyrus. Just sayin....

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

It is celebration day over here on my blog so I figured I might as well include another one of my all time favorite songs. This one comes as an amazing cover by the late Hawaiian artist Israel Kamakawiwo'ole from his album Alone in IZ World. This cover of this song not only reminds me of my mother who loves the Wizard of Oz but it just makes me step back and remember really what a wonderful world I really do live in. 

"Someday I wish upon a star wake up where the clouds are far behind me...."

I hope that everyone is having the great day that I am. 

Phish Posters Out Of Control!

This is the poster for tonights Phish show up in New Hampshire. SIIIIIICK. 

They are coming out with some pretty ridiculous posters for this tour...

Can only imagine the one I'll grab this weekend in Atlantic City!

Happy One Year of Blogging to Me!

Today I celebrate the one year anniversary of my blog. 

This entire thing started off as a dare to myself. I love to write and I love music so I dared myself to write at least 2-3 music related articles each day M-F for one year. I did this not only to expand on my music taste but to really see if I could stick to a creative commitment. A public commitment. One that I could literally track my progress for each day. 

Well I did it and little did I know how enjoyable this ride would be. I have listened, read and learned about hundreds of new artists I would have never been tuned into before this blog. I have met and been connected to some of the coolest people out there in the "blog world". I have learned more about my writing styles, technology, scoring free wi-fi, how to play youtube at work without being caught, my parents music taste as well as my friends, the pop culture scene and most of all I have learned about what has attracted me to music in the first place. The freedom. 

The freedom not to be judged on your choice of music. The freedom to play a song and instantly be in a better mood. The freedom to look up lyrics and have them move you before the song even begins. I love it. Which is why I spend a majority of my money either seeing concerts, at the itunes store or at the old record shop. I just can't get enough of it. 

So yay. I did it. I made a commitment and stuck to it. Got to say I'm a pretty happy camper today. And to celebrate I am posting one of my all time favorite songs by one of my top three artists. I love it for so many different reasons. This is my favorite version, please stay and listen for one of the more amazing sax solos. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Phish Agusta Poster

Mom. Dad. Brothers. Friends. 


Please find me a copy of this poster. Phish - 10.19. Augusta Maine. 


Gregory Isaacs 1951-2010

Gregory Isaacs

Famed Jamaican singer and reggae star Gregory Issacs passed away this morning at the age of 60. 

Isaacs became one of the world’s biggest reggae stars in the 1970s and 1980s with major hits like “Night Nurse” and “Rumours,” spanning the transition from more traditional styles to synth-based dancehall.

"I'd say he's one of the three geniuses I've known in the reggae music business, and I've known everyone," said Gary Himelfarb, who recorded several Isaacs albums for his Washington, D.C.-based RAS Records label in the 1990s.

"Gregory was the kind of person who could walk through a room of 20 people and come out the other side and tell you what everybody was wearing," added Himelfarb, whose professional name is Dr. Dread. "He could sit at a piano and compose incredible tunes. He was really brilliant. He was on a whole other level than your typical Jamaican artist."

Issacs was a prolific record maker with at the time of his death over 200+ records of his was produced.

RIP Gregory Issacs 

The Story of Jimi

Jimi Hendrix

In 1956, 14 year old James Marshall Hendrix was in his Seattle home, listening to a thunderstorm raging outside. For a moment, he thought he heard a woman's name being blown in the wind— Ten years later, James changed his name to Jimi Hendrix and formed the band, The Experience. When they debuted at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, Hendrix set his guitar on fire and began a new chapter in the history of rock. He died three years later of an accidental drug overdose.

That is the story of Jimi Hendrix. 

Most adults know his story yet now a whole new generation will be given his story with the release of a new childrens book titled: Jimi Sounds Like a Rainbow: A Story of the Young Jimi Hendrix.

When the author Gary Golio was asked why Jimi's story it was an easy question to answer. "Many of the kids I see if I say to them, what do you want to be when you grow up? Alot of them say 'I don't know'," he says. "If you don't have a goal as a young person, you're really adrift. Jimi had nothing materially, he was quite poor, but in his imagination, inside of himself, he lived a very rich inner life."

So true. So very true.

Goodbye to the 80s


This marks the end of an era. And don't tell me your too old to remember having one of these. It was my lifeline. 

Sony this morning has announced that it has officially stopped production on The Walkman. 

Now what will I do with all my Ace of Base tapes?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Its The Weekend...

And time for some wacky thoughts of course...

I have just under an hour to post everything then I'm out for the day and the weekend has begun! 

So instead of getting into what I'm doing this weekend I'm focusing more on what my mind is on.... just plan stupid ridiculous. 

Last week I found my new favorite website you can go to it HERE.

Its amazing. You will spend your whole day there. I promise you. 

Here are some of my favorite things I've found... and yes, its ridiculous.
(Click on links for pure hilarity)

-What it Means When You Say Literally (this one is for my brother since I overly use this word)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Emma Stone + Saturday Night Live = Better Be Awesome

If anyone can save Saturday Night Live it has got to be my girl Emma Stone. Her recent movie Easy A is a hit at the box office, she has just signed on to play Jane in Spiderman and well shes fantastic! 

Check out her promos with Andy Samburg. 

11:30 Saturday Night - Set Your DVRs!

Phish Rocked Utica!

Phish rocked the house up in Utica last night. This is my favorite picture....

One week week!

The Glowbot Costume....Has Arrived!

Above you see the image of a Glowbot! This Halloween I will be attending the Phish concert in Atlantic City and well...this will be me. Only in pink. Thats right. I'm a glowbot for Halloween and well I've never really been so excited in my entire life. (scratch that I was a belly dancer for about 3 straight years.. the costume was amazing). 

But this year is going to be epic for a few reasons. First its my first Phish Halloween show (crossing yet another item off of my Phish bucket list). Secondly, I'm going with my four best friends in the entire world. Three, I'm going to dance my ass off! Why? Why you ask! Because when I look like the video below its going to be hard not to!

Glowbots Unite!

Happy Birthday Dizzy Gillespie

Happy Birthday, Dizzy Gillespie!

Happy Birthday to jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie. Look even Google recognizes how extremely talented you were! Today you would have been 93 years old... and well music has just not been the same without you and your cheeks! Mr. Gillespie started playing piano at the age of 4. By 12, he had miraculously taught himself how to play the trumpet and trombone. 

Gillespie, along with jazz great Charlie Parker, started the entire bebop era, which has stood out as one of the first modern jazz styles. His songs like "A Night in Tulsa" which was written back in 1942, still have influences over pop music today. 

I am a huge fan of jazz music because of this man. Many who know me know that I am OBSESSED with horns. I think that they are the best section of instruments out there. 

If I had an extra wish it would be to see this man live. Unreal.

Here is his very special appearance on The Muppet Show!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't Dream Its Over....

One of the greatest songs ever written....

Here are my favorite quotes written about dreams...

"The worst thing one can do is stop dreaming"

"Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you'll die today"

"I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams"

"We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true."

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

"When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality."

Machine Gun

"Baby, please, I'm well versed
In how I might be cursed
I don't need it articulated"

Okay I've been listening to this new Sara Bareilles CD on repeat since its release a few weeks back and there is one song that I keep going back to over, and over again. Machine Gun is track number 10 and for me it stands out. Its the blending of everything you could want in a song. Great songwriting, fantastic tone, the melody is fantastic and the timing of the delivery is perfect.

Love it. 

Hip-Hop Baby!

Beyonce pregnant with first child: report

Oh noes. Here we go again. Yesterday I talked about Will and Jada Smith's daughter hitting the music industry... and well she may have company soon. It was announced last night that superstars Jay Z and Beyonce are expecting their first child. 

Any guesses on names? Watch they will go for like Jacob.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A 120-Pound Journey

If you have a spare five minutes today I highly suggest that you watch the inspirational video below. Its the story of a guy and his motivation to lose 120 pounds. From someone who has done something similar (yet not that extreme) the video hit a special place with me. For you see he didn't lose the weight to look good, he didn't lose the weight to impress people he lost the weight so that he could be happy with himself. Anyone who has every had any body images ever knows that really what matters the most is how you feel about it because once you are happy with yourself... the rest falls into place. 

Halloween Is Near...

And tonight I'm pumpkin carving.... hope that I can make some almost as cool as these... 

hahaha. right. I'll keep dreaming. 

So The Story Goes....

On July 10, 1999, Phish played a pretty solid show at the E Center in Camden, N.J., across the river from Philly. (The band would later release it as Live Phish Vol. 8.)
In the pavilion when the band came out, I could clearly see Trey wearing his Mia Hamm No. 9 USA women’s team jersey as he took the stage. The ladies has played China earlier that day in the final of the Women’s World Cup in Pasadena, Calif, and though I had seen much of the tournament, I missed the final because of the show. However, seeing Trey in that shirt confirmed the best of news.
The guy behind me saw the jersey, leaned over my shoulder and asked, “Hey man, you think Trey’ll tell us who won the match?”
My reply: “I’m pretty sure he just did.”
(Now my favorite photo of Trey ever!)

So stumbling around the internet I found this story about the Phish show in N.J. back in 1999. (I did not go to this show because I remember that I stayed behind to watch the USA vs China soccer match (I'm a huge soccer dork)... little did I realize what happened at that show)

Read the excerpt HERE.

"On July 10, 1999, Phish played a pretty solid show at the E Center in Camden, N.J., across the river from Philly. (The band would later release it as Live Phish Vol. 8.)
In the pavilion when the band came out, I could clearly see Trey wearing his Mia Hamm No. 9 USA women’s team jersey as he took the stage. The ladies has played China earlier that day in the final of the Women’s World Cup in Pasadena, Calif, and though I had seen much of the tournament, I missed the final because of the show. However, seeing Trey in that shirt confirmed the best of news.
The guy behind me saw the jersey, leaned over my shoulder and asked, “Hey man, you think Trey’ll tell us who won the match?”
My reply: “I’m pretty sure he just did."

Oh No... Willow Smith is Famous?

Okay, I get it will and Jada Smith. You are stars. Your talented. That does not mean that I should have to endure both of your kids in my life as well. First you send your son out to remake the Karate Kid a film that had no right to be remade. (Just shows how money and hollywood can get you just about anything... from what I hear you bought the rights to the film, produced it yourself when nobody else would sign on and basically just gave the role to your son... yay hollywood). Now your 9 year old daughter just released a music video for a song called "Whip My Hair". Really. She is 9. Go home. Teach these kids to be somewhat normal. Now I'm going to have to deal with their whole music career then trying to be in movies which all will ultimately end in rehab next to Justin Beiber. 

Let your kids be kids!!! 

And no I will not even post the video of the song here because it is TERRIBLE. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

No Time

Sorry about the lack of posting today. Absolutely no time. 

But I did make a recent development on my Halloween costume for Phish's Atlantic City show. 

I am going to be a glowbot! haha. yessss!

Have a good day everyone, and I promise some fun posts tomorrow!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Love Is As Tall As The Calgary Tower

This is one of the cooler videos I've seen in a while. Its a lovely song by Woodpigeon.


Our Love is as Tall as the Calgary Tower from Boompa Records on Vimeo.

The Space Between

Okay I get it. People from Virginia have very different opinions on Dave Matthews. From what I have learned they love the home grown talent but hate that he actually did in fact make it big. Whatever the reasons, people are allowed to have them but I would like one of those naysayers to argue with me that this next song is not one of the most brilliantly written songs ever. 

In "The Space Between" is a release off their 2001 album Everyday. It perfectly depects the story of two people that are just unable to be together. It shows how cruel space can be between two people.

The space between
the tears we cry
is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more
The space between
the bullets in our fire fights
is where I'll be hiding waiting for you
The space between
our wicked lies
is where we hope to keep safe from pain
The space between
your heart and mine
is a space we'll fill in time

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord

I have talked in great detail about my love for The Beatles (thanks mom), and yet again this morning I was reminded why. Easily my favorite Beatle George's song "My Sweet Lord" came across the radio this morning and for a moment I forgot how lovely this song really is. Its just so beautiful. 

Enjoy this on your Friday afternoon...

Fiona Apple - Talks Music

Check out the video below of one of my favorite artists Fiona Apple talking about the importance of music. 


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rock Photography - Take 2

Eminem and Jay- Z rip it up during a recent show in Detroit

Chris Martin from Coldplay... just because.

Ozzy with 9 yr old guitar prodigy during one of his shows

Phish's Trey and Mike doing the Meatstick dance!

Guitar gods - Slash and Lemmy Kilmister

Furthur performs at Gathering of the Vibes

Tennis great John McEnroe and Beastie Boy Mike D take it in at a Rage Against the Machine Show.

Rock Photos Day

Besides music I really really enjoy photography. Which is why today I'm combining my passions to have another day dedicated to Rock Photos! No rhyme or reason for it, just good pictures. 

The first round of photos is just random out of character rock stars. 

(The Edge, Bono, Kanye, Lenny Kravitz).... why wasn't I invited?

Yoko Ono and Lady Gaga

P.Diddy... why are you wearing a kilt. 

New American Idol Judges.... No thank you.

Two of my favorites Bruce Springsteen and Edward Norton share a stage.

Ozzy Osbourne paying tribute to John Lennon on his birthday last week....