Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trey Offers Optimistic Cover on Jimmy Fallon

Trey Anastasio braved the weather last night in New York and visited the Jimmy Fallon Show to provide an optimistic cover for people dealing with the tragic weather up north. He covered "O-oh Child". It was perfect, fitting and solidifies my love for this man.

Whoa Taylor Swift.

Have whatever opinions that you want about this girl but she sure knows how to sell some records!!

According to Billboard Magazine this morning Swfits new album Red has racked up the highest first week sales of any album in a decade with more than 1.2 million copies. I'm sorry... WHAT!?! This will surely put her at number 1 for the week and what is sure to be many weeks in the future.

Its the strongest sales week since Eminem's The Eminem Show which sold more than 1.3 million copies its first week in 2002. Thats insane.

In other startling Swift facts she is the only woman to have two million-selling weeks since SoundScan began keeping track of album sales in 1991. Red is only the 18th album to sell a million copies in a single week since 1991, and the 1.2 million is the second largest sales total for a female artist. The number 1 spot belongs to Ms. Britney Spears.

Happy Halloween


Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy HALLOWEEN!

Remember this outfit from the Phish show a few years back? Yeah that was easily my favorite Halloween ever. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
(and yes I'm still thinking about everyone up in my home state of NJ... hang in there!)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Gift Idea!

Okay everyone take out your notepads. Its around this time each year where I start to post some dream items that I would like to appear under my Christmas Tree in December. 

First being the new Mumford & Sons Documentary "Road to Red Rocks" (pre-order available on the website).

It looks amazing. Of course!

Dreams Come True

In case you can't read the captions above. Here the are:

To the left a 5 Year Old Brandon Crawford in 1992 standing next to a sign begging the head of the National League to keep the Giants in San Francisco. 

On the right a 25 year old Brandon Crawford in 2012 walking off the field a World Series champion for the team he grew up rooting for.


The Voice Knockout Rounds

Last night I stopped watching Homeland long enough to get over to NBC to catch this battle on The Voice. Let me tell you this, this first girl can SING. Well both of them can. Great battle. 

**Also side note... this is how I think I sound in the shower**


This kid is ready for Halloween. 


Prince Facts 101

In honor of my favorite Halloween outfit ever (see above) here are some Prince facts you may not have known about. 

- He wrote his first song when he was 7.
- He danced with James Brown when he was 10.
- He once was so poor he used to go by the local McDonalds just to smell the food.
- He refused to be produced by Earth, Wind and Fire.
-He played everything on the The Times debut album.
- Michael Jackson's "Bad" was supposed to be a duet with him.
- He almost gave "Kiss" away
- He scrapped the final record with his group The Revolution.
- He was set to release an entire album as a woman. (No lie, her name was Camile)
- He thought his own album "The Black Album" was evil.
- He only did the Batman soundtrack because he was in love with Kim Basinger. 
- He wanted Kevin Smith to direct a "Rainbow Children" movie. (this story is too good not to share)

"Kevin Smith contacted Prince with the hopes of using his song "The Most Beautiful Girl In the World" In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but the singer declined. He did however, try to convince Smith to film a movie that would include footage of Prince and his band performing material from The Rainbow Children and overtly Christian messages spelled out on the screen such as "Jesus Christ is the son of God". Smith filmed hours of footage at Paisley Park but dropped out when he realized that the project was intended to be a recruitment film for Jehovah's Witnesses". 

Lady Gaga To Do Jazz? World Cries.

This is when you know Tony Bennett's handlers are not doing their job correctly...

(Taken from an article I just read on buzzfeed)

"Tony Bennett has told Billboard that he's going to record an album of jazz duets with Lady Gaga after he finishes work on "Viva Duets" and she releases her upcoming record "ArtPop". "Its going to really reaffirm that she's one of the best jazz singers that anyone's ever heard" says Bennett. They're currently in the process of selecting songs and will work with arranger/orchestrator Marion Evan on the albums recording."

I'm sorry but WHAT!?! Just when I started to think we were free of the Gaga... shes on her way back. And ruining my love of jazz music. Dang.

This Makes Me Sad

The Funtown Pier at at Seaside Park in NJ has been destroyed. 

Also check out the NYC skyline last night. Yup thats the Empire State Building as the last one in the skyline left with power. Creepy.

Time Square completely empty.

Hello... Is It Me Your Looking For?

Hey Everyone, 

Sorry for the extended break last week but a little bit of illness mixed with a whole bunch of work equals not a lot of time for blog world. I promise now that everything is seemingly back to normal I will get back to it.

First off the storm. Is everyone okay? I talked to my family up north, looks like my parents are without power in NJ yet my brother has it in NYC but describes the scene as "Nanners". I'm still trying to figure out what that means in John-speak... We here in Richmond did not get it too bad at all. Lots of wind and rain but not a lot of damage and from the looks of it everyone still has power. Yay. If you are in the parts of the country affected by this storm, be still. Stay inside. Don't go out taking pictures or being that cool person out for a run in the rain. Just stay where you are and stay safe. I mean this is what a subway station looks like...

So here is a quick recap from the last week on some stories that I may have missed while away.

-A Levon Helm documentary is coming to theaters in 2013.

-Eminem confirmed his new album by putting out a new hat (see below)

- Paul McCartney finally came out and admitted that Yoko did not in fact break the Beatles up. "I don't think you can blame her for anything... he was going to leave anyways". Well now that we have that settled.

- Jazz-Folk Legend Terry Callier died at the age of 67 last week.

- Ronnie Woods Rolling Stones memorabilia was sold at an auction; his 1955 Fender Stratocaster sold for over $60,000.

- Saw Argo. Loved it. Recommend you go see it for yourself.

- Taylor Swift released a new album. She was also on every tv show, radio station, magazine cover you could find in the last 7 days.

- Meat Loaf went out on the campaign trail for Romney. While every other musician and sane person went stomping for Obama. Stevie Wonder even released a new song in honor of our President.

- Justin Timberlake married some girl from 7th Heaven.

- The Rolling Stones rehearsed their new tour in Paris by performing 12 song set. Watch video from the show by clicking right HERE

- Lil Wayne suffered two seizures over the weekend, but has now been released from the hospital. 

- Arcade Fire is planning on releasing a new album next fall. 

- Finally Axl Rose sat down for a very lack luster interview with Jimmy Kimmel. 

Okay that seems to be a good chunk of it. Hopefully we are all up to date.

Happy Tuesday. Stay dry! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I must admit it. Today I have turned into a stalker fan. Trey's tour bus is parked outside my work office for his show at the National tonight and I can't seem to pull myself away from the window or walking aimlessly around the street for a glimpse of the man.

My name is Katie and I have issues.

Hope your day is going well. 

Vote! Vote! Vote!

A bunch of women celebs lip synced Lesley Gore's song to encourage women to vote Obama on November 6th.

Bridge School Benefit 2012

I have written in length about Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit on this blog before. Don't believe me? Click Here. It still remains high on my concert bucket list. 

Well over the weekend he held his event for the 26th year out at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Moutain Vew, CA. There were a lot of surprises and special guests at this years show including Eddie Vedder's unannounced performance, Reggie Watts beat-boxing for the Flaming Lips, Axl Rose and Neil Young's duet and the always fun all-star finale. 

Here are some pictures I found over at Rolling Stone.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Michael Jackson "BAD25" Preview

Oh I can not wait to see this!!

Spike Lee is getting ready to debut his MJ documentary on November 22nd on ABC. In this new trailer he gives a peek into the making of the 1987 classic album "Bad", its music videos and the tour that followed. 

"That is what this documentary is about -- its gonna have people return to focusing on the music, his art, which I feel is his legacy, in addition to his children. In the end he became a prisoner of his fame".

This looks like a can't be missed documentary.

Dustin Kensrue - Down There By The Train

Check out this amazing Tom Waits cover by singer/songwriter Dustin Kensrue. Easily one of the best covers I've heard in quite a while. Good job!

Ellie Goulding LIVE at the Troubadour

Ever want to experience what a full Ellie Goulding show would be like? Well now you can thanks to the Troubadour out in L.A. This was one of her many stops this week promoting her new album 'Halcyon'.

Love everything about this girl.

Dear Katy Perry,

I know I have been ragging on you lately. Yet after watching this next video...

Consider yourself REDEEMED.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trey and the Traveler

During the making of his new solo album "Traveler" Phish frontman Trey Anastasio got to play with musicians from some of his favorite current bands including the National, Bon Iver and Mates of State. While rehearsing for a gig at the Wellmont Theater, he discusses the new material, playing some orchestra shows and working with Broadway musicians. A very interesting video.

Bad Decisions

Yesterday I was reading my normal updates when I read an interview with Leona Lewis who told the Daily Star that she was actually the first one to record "We Found Love" before Rihanna made it her hit single. She stated "I worked with Calvin (the DJ) and we recorded it. But he went touring with Rihanna, and she ended up releasing it". Rumor has it that Leona did not want it to be the debut track off her new album so Calvin quickly passed the song on to Rihanna. This is probably a decision that Leona is now regretting... big time. 

This made me think of all the artists that passed on potentially huge songs. Here are some you may not know about. 

-T.L.C. turned down "Hit Me Baby One More Time" the song that would turn Britney Spears into a household name.

-"Total Eclipse of the Heart" was originally written for Meatloaf.

- Janet Jackson passed on "How Will I Know" before Whitney Houston got her hands (and pipes) on it.

-Sara Evan reportedly passed on the country ballad "Jesus Take the Wheel" calling it stupid. The song went on to be Carried Underwoods first big hit.

-Hilary Duff was offered the track "Since U Been Gone" but the Lizzie McGuire star was afraid she wouldn't be able to hit the high notes, so the song went to Kelly Clarkson... and straight to #1.

-Lupe Fiasco was almost dropped from his label after he passed on two tracks "Nothin On You" and "Airplanes", which were then recorded by unknown rapper B.O.B. and turned into hits.

-Christina Milian passed on "S.O.S." -- Rihanna's breakthrough US hit. Needless to say, Milan was then dropped by her label. Ouch.

-Although she originally wrote and recorded it, Pink passed on "Whataya Want From Me" which then went to "American Idol" singer Adam Lambert. 

If you would like to read something fun google actors that turned down famous roles. Very interesting...

Wait What!?!

Its official. The world has lost its damn mind!!

I just read that Rihanna is set to earn a cool $8 million dollars for turning on the Christmas lights at a London shopping mall. 

No words.... No words at all.

So True.

Dear Katy Perry....

The fact you are still dating John Mayer is ridiculous. You are better than this.

Have I Mentioned?

Have I mentioned how happy I am about this decision?

On Monday night Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were announced as the hosts of January's Golden Globes. While its too early to predict what will actually happen yet its sure to be amazing. 

Need proof?

Weird Day For Me

Today is a weird feeling day for me. Everyone that I know is checking bank accounts for credit card holds and checking their emails feverishly waiting to hear if they in fact landed tickets for the Phish New Years Eve run at MSG. 

For the first time in recent memory I have decided not to go this year. Gasp! I know. Tough decision but in the end it kind of feels nice not waiting for hundreds of dollars to disappear from my bank. Its also going to be nice Saturday morning at the crack of dawn when I am still sleeping rather than camped out at a ticketmaster location. 

I am sure the shows will be great. I am sure that everyone will have a great time. I am sure that I will order at least 2 of the nights on video so I can watch from afar. Yet I am also sure that I will have a fabulous new years here in Richmond (and I am pretty sure it won't give me bronchitis like I returned home with last year)

Good luck kids on your pursuit for tickets. I'll see you next year.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Announced

Drum Roll Please......

Congratulations to Beyonce who has been tapped to perform during halftime at Superbowl XLVII in New Orleans in February. Yesterday she took to her tumblr account to confirm the rumor with a portrait that finds "Feb 3" and "2013" scribbled on two strips of tape that look like eye-black (what football players often use under their eyes).

It will not be her first time at the big game. In 2004 she sang the National Anthem when the game was in Houston. 

I for one have to say that I am not mad at this decision. Maybe just maybe it will make up for the Madonna-C.LO-LMFAO disaster that happened last year. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

X Factor Winner: Carly Rose Soneclar

Guest mentor Will.I.Am said it the best when talking with X Factor contestant Carly Rose Soneclar "She's possessed. She's like a little caterpillar and then you think she's gonna turn into a butterfly....Dragon! Scorching the town."

I wrote about this fantastic talent a few weeks ago during her first audition. And yet again she has floored me with her next performance. I don't even think anyone needs to watch this show anymore, she will clearly be the winner.

Shocking News

I was shocked today to hear today that Paul Shaffer famous for his "Late Night with David Letterman" Band is hinting at leaving the show when his contract is out in 2014.

In an interview with TV Guide Canada he stated "We've been on 30 years so now we've got another two years... I'm going to be certainly ready to lie down after that, take a nap. But once again, life is nutty- anything can happen . I've been so lucky and blessed to be working this long in show business. And whatever happens now is just gravy to me."

Bacon Shortage PSA

This is amazing on so many different levels.

I'm Back... I Promise

Okay sorry for all the extended breaks lately but it look like life and work have finally calmed down to a point where I can get back on here and post about the things I love. Just give me a little bit of time to get everything together on this Monday morning and I'll be back with a slew of great things.

Some of the things I've missed over the last two weeks:

-Chris Brown and Rihanna are officially back together. Just the thought that she would take him back makes me physically ill.

-Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are feuding already on American Idol. I personally think its a ratings stunt... and well don't really care too much about either to take sides.

-Jack Osbourne got married over the weekend in a secret ceremony. Ozzy looked proud and adorable.

-Rolling Stones have confirmed a 50th anniversary tour. That's incredible.

-I've chosen my winner on X-Factor. Video to come.

-No surprise here that Springsteen is out on the Obama campaign trail.

-Oh yeah and I went to Disney where this picture totally happened.

Happy Monday! I'll be back.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Rolling Stones Documentary

The Rolling Stones are set to be chronicled in a new documentary that will show the key periods of their career and their incredible adventures. The name of it will be 'Crossfire Hurricane' and it is directed by Brett Morgen. From the looks of it it will provide a new perspective on the bands unparalled journey from blues-obsessed teenagers to rock royalty.

Looking forward to it!!

Best Battle Ever

Last night between watching my Jets lose a close one on Monday Night Football and unpacking my stuff from my recent vacation I was able to squeeze in a little bit of the "Battle Rounds" of NBC hit show The Voice. I was happy I tuned in when I did because I saw this amazing battle between two powerhouse singers singing "Vision of Love". 

Take a look below if you happened to miss it last night. Trust me its worth the watch if you like to see people sing their faces off...

Dear Christina

Your new album cover is absolutely ridiculous. 

And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels like this....

The Best Damn Band In The Land

I love what the Ohio State Marching Band does here. They put their own spin on classic video games like Space Invaders, Pokemon, Mario, Halo and more. Check it out.

New Adele!

Yes! I've been waiting for a while for this release. It seems like Adele has been able to squeeze in a new song for the new 007 movie while being 8 months preggers. Way to go girl. 

No surprise that its amazing and has been on repeat for a good majority of the day.

Happy Birthday John Lennon

Happy Birthday John.

Today you would have been 72 years old. The world misses you!!

Here are some quotes from this amazing man:

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans"

"As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot"

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for manical ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it."

"You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!"

"Everybody loves you when you're six foot in the ground"

"Before Elvis there was nothing"

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace"

"Happiness is just how you feel when you don't feel miserable"

"What we've got to do is keep hope alive. Because without it we'll sink"

"You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die"

"If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60s, that's a problem. Peace and love are eternal"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Holland Road

And here we go with another cut off of "Babel". I really just should have called today Mumford Day because its what is playing on my ipod and really its the only thing I can process with vacation being so close. 

The next song I will review is another goodie called "Holland Road". This song is particularly soft, slow and very melodramatic. It perfectly plays into my theme that this entire album is much better crafted then their first one. It seems like more thought was put into making a complete album then just banging banjos like they did on the first. The entire album tells a story of love, loss, hope, grief, courage, being lost and finally being found. All things that are universal. It speaks a language that everyone can relate to and I think that is the reason why this band hits on so many different levels with so many different people. 

This song starts out really slow with an amazing build to an instrumental break. It uses trumpets well towards the end (like they did on the ever popular song "Winter Wnids") and builds to a point that when the "ah, ah, ah's" come in at the end you can't help but sing along. I feel as if this is one of the more powerful songs on the entire album. 

"I ran away in floods of shame
I'll never tell how close I came
As I cross the Holland Road
You went left and I went right
As the moon hung proud and white
You would have loved it here tonight"

Axl Rose Agrees To Interview

In a very rare turn of events, Mr. Axl Rose has agreed to do a super rare interview with Jimmy Kimmel. He is said to be doing it to promote the Guns N Roses show at the Hard Rock in Vegas. 

It is set to air on October 24th with the shows in Vegas running from October 31st to November 24th. 

Should be very interesting.

Lovers Eyes

Here is another cut from the M&S album called "Lovers Eyes". 

"Love was kind for a time
But now just aches and it makes me blind
This mirror holds my eyes too bright
I can't see the others in my life
Were we too young
And heads too strong
To bear the weight of these lover's eyes
'Cause I feel numb beneath your tongue
Beneath the curse of these lover's eyes"

What make me fall in love with this band a few years ago was their lyrics. They are really able to paint such a vivid picture using their words that I always find myself dissecting them and trying to figure out exactly what Marcus is trying to say. In this next tune it is obviously about a young relationship. A couple that fell in love at too young of an age, at a point in their life where they weren't ready for such a commitment of trust. They weren't sure who they were as individuals yet. They got lost in the relationship. It ended badly and the man now feels remorse but in the end understands that the timing was just not there. They were too young. They needed to grow before they could handle something so serious. 

Gorgeous song!

Where Are You Now?

Hello everybody and happy Tuesday. Its my final day of work before I leave to go on vacation so as you can expect I'm a tad excited to hit the road. Anyways, I wanted to spend some time today and talk about the new Mumford & Sons album "Babel" that I downloaded yesterday and spent a good portion of my evening listening to. 

The more and more I listened to it the more and more it grew on me until I came to the score of an 8.5 out of 10. Yes I know that is a pretty high score for a sophomore album but it deserves it. Instead of just canning up an album full of easy songs the band has taken this album to really make a statement about the type of music they are making. The statement being: "We make good quality music, with great grooves, amazing lyrics and a beat that will make you tap your foot no matter how hard you try not to". And after giving "Babel" a listen its pretty safe to say that Mumford & Sons are not going anywhere any time soon. 

Now for some cuts off the album. First off is one of my favorites "Where Are You Now". Its obviously about someone thinking about a broken relationship and thinking about if that person still has you on your mind or even more simply about what they are doing right now. Its mellow. The lyrics are fantastic and its the last song on the album which I always appreciate a band that can close an album out on such a solid note.

"Where are you now?
Do you ever think of me, in the quiet, in the crowd"

Monday, October 1, 2012

Currently Downloading...

Pretty excited to be downloading the new Mumford & Sons album "Babel" as I type this....

Blink 182

Is it 2004? Well according to the title of this next post, maybe. 

A few days ago I had a conversation about Blink 182. We talked about a few different things. I think it started with talk about how solid Travis the drummer is. And then talked about when they were famous back in the day. And finally about how terrible they were live. 

It got me to thinking if I had to pick one of their songs what would it be. (And I must admit while I want to like this band... its the guys nasal voice that kills me and makes me want to turn and run). But this next one isn't too bad. 

Its off their self titled album that was released in 2004 and it was the first departure of their usual upbeat sound. It was more of a somber single, and well like I stated before I enjoyed it more than most of their stuff (I'm looking at you 'All the Small Things'). 

I'm Back (For a few days)

Hey Everybody,

Hope you didn't miss me too much while I was gone last week. Sorry that I didn't have time to stop on over here, I had a work event that required a lot of time and attention and when it came time for posting.... well there just wasn't any.

Anyways, I'm back now. Although the honeymoon will not last long. I'm off to Disney on Thursday morning so there will be nothing from the end of the week until Tuesday of next week. What will you do?

I promise to make it up to you upon my return. 

For now its back to the things that matter... the music.