Monday, September 29, 2014

What A Weekend

It is Monday and I am absolutely totally exhausted. Isn't it supposed to be the opposite? Instead of relaxing and taking care of myself this weekend I was working two different events that literally kept me out and about all day long. I can barely feel my legs. My body hasn't had a good nights rest in well over a week. And my mind is starting to play tricks and lose it on me. I have about 30 seconds to pull myself together and get back on track. 

The next few months I have a lot that is going on but I just can't seem to actually get my mind focused on that. Right now its get through every day. Get to sleep. Wake up. Work. Repeat. I will make it right?

Right now the chances are 50/50 at best.

Please send help. Or sleeping pills. ASAP.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bucket List Check

This summer I knocked another one off my music bucket list and finally got myself to see Sara Bareilles in concert. I've been talking about this chick for literally years on this blog and all it took was getting up early on a Saturday morning to get some really great seats to her Charlottesville, VA show. A great time was had... here are some videos from the night. (FYI: not mine so don't judge the quality) 

I'm not sure if I've ever seen a performer be so candid and funny...

She played one of my favorite old school covers... "My Lovin (Never Going to Get It)

Music Heals

Two of my favorites right here...

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

To The Left... To The Left

Man on days like these I love me some Beyonce.

I'm Sorry But I Can't Hate On Taylor Swift

I've said it before on this blog and I will say it again.... I just can't find myself hating on Taylor Swift.  (click here - I wrote this in 2010) Her new song is another example. I've literally been singing and dancing to it for 3 weeks. What am I 19? Maybe so... I just don't care. 

"cause the haters going to hate hate hate hate"

Phish with HORNS

If you are not a Phish fan you will never understand what it means to phans when the band plays with horns. For me its the way the band was meant to be. Their music suits itself perfectly to match up with horns that in the rarity that it happens it blows the roof off (youtube, phish and giant country horns if you really need to see what started it). Anyways I've only seen Phish with horns once before (Atlantic City 2010) and then came Dicks this year.

After spelling out Lushington (the song we have waited to hear again since the late 80s) they tricked us and didn't play it. Damn you Phish! And then to make up for it brought out horns for the set closer. It was epic. Watch below.

Need Motivation?

A friend of mine sent me this picture of Freddie Mercury a while ago and I keep it ready on my phone for motivational purposes! :)

Fall Tour in Pictures

Surprise Surprise I found myself seeing a ton of Phish shows this summer. TON. I traveled up and down the east coast (still managing to somehow show up for work in between) and then made the annual trip to Denver for the Labor Day Dicks Throwdown. Never will I miss those shows....

So instead of big long recaps of what exactly happened all I will say is this. I saw my second tweezerfest, I got another Lizards encore, Jennifer Dances People!, Lushington almost happened, and I finally saw Phish play with horns again. This is just touching the surface... here is the recap in picture form.

My Summer With Phish and Phriends

Portsmouth with my best friends

Bring it Colorado

These ladies are my life

Best crew ever?

Partner in crime for the merriweather run

"On the road again...."

I will own this car one day

Pinning is winning

The true loves of my life right here

Update: Life is Moving Quickly

Oh Hello!

I know my five readers have been missing me but for real I can not believe the year that I have had already. Its been a very intense last few months but it seems as if I have finally landed on my feet and am ready to tackle the fall.

Lets see what have I been up to the last few months.

I changed jobs. That was a big one. I really did see myself staying at HHH Richmond for a much longer time but when opportunities present themselves you have to go grab them right? So I find myself the new manager of the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House, its a great opportunity with great people. I feel blessed that they came and found me.

And for a whole other set of reasons today kind of feels like day 1 of the rest of my life. Anyone who knows me knows why and I just hope and pray that it turns out okay. I must remember that there is a lot of life ahead of me and I need to be available to grab it.

My mother told me a great story this weekend when I needed it the most. It was from a time that I had almost forgotten about but needed a reminder. She told me a story from when my coach presented me my captains award at the end of my basketball season my senior year in high school (hard to believe that was 14 years ago....). My mother reminded me of the story that my coach told that night. She said "Katie and I had a very interesting last four years. There were days that we would butt heads and fight until we were both out of steam. Every time we both thought we were right and we would both hold our ground. She would leave practice so angry that I would think that she would never come back to my team. Yet there she was the next morning bouncing into my office like nothing had happened. The resiliency in this girl is incredible. She always manages to tackle the most difficult tasks but keeping her eye on the prize. And the prize was this team."

Now for many this story would not make sense but for me right now it is what I needed to hear. I've been bounced around a lot in my life but I manage to wake up get on my feet and hope for the best. I have my parents to thank for that. They always said I could do and be anything and no matter how much I thought they were ridiculous they certainly were right.

Here is to ending 2014 with a bang and bringing on the next 32 years....

(Yes I just turned 32, how insane is that!)