Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here is a post combining my love of two things. Television and Music. To anyone who has been living under a rock and or to those friends of mine who don't own a television (yes I is possible). Glee (Wed. 9pm on FOX) is hands down my new favorite show.

The show is focused around a high school Glee club, made up of an ecclectic group of students. Everyone from athletes, to mathaletes, play geeks and those who just don't fit into one of those high school groups. All of these students who wouldn't have looked twice at each other in the hallways are put to the task of coming together and making this club work. Their goal - make it to sectionals to prove to the school and themselves that the Glee club is worth a second look.

Okay enough of the background. There are many reasons to love this show but the main is the musical numbers. They are absolutely incredible. Many of the young actors are new to the small screen but not to showbiz. A few have been making the rounds on many Broadway shows since they were little, and boy does it show. They cover some of the most amazing songs and using the word cover does not even do it justice, they re-invent these songs. Make them fresher newer, and most importantly introduce them into a younger audience. Its not a surprise why if you look at the Itunes top 10 singles, six are songs from Glee. That is unheard of, for any tv show.

I will give you two videos of this amazing show, first off is what I believe is their best musical number to date. Its a cover of Queens - Somebody to Love. Good luck trying to get it out of your head this afternoon...I sure can't.

See how amazing was that! Again the show plays on Wednesdays at 9pm on Fox.

Finally I will end this post on pure comedy. This next video is from the episode called: Mash Up. Their coach gives them a task to split into boys vs girls and make mash-ups (basically taking two completely different songs and bringing them together). Here are the boys singing their Mash Up of Bon Jovi's Its My Life and Ushers Confessions. Again Genius. (side note, the boys do look a little hyped up, this is because they all got addicted to nodoze and are literally freaking out). This may help explain some of the faces...:)

Okay thats all for now, enjoy the clip and please watch this show. Its genius.

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  1. Was I just called out on a national forum for not having a television??? Yeah, you know who you are.

    Keep writing, Katie!