Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bad Books "It Never Stops"

Here is a post for Patrick. One of his favorite collaboration bands (who I have posted about before) is getting ready to release its sophomore album and has treated us to another single. 

Here it goes its called "It Never Stops".

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Comes and Goes

So sorry that I had no time to get on here today. Hopefully you got enough of my ramblings yesterday to hold you through. And really all that is on my mind today is that stupid football game last night and how the refs are literally taking all the fun out of watching the game. 

Oh and I hate Pete Carroll. This picture solidified it even more.

**This is him celebrating after what will go down as the worst call in the history of the NFL**

Monday, September 24, 2012

In Case You Missed It

This is the outfit Lady Gaga was spotted in today. I think we can say she has officially lost her marbles (the only few ones she had remaining....)

The Once and Future Carpenter

I absolutely love this song off the new Avett Brothers record called "The Once and Future Carpenter". Its perfect for a very busy afternoon when you just need a moment or two to relax.

"Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me
And when I lose my direction I'll look up to the sky
And when the black cloak drags upon the ground
I'll be ready to surrender, and remember
Well we're all in this together
If I live the life I'm given, I won't be scared to die"

Just do yourself a favor and if you like this song go pick up their new album "The Carpenter" today.

Noel Gallagher Live at Isle of Wight Festival

I wrote a huge blog a few weeks ago about the best Noel songs and its just nice to have some more proof. Here he is performing one of the greats "Half The World Away" at the Isle of Wight Festival.

"And when I leave this planet
You know I'd stay but I just can't stand it and
I can feel the warning sighs running around my mind
And if I could leave this spirit 
I'll find me a hole and I will live in it and
I can feel the warning signs running around my mind...."

Picture of the Day

Willie Nelson joined Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on stage at Farm Aid for a rendition of Grace's song "Ragged Company". A song in which he is featured on in the deluxe version of her newest album. This was the first time they had ever played together... 

Below My Feet

Here is the second performance from Mumford & Sons SNL appearance playing the new song "Below My Feet". 

I really like this song despite how slow it starts out. Especially since Marcus sings, plays the bass drum with one foot, a tambourine with the other and quite capably strumming his acoustic guitar during the performance. Bravo.

Bonus Points to Ohio University Marching Band

Favorite video of the weekend?



Best Part of the Emmy's Last Night

Like the award show junkie that I am I watched the entire Primetime Emmy Awards last night and while I thought for the majority that the awards were super predictable and boring. There was one part that I absolutely adored. 

I knew that for the Best Actress- Comedy was going to go to Julia Louis-Dreyfus even though I thought my girl Amy Poeler deserved it. It was absolutely amazing to watch Julia's acceptance speech. 


Billie Joe Armstrong Meltdown

Now this is Rock N Roll. I'm pretty sure he is only in rehab today because of his publicist.... because seriously the way this band was treated would have made anyone blow up.

Here is the situation:
Green Day was set to play the I Heart Music Festival over the weekend out in Vegas. They were supposed to have 45 minutes to play and since the show was running 25 minutes late. Instead of letting the show run late they decided not to tell Green Day and cut them off by 20 minutes to make sure that Usher would have his full time to play. That did not sit too well with Billie Joe a leader of a band that has been in the game for 25 years and well, he let them have it. 

I find absolutely nothing wrong with what he said or the manner in which he said it in.

Hopefully someone learned that this was messed up.

JETS Number 1

I don't know if I'll ever be able to say this again so I'm taking advantage of it while I can...

I woke up this morning and my NY Jets are at the top of their division. Yup thats right. Even after what was the ugliest win of maybe our history yesterday vs the Dolphins. I'll take it. Anyday!!


(next week we are at the 49ers.... eeeeek!)

Mumford & Sons Audio from Saturday

When I went back and listened to this yesterday afternoon I was pretty impressed. I know that most of this bands songs sound very familiar but its that familiarity that I do love. I know what to expect from them. Good lyrics, good grooves and passionate music. They deliver every time. 

Here is the audio from their performance on SNL of "I Will Wait".

Guess Whos Back?

You know you have been gone from your blog for too long when you come back and the entire format is changed. What is up with that? Hopefully this ends up looking semi-normal.

I am sorry for my absence last week. Had a lot going on at work and in life and didn't have the time to get on here and talk about whats new in my world of music. But lucky you I have a lot to tell you! 

-Did you know that the lead singer of Green Day had a meltdown at a music festival this weekend and landed himself in rehab?

-Mumford and Sons killed it on Saturday Night Live with their new song "I Will Wait"

-C-Lo is officially ruining Thursday night football

-Fiona Apple was arrested for drugs in the same small Texas town as Snoop and Willie Nelson. 

-Its official. Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban will join Mariah Carey on what is sure to be American Idol's final season.

And thats just the start.... stay tuned!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Hudson.... Still Got It

Last night was the season premiere of Glee and the start of Kate Hudson's recurring role as Rachael's badass dance teacher. Now let me start this by saying I am a huge fan of Kate Hudson. Huge fan. It has to do with her role in Almost Famous and well since then she can do no wrong in my eyes (no matter how many shitty rom-coms she does... still love her!)

Back to the subject at hand.

Last night she slayed it during the performance of Americano/Dance Again. She shows everyone who is wondering yes you can have a baby a few months ago, get your ass into this type of shape and sing and dance like a pro.

Can I just be her?

Lincoln Movie Trailer

I'm excited about this movie for a number of reasons. It was filmed mostly here in Richmond, a know some people with some small roles and who were extras, I love Mr. Lincoln and well its Steven Speilberg and Daniel Day Lewis. Do I need to explain any more?

Here is the trailer:

Remember This Name: Carly Rose Soneclar

Yes I'm talking X Factor again. I can not help it. There is something about these singing competitions (at least during the audition rounds) that hooks me. I was thinking why this happens last night and I figured it out while watching this next girl sing. 

Could you imagine being a regular girl off the street, singing to yourself in the mirror of your room, maybe being in choir, maybe some small community theater. People tell you you are good, but you are from a small town.. from a town where kids still believe they can grow up and be President. You find out there is an audition for a national television show nearby. You and your seemingly normal parents drive to said audition, wait in line all day, not really knowing what to expect. 

Then its your turn. You get on stage in front of thousands. In front of judges that you have been watching for your entire life. With the glare of the tv cameras that are broadcasting your next move to millions of viewers. Its your time. 

Then you put on a performance like this. Completely changing your future forever. You are no longer a small town girl. In 24 hours you have been a trending topic on twitter, a number 6 google search and you had a man who has founded multi-platinum singing groups tell you 'a star is born'. 

These shows change lives and to see this girl get a platform to do her thing. I will always appreciate that.

Watch this video. Watch this girl. Remember her name. Easily the best audition I've probably ever seen since Kelly Clarkson season 1 of that little show called American Idol.

(also loving Britney and her tiny clap!)

Jets Vs Steelers

Hoping that even with the weight of the entire Pittsburgh team on their shoulders my J-E-T-S will prevail on Sunday. 

I won't go much into it but there is a lot on the line for this game Sunday.

A JETS victory is the only outcome that is acceptable.

Moving forward. 

Mary's Best Song

Its Friday. I'm extremely here at work so it looks like it may be another day of videos to get you by. I'm sorry. I promise you some better posts soon. 

For now take a look at what I think its Mary J Blige's hands down best song. Its called "I'm Going Down" and I believe was made when she was at the height of her abilities. The song is raw, emotional and powerful. A combination that can only be pulled off by a few...

Happy Friday.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Britney....Bitch!

Britney Spears made her debut as judge on the X Factor last night and I kind of loved it. She was a perfect mix of honest, sweet and bitchy. Just the Britney I like. Take a look at some of her best moments...

"And then your singing came in and well.... it wasn't very nice"

Sophia Grace & Rosie Are Back!

New season of the Ellen Show came back this week and with it came the return of two of my favorite mini pop princesses. Sophia Grace & Rosie!!!

This week Ellen sent them to the VMA's and it was nothing short of amazing...

"I can see Nicki Minaj's wig!"

X-Factor Contestant Slays Grace Potter

Refreshing to see this girl get up on that stage and sing such a rocking song....

Hoping she goes far.

(PS X-Factor was good.... really good.)

Phish NYC

Closing my eyes. Clicking my heels and wishing to be here again.


Fun: Some Nights

My new favorite pop song of the moment.

Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys

The Father of the SportsCenter Theme

Video Day

Extremely busy and frustrated today so I don't really feel like writing much so I'll just fill the day with a bunch of videos. 

Here is another one:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dave Matthews - Snow Outside

Last night I got an early listen on the new Dave Matthews album and while I've never been too big of a fan of his recent work (I'm a 90s dave fan) this next song is a throwback to the classic lyrics of old. I can't fully post it on this blog but just follow the link below to listen to the new song "Snow Outside". And if you like that, click "More Videos" from this youtube user and you will see the rest of the album. 

The best song is easily "Mercy" which I posted the video for a few weeks ago....


I love actress Rebel Wilson for a number of reasons. Yet the one that just shot to number 1 is the video above of her alter ego. British Street Rapper.... Rebelicious. 

Also sorry for my absence over the last few days... work has been nothing short of insane!

Monday, September 10, 2012

No Big Deal

No big deal. Just the bomb squad hanging out outside my office today...

Totally normal.

Weirdest Headline Ever?

So remember last week I told you about a pair of Elvis underwear going up for auction? Well this is the headline I just read and I'm not joking...

"Elvis's Bible sells for $94,000; Used underpants fail to meet reserve"

Yes. That means the man selling the underwear had a minimum that he wanted and it wasn't met....

I wonder why.


Mumford & Sons At Red Rocks

Mumford & Sons took the stage at the historic Red Rocks venue over the weekend and played some cuts off their new album. No song went over better with the audience then the one I posted a few weeks ago on this blog called "I Will Wait". It matches the energy off of their debut album and is just a great song.

Take a look at the video above and go pick up the album when it hits shelves next month.

Also side note: you really get to experience how amazing the Red Rocks venue is during this video. It still remains as number 1 on my bucket list of concert venues.... one day you will be mine!

JETS Off To A Great Start!

After what can only be described as a disappointing pre-season. The Jets shut the critics and myself up yesterday routing the Buffalo Bills at home. It was nice to see Sanchez step up make some big throws and big plays. It was great to see our offense make the catches needed to keep the possession on our side. And its always nice to see our amazing defense cause turnovers that lead to points. 

All and all it was a good week to be a Jets fan. 

Now lets keep this in perspective. It was against Buffalo and we do have Pittsburgh this week. A great confidence builder but lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet...

Also its so great to have football back.... agreed?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Clooney + Obama

Here is one thing that happened last night that I will talk about. :)

President Obama did his best to state his case for re-election at the DNC last night. His speech was nothing short of amazing (like it always is). Yet it was his video that introduced him that made me fall in love with the man all over again.

It didn't hurt that Mr. Clooney did the voice over...

Not Going To Happen

Hello. Its Friday and the start of what is going to be a great birthday weekend. There will be a lot going on today and tomorrow but I'll tell you one thing that won't happen. 

I will not be talking about one thing that happened at the MTV Video Music Awards last night.

Why? Why you ask? 

Because they were nothing short of embarrassing for every single person that was involved with it....

Terrible all around.

So moving forward hope everyone has a great day and a lovely weekend.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This Is SportsCenter

This could be the greatest commercial ever made.


Not sure anybody cares about this anymore but the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards are on tonight. I remember when this show used to be amazing. not so much. 

I also find it funny that MTV is giving awards out for music videos, especially since they don't play them on their channel anymore.

Lets remember the better days... Here is one of my favorite moments Guns N' Roses gets the award for November Rain then plays it live with Elton John.

Who Knew?!?

It was released this week that the highest paid rapper of 2011 really has not rapped about anything in over 10 years. Thats right. Dr. Dre has topped the list as the highest rapper of the last year because of.... wait for it.... his headphone sales. Yup. Guess that "Beats by Dr. Dre" is doing pretty well after all. It brought the man close to 100 million last year.

That is insane.

It also proves that there is virtually no money to be made by actually making music anymore.Its all about side projects, promotions, commercials, headphones, vodka, basketball teams, energy drinks, etc.

Parks and Recreation Bloopers Season 4

I know I talk about it a lot on this blog but if you are not watching Parks and Recreation with Amy Poeler on NBC you are missing out. Take a moment (or the next 17 minutes) and watch the bloopers from this last season.


Blaire On My TV.... Again.

It was a pleasant surprise last night to hear my friend Blaire's voice come through my tv last night. Big congrats to her and her brother band Curtis & Reinhard for their song placement on FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance". This is huge!

And yes I know Blaire's voice is amazing!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Anyone who is thinking about voting for this Romney/Ryan ticket.... this is seriously what I'm afraid that I'm going to look like in 40 years if their politics hit Washington. 

Please think before you vote.

Thank you.

Pick From The Brother

I got this email from my little brother last night.... "My new jam - can't. stop. watching"

Not a bad pick little bro... not bad at all!

Here is "Primadonna" from Marina and the Diamonds

Bad Books - How This Ends

Here is another recommendation from my fantastic boyfriend. One of his favorite bands is Manchester Orchestra and one of the side projects of the group is another band called Bad Books (which includes the guys from M.O. plus Kevin Devine). I wrote about them a few weeks back when they announced that their new album will be dropping in October. 

In recent days he has given me a list of songs to catch me up this band, and I am here today to say that this band is fantastic. There are numerous songs that are worth the listen and I will be requesting a copy of the first cd from him for immediate download. 

For starters here is the song that really jumped out at me off the list. Its called "How This Ends" and I believe its a simple song where the lyrics seem to point out that our beliefs have no effect or bearing on what actually happens in the end. And no matter how you interpret whatever "book" you live by, once your life is over, your beliefs were only yours anyways and that is all. 

Again simple but great! You will hear a lot more about these guys soon...

The White House Brewery

Who knew the White House had its own brewery? I sure didn't. Take a look at this quick video below to see how they make their own signature home-brew.

Pretty fascinating if I do say so myself...

Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day! 

That is all for me today, I'm out!

New Look For Freddie Mercury

In honor of his birthday this week the creators of Angry Birds have done a special tribute to Freddie. They made him one of their own.... ha. 

New Matchbox Twenty

Just like I said about No Doubt a few weeks ago this is a sentence I didn't think I was ever going to type again.... Here is a new video from Matchbox Twenty. And before you go counting them out take a look at their track record, albums sold and number 1 songs. Their numbers will literally blow your mind.

I have zero feelings about this new song. We will see if it grows on me...

Phish Tour Closer

Phish's summer tour leg two came to a close last night out at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO. They spent the weekend there playing three fantastic shows and literally blowing the minds of their fans away. The sets lists were amazing, from what I watched last night the boys were having tons of fun, the crowd was amazing and a good time was had by all.

Any Phish fan out there that has yet to listen to the second set Sand>Ghost from last night stop what you are doing and fix that immediately. Also go to the bands website and take a look at some of the fantastic photos coming out of Colorado today.

Have a fun break boys I will for sure see you somewhere this winter!

Inspiring Paralympic Photos

So last month during the Olympics I was feature inspiring photos of athletes competing in London. Well that batch has nothing on these next photos. The Paralympics kicked off last week and the courage and dedication of these athletes make you think twice about.... everything!


Best Oasis Song Sung By Noel

This debate was sparked and settled within a weekend. Lets see where your opinion lies.

First a little background on Noel and Oasis.  

Noel Gallagher was born in May 1967, he is an English musician formally the lead guitarist and main songwriter of the rock band Oasis. He began learning guitar at the mere age of 13. After holding a ton of random jobs in construction he started working for a local band called Inspiral Carpets as a roadie in 1988. It  was there where he learned that his older brother Liam had formed a little band of his own. This band eventually took the name Oasis and after Noel returned to England his brother invited him to join as a guitarist and songwriter. 

Oasis debut album, Definitely Maybe (released in 1994) was the start of the huge rise to fame the band had. Their second album (Whats The Story) Morning Glory? solidified them as stars staying at the top of the album charts in many countries and their third album Be Here Now, became the fastest selling album in UK chart history. The next two albums failed to bring them back to the top of the charts and in August of 2009 following an altercation with his brother Liam, Noel announced his departure from Oasis announcing he would make a go at it as a solo artist. 

Noels run with Oasis was marked by much trouble especially during the peak of their success. He was involved in several disputes with Liam and the brothers fights and wild lifestyle was tabloid gold. Even with all this many have compared Gallagher's songwriting abilities with the likes of George Martin claiming Noel to be the 'finest songwriter of his generation'. 

In Oasis Noel let his brother Liam take most of the lead vocal parts. Noel was happy to be the guitarist/songwriting genius in the background (everyone knew he was the real leader of the band anyways...). Yet every now and again he would march front and center and take his turn in the spotlight. His voice sweet and pure. Which brings us to the debate we had at the start of this overly worded blog post. 

What were those songs that stood out among the rest...(And warning these songs will be in your head for at least two days... promise you.)

3. Don't Look Back In Anger
-This song was the first to feature Noel on lead vocals, it also contains one of the best opening lyrics on any song... "Slip inside the eye of your mind...don't you know you might find... a better place to play"

2. Half The World Away
-This was very close to being number one yet after numerous listens it ended up strong at number 2. I think the easygoingness (is that a word) and lyrics make it one of the best Oasis songs on the books.

1. Master Plan 
-This song was originally released as the B side to their huge hit "Wonderwall". Noel has declared that this song was one of the best he has ever written and I can't disagree. He claims that at the time Creation Records boss upon hearing the song told Noel that it was "too good" to be on a B-Side to where Noel quickly snapped "Well, I don't write shit songs!". No sir you don't.... 

The Dawg Is Done

Its official. The last remaining America Idol judge is out for the new season. Randy Jackson is officially off the judging panel. His role in the show is still being decided (from what I'm hearing its a mentor role), but this makes it official... the dawg is out.

I give this show two more years max.