Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I feel like an idiot. I just took a look on this blog and realize its been about four months since I checked in. Gasp. Does time really fly that fast or has my life been so ridiculous lately that I literally have not had the time to get on here and update my music. 

All I will say that the last few months has been a huge learning process for me for life in general. I've had numerous ups and many many downs. I celebrated the holidays. I saw more music. And I'm back and ready to tackle 2015 with grace and style. 

Here are some of my favorite music videos over the last four months that I'm obsessed with.

Ed Sheeran just penned my wedding song:

Taylor Swift got crazy in "Blank Space"

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars got funky

Hozier went real deep in "Take Me To Church" (warning very heavy video)

Finally Ellie Goulding in "Love Me Like You Do"

I promise I'll be back again son