Monday, January 31, 2011

Favorite Moment from SAG Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards happened last night and well my favorite moment happened on the red carpet. 

Socially awkward "Social Network" star Jesse Eisenberg talks to E! News. You can tell he loves these interviews. 

Giuliana Rancic: "Saturday Night Live" last night, great performance. First of all, how did you get here so quickly?
Jesse Eisenberg: On an airplane.

doh! That really happened on live tv. You gotta love him, but feel bad for her trying to do her job at the same time

Video is even more awkward. 

65 Red Roses

Saturday was a special day. 

Saturday I woke up and while laying in my bed checking my many social media feeds I read a sentence that hasn't made me smile this big in a really long time. It was from my friend Amy and it read:
"I heard that pretty Eva's (above) story is going to air on Oprah's new network. I loved communicating with Eva while she was here and she'd be so happy to know that her documentary will air"
I immediately jumped up. 
Now....Rewind this story to about 10 months ago. 

Last year on a Sunday afternoon in March I wrote this special blog article titled: Yesterday Was Just One of Those Days. It was a story about a beautiful spirited girl up in Canada named Eva and her struggles with Cystic Fibrosis. I originally was introduced to Eva and her blog "65 Red Roses" by Amy who was at the time working for the CF Foundation, and like hundreds across the world was instantly hooked on Eva's passion for life. 

I followed Eva's blog for months and months. Every morning I would check in with her updates. Reading the good the bad and the real ugliness that comes with having CF. It was a real character study about a young woman and her will to survive, at any costs. It was inspiring and uplifting. Everyday I just watched, hoped and prayed that she would make it through this the other side. 

Unfortunately, Eva lost her battle last March. 
But it was the world that lost out the most. 

The world lost a beautiful spirit. Full of hope, love and dreams. A life cut too short by a disease that takes too many young lives each year. 
Yet this spirit, this inspirational young beautiful spirit refuses to burn out. 

You see in her last year of life, Eva did something that will live on forever. She with the help of some fantastic filmmaker friends made a documentary about living with Cystic Fibrosis and what it means to have this disease. And what it is really like to need a double lung transplant at the age of 23 to survive. 

The movie was completed right before Eva's death last year and was shown at many local theaters and fundraisers throughout Canada. Yet Saturday again the power of Eva got this movie into the right hands. 

During the Sundance Film Festival somehow, some way, the little movie that could made its way into Oprah's lap and well....before the bilnk of an eye it was chosen to premiere on Oprah's new network OWN as part of her new: Docu-series. (Article Here)

This is an amazing feat. Just amazing. Its really everything Eva ever wanted and dreamed of. Her story will be shared. People are going to hear her. Someone has listened. This life is not forgotten. It never will be. 

Saturday was an incredible day. Just incredible. 
Eva would have been so happy. 

So what did I do for the rest of the day.....
I went out and lived. Just like Eva would have wanted me to.
Stay tuned I'll let you know when its going to air on OWN!

The King's (Real) Speech

More of a pop culture blog today...but who cares. 

If you have yet to see The Kings Speech stop what you are doing and go see it immediately. Last night it won best ensemble at the SAG awards and its a leading contender for the Oscar this February. 

The story is simple. Its about King George VI his struggle with public speaking and what he does to over come it. Its a fantastic movie with two of the most fantastic actors of our time. Colin Firth and Jeffrey Rush. Just stellar.

Well....below you will find the video of some very rare footage. Its the real video of King George VI during one of his speeches in Scotland. You can clearly see him struggle with his speech. Just fascinating to watch after you know the entire story! 


Ninety percent of Republicans want Tea Party to play a role


To all you sports fans out there. Good morning. Happy Monday. And pay attention.

If you, like me, were brought up in the world of SportsCenter I have a new show for you. Well its not new, but nobody watches so I bet it will be new for you. Anyways, SportsNation plays at 4pm everyday on ESPN2. Its a great show with some great hosts. Especially Michelle Beadle who I believe that if we ever met in real life we would obviously be fast friends. Need more proof. See her Super Bowl spoofs below.

Love people who don't take themselves too seriously....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Johnny Cash "Hurt"

"Everyone I know...goes the end"

I don't care if you are a Johnny Cash fan or not. If you are a fan of life and a fan of music this following song will move you. The way you know its a good cover is when you walk away thinking "it was almost like it was his". Thats the feeling I get when listening to Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails classic "Hurt". Recorded right before his death its both moving and heartfelt. The lyrics roll out of his mouth almost as if its a last will and testament. Its easily the of the most moving covers I have ever heard ever. 

And the video...well I can't even speak about this video. Its perfect. Perfect.

We miss you Johnny. 

Mr. Tambourine Man

Okay first how cool is the graphic above of Bob Dylan. If anyone knows where I can buy it in poster form I would be interested.

Second. Back to cover songs. This time I'm going really old school with one of my personal favorites. Back in  1965 The Byrds did a fantastic cover of the Bob Dylan classic "Mr. Tambourine Man". And while many argue that they did not cover the complete song, I say bravo. This is what music is all about.

Congrats to the Decemberists!!!

Last week I sat on this blog and urged all of you to go out and buy The King is Dead the latest album from The Decemberists. And well I'm extremely happy to announce that they landed their first #1 album this week! Thats right the album is sitting at the top of the itunes chart. This is just amazing for a smaller folk type band like the Decemberists. 


Here is a performance of my favorite cut off the album "Down by the Water" being performed on Leno.

Best Oscars Ever?

In late February all of Hollywood gathers around to see who will take home the amazing gold statues known as the Oscar. This years Academy Awards has the potential for being one of my favorites...why? Easy. Two of my favorite actors have hosting duties; James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Both respectively have proven themselves in Hollywood. Both have the super serious side to them but know when its time to cut loose and have a little fun. 

This is why I think this February we could have the best Oscar show ever! 

I mean if we take a cue from these promos we are in for a treat!

Stevie Nicks - Crash

As far as cover songs go it doesn't get much better than this. Stevie explains why she wants to cover this particular Dave Matthews song and then does an absolutely stellar job. 

Can someone please take me to see her live? PLEASE!

Cover Song Friday!!

It's Friday! I made it. Around 3 pm yesterday I was really doubting that today would actually arrive. But it did. And I am excited for a weekend full of....NOTHING. 

So today I'll feature some great covers because its Friday and I looooove covers. Especially when the person reinvents the sound of the original song. 

Like this one. Here is Sara Bareilles singing the Coldplay classic "Yellow". 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

F**kin Perfect

Excuse my language but the video for Pinks new song "Fuckin Perfect" is jut that. Perfect. 

Pink is an artist that while I don't follow her every move, I respect her. 

I respect her becuause she writes her own songs, performs live every time, and doesn't really care much about what people think or say about her. There was that famous story about how for her second album the record label wanted her to follow in the Britney and Christina footsteps and she basically told them to shove it. She has integrity. She knows who she is, and most of all, she understands her audience. Thats who this song is for. All those people who have been told before that they are "less than f**ckin perfect"

"Done looking for the critics, cause they're everywhere
They don't like my jeans, they don't get my hair
Exchange ourselves, and we do it all the time
Why do we do that? Why do I do that?

Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel
Like you're nothing, you're fucking perfect to me
You're perfect, you're perct!
Pretty pretty please, if you ever feel like you're nothing
You're fucking perfect to me"

**Well Pink... I think you're pretty perfect**

I'm Pretty Sure...

I exist only to prove hell is real.

My dentist is out to ruin my life.

I'm just saying....

The Dreaded Stairs

These people posed a very important question. 

Would more people take the stairs if it was funner? 

Well.....obviously. :)

The Keg Twitter Feed

Okay, okay. I know this is a music blog. Yet every so often I get distracted...usually by comedy. And I lose my way and start posting really ridiculous things. 

Welcome to today.

In my daily internet searching I just found what is the funniest twitter feed I have ever read. I don't think its real, but the guys over at College Humor have it and well...just read.

Its the Keystone Keg Twitter. 


Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells

Bad Ass Video. 

Bad Ass Band.

Sleigh Bells "Rill Rill" from Evann Borgman on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Will Smith....STOP!

First you buy the movie rights to one of the best movies ever "Karate Kid" then ruin it by remaking the original with Jackie Chan and your son. Fail number one.

Now your going to remake ANNIE with your daughter! Unacceptable!!! 

Stop it! Who are you kidding?!? 

Just stop!

Ten-year-old Willow Smith is set to play the title role in 'Annie.'           
Yes kid you totally have the "Annie" look. 

Jerry and Bob Do Letterman

This is one of the greater things you will see today. Take a look at some very old school footage of Jerry Garcia and Bobby Weir on David Letterman back in April of 1982. Thats right. I wasn't even born yet. 

Interview is stellar. 

NAS Remembers Mix Tapes

Remember the mixed tape? Well the mix tapes we know are the ones exboyfriends would make us to win our hearts back back in middle school. Yes there were those. Then there were a whole other kind of mix tapes. There were ones put out by up and comming rappers. This one was basically the way you were discovered or got any street credit. They are still made to this day (check out Drakes from last year). These tapes showed what the rapper was all about and was easily better then any full length cds. 

Do yourself a favor and look at some old school hip hop mix tapes. You won't be sorry. 

Also check out this 8 minute interview where one of the best NAS talks about his experiences with the mix tape.  

My New Favorite Images

My ADD is really showing today. 

Here are my three favorite images for the day.

"There is a polar bear in my coffee"
There's a polar bear in my coffee shirt

"Bears love boomboxes"
Bears Love Boomboxes

"War Kitten"
War Kitten Shirt

Thank you and have a great day.

G. Love

G. Love. I feel like I haven't talked about you since High School. Oh well... here it goes again. 

I used to love this man. He was just the style I loved during my days back at Morristown High School. I knew the words, I sang the songs, then I went and was introduced to a lot well I'll say it better music and I smartened up. 

Well it looks like G. Love has caught back up because well our paths are crossing again. For his latest album - Set to be released at the end of February, he teams up with one of my favorite brother combo - Scott and Seth Avett. And now after hearing the first few tracks, I'm pretty darn excited for this album. 

Check out the collaboration. It works pretty well! 

Smooth Criminal Classic Battle

Okay give this video 30 seconds and I promise you, you will be impressed. Check out the way that Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic turn Michael Jacksons "Smooth Criminal" into an all out classical battle. 

Its nothing short of amazing!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Want. Need. Now.

Women's Classic Logo on Recycled Zip Poseidon/Black
I want this. 

Friday, January 21, 2011


If I owned the T-Shirt above I would wear it every single day.

Today is one of those days where I woke up on the bright side. I looked in the mirror this morning thought about my last week, thought about my weekend ahead, stared back into the mirror and just smiled. 

I don't know how I deserved to have such a blessed life. I have probably one of the greatest families imaginable (we have our moments...but who doesn't), I have the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for, I love my job more then I ever thought, and the life that I'm making for myself here in Richmond, Va has turned into everything I thought it might be. 

You see I don't let many moments pass me by without participating in them. I learned at an early age that if there was something out there that you wanted, or that you wanted to participate in, there is no waiting on the sidelines. There is no coach in life that is going to put you in the game. You have to be a willing participant in your own life. And well I think that is a lesson that I have brought with me the most. 

I try and do participate in every activity that I think will bring joy to my life. I try not to miss an opportunity to see my favorite bands play, to visit my friends across the country or to most of all just enjoy my daily routine. I get up and go on trips at the last minute, I do not save for the rainy day in the future. I live for right now.

Example. This weekend I'm packing my bags and headed to Pittsburgh to join my family on Sunday for the AFC Championship game featuring our NY Jets. Now I know how lucky it is that not only am I able to get myself up to Pitt, but that we have tickets. I know all of this. But what I'm most looking forward to is spending time with my family. With my Dad and brothers outside the holiday settings. We can drink beer, share some laughs, and cheer on our team. I have learned to cherish these moments the most. To remember that we won't always have them. To take pictures, take mental notes and again just be present. 

I love my life. Does it mean its perfect. No by any means. But do I love every single part of it. Yup I sure do. Thank you to everyone who makes me feel like this on a daily basis. But most of all shout out to my parents who have instilled my ability to be happy with who I am all the time. Whatever my day brings. I don't think I had ever heard that I couldn't do anything from them. (Besides jumping out the bay window into the bushes below while in middle school... they didn't like me doing that too much...)

So today I thank everyone in the world who has enabled me to have my smile today. 
Yes I know this is a little sappy for a music blog but sometimes you just need to say it. 

Weight of Lies

Avett Brothers performing "Weight of Lies" live in Concord, NC. 

These guys are the real deal. Love them.

"So when you run make sure you run
To something and not away from
Cause lies don't need an aeroplane to chase you down"

Father-Daughter Sing on Ellen

So about a week ago I posted a video of a Dad and Daughter singing Edward Sharpe's song "Home". It was one of the sweetest things I had ever seen. Until yesterday. 

Yesterday they went live on Ellen to perform the show and what followed is magic. 

I really don't know if they come any cuter then this girl, and the way her Dad just sits there and plays the guitar makes me look forward very much to hanging out with my Dad doing what we love this weekend. Watching some football! 

Now the collective.....awwwwwww.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cameron Diaz High-larity.

Everyone knows and loves Cameron Diaz. She is one of those actors out in Hollywerid that you can tell doesn't really take herself too seriously. And well when given the chance, she has a pretty great gift of comedic timing.

Although we all know and love her, here is a tad bit of info you may not of known about her. She went to High School with Snoop Dogg! 

She explained in an interview with George Lopez last night "We went to high school together. He was a year older than me....I remember him, he was very tall and skinny. He wore lots of ponytails and I'm pretty sure I bought weed from him". 


Google Today

50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural Address
Thought the google image today on their home page was really great and creative. Featuring JFK and one of his most famous speeches from the day of his inauguration.

Well  done Google. Well done.

Simpsons Day?

Okay I know I just posted a picture of Rihanna as Side Show Bob the famous character from The Simpsons. Yet it seems like today all of music is visiting the town of Springfield including rapper Nikki Minaj. 

Is it me or is she rocking the pink Marge look?

You famous people are craaaazy.


Rihanna vs Side Show Bob

Ready. Set. Go.

Dear Prince....NOT FAIR

Prince serenades 'Gossip Girl' actress Leighton Meester at NYC's Madison Square Garden on January 18, 2011 / Photo by NPG 2011

Dear Prince. This is nooooot fair. You hear me!

Last night during your sold out MSG concert you pulled none other then "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester on stage and serenaded her with your "I Love You But I Don't Trust You Anymore".

Are you kidding me? 

You just pulled the actress out of the front row. Brought her up. And made her life. 

Not fair.

I'm now extremely jealous. 



Okay I literally have a grenade to drop on you this morning.

Every so often I let my finger move over on the radio dial and I get stuck on the pop music station. Sometime while on this said station, I find myself getting a few very catchy songs stuck in my head. I try everything I can for days to get them out. And then I just give up, download the song, and go about my merry way.

So yes. My name is Katie DeMaio. I like to think that I have great music taste. And I now own a man named Bruno Mars song "Grenade". 

Here is the video. Good luck getting this chorus out. Just give in.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gonna Get Over You

" And I'm not the girl that I intend to be, I dare you darling, just you wait and see, But this time not for you but just for me, And I say, Ooh, how'm I gonna get over you? I'll be alright, just not tonight…”-Sara Bareilles

I can't put into words how much I'm loving on this girls new album. That and I saw an interview with her on Chelsea Lately last week and she seemed so down to earth and funny, thats what comes across during this video. Sara can't we just be friends? Yeah I thought so too....

"I'll be alright...once I find the other side....someday"


This post will be short and sweet...why? Well because you will be sick by the end of the next month of me talking about this chick. I know I featured this song a few weeks ago (its her first cut off her new album set to drop in February), but she has re-worked the live version and well its even better then before. 

I don't really know of any other young artist out there today (well maybe Grace Potter...) that has this much soul. I mean you just hear it when she opens her mouth. Its so full, and perfect. Looove it.

Check out the new live "Rolling in the Deep"

Truth Hurts

Mr. Big

Okay I have had this blog for a year now. Who would have thought the hardest task I would have to do is tracking down the following video. Thats right. Youtube gives you no links to post it anywhere! It has taken me at least an hour to get it done. Dedication people. 

"To Be With You" recorded by Mr. Big was one of my absolute favorite songs in middle school. I remember memorizing every single lyric and screaming it back. I even have one vivid memory where I sat next to my radio with my finger on the record button waiting for it to come across the airwaves so that I can have this epic song to play back whenever I wanted.

And yes I'm sorry in advance for getting it stuck in your head the rest of the day. But hey... there always could be worse. I'm looking at you Mamba No. 5.

Throwback Wednesday

So on the way to work this morning a song hit the radio and instantly put me in a great mood. Its the exact reason why I love music so much. A mere four minutes can turn a bland morning into just a beautiful one, just like that. 

So today I'm going to highlight some of the old songs that my girl "Delilia" plays on the local station here in Richmond. Its that station that you throw on at night to hear the long distance dedications and requests. The first is the one that brightened my morning. Its from my favorite artist. Whaaaaa? Favorite? Yup. Mentioned it before, its not a surprise. Van is my man. 

Here is Van Morrison with his classic "Have I Told You Lately"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Early weather predictions for Pittsburgh this weekend:

Saturday: AM clouds/PM sun. High of 16 degrees: Low of 10 degrees. 
Sunday: AM clouds/PM sun. High of 20 degrees: Low of 14 degree

What Are You Doing!!!

The Decemberists new album dropped this morning. Why aren't you at a record store or downloading it now? I know I am. Get on board people! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day - Somecard Style!

We all know SomeCards if you don't go back and click on that link and check them out. They are pretty amazing; and put out some hilarious things especially during certain holidays. 

Today since the world is celebrating the great life of a great man. Why don't we celebrate here with some great SomeCards about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day off while I'm here in the office. Horray!

Golden Globes Guys


Just because this is my own blog and I can write about what I would like. :)

(Thanks PopWrap!)

How You Like Me Now?

Last night trying to calm myself I switched over to the Golden Globe Awards, and found myself completely obsessed with the following song. The movie "The Fighter" staring Mark Whalberg was up for a good amount of awards last night, and it seemed that every time they mentioned it the following song would just start up. It easily was the best music of the night (well scratch that statement the music for "The Social Network" was pretty perfect). But this song just jumped out at you. 

Here is The Heavy with 'How You Like Me Now?'

Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots!!!

I pause during this JETS victory parade to give you another highlight of my weekend. 

Pee-Wee visited SNL and brought with him some friends... check out the hilarious digital short!

They Can't Stop A Nosebleed!

As you may have expected and noticed so far today this is not a music blog. It is a NY JETS blog. Why? Well easy. For such a long part of my life there wasn't much to celebrate with the JETS but we kept going. There were the 2-12 seasons. The seasons where we started off good then blew it. There were okay seasons, but never to the likes that we have had the last two years. 

The JETS, I don't care if you like them or not. But they are now for the second year in a row headed back to the AFC Championship. No other team that was alive last year at this still alive. Thats right haters. The JETS are now a formidable team. You can't argue that. The last two weeks we have taken down Brady and Manning. Our team believes and why shouldn't they. When you have defensive leaders like Bart Scott to fire you up.... there is no telling where this team could go.

For the second year in a row we are underdogs in the AFC Championship. Whatever happens, happens. But I do know this.... JET nation is a happy nation today. 

Found a better clip...this time he literally FLIES over to Sal for the interview. 
So amazing....

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the field during the first half.VIDEO: New York Jets Beat Patriots 28-21Patriots coach Bill Belichick walks along the sidelines during the first half.VIDEO: New York Jets Beat Patriots 28-21

Jets cornerback Kyle Wilson celebrates the win over the New England Patriots.


I will be writing this post in JETS green in honor of the fantastic day that was yesterday. 

Dear NY Jets, 
Thank you so much for making my Sunday an absolute success. 
Thank you for winning yet another game and allowing the opportunity for my family and I to go to the AFC Championship two years in a row. 
Last year in Indy was one of the highlights of my year. This time we are bringing it home.
Again, yesterday was ridiculous. 
I have no idea how anyone expects me to do any work today, or this week.
So thank you NY JETS. You are making the impossible possible yet again.
See you in Pittsburgh!

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Ode to Stevie Nicks

If you asked me about my favorite all time female singers it would be a 100 year debate between Janis Joplin and the following artist. I have thought since a very young age the following....

"When I grow up I hope I can be half as cool as Stevie Nicks"

Seriously, thats what I used to sit in my bedroom screaming the lyrics to "Landslide" thinking of. Yet took till I got a little older to realize the powerhouse this lady is. She is just magical. Forget her background. Lets just talk straight voice. There is nothing else to describe it then magical. Its one of a kind. Its raspy. Its honest. Its as close to perfect as it gets. I'm telling you I can sit and talk about her voice alone and the range and notes that she hits in the style only Stevie could. 

Check out this live performance of one of my favorite songs of hers. "Stand Back"  from 1983. Amazing.

Seeing a concert of hers is on my musical bucket list. 


It is so cold today in Richmond, and the heat at work I promise is not working that... wait for it.... yes....

I am wearing two pairs of pants. 

What the hell.... I promise never to complain about the 100+ degree days here again.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Office Dubstep

  The definition of Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music, originating from South East London. Its overall sound has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals"

Introducing....Dubstep - The Office Edition. You're welcome.

Keith Richards - Life

This is a shot from Keith Richards new memoir "Life". I will quote one sentence from it. 

"The ultimate party, if its any good, you can't remember any of it"

Favorite Quote

Below I posted the video of President Obama speech in Arizona last night. One line stood out to me the most. 

"We recognize our own mortality. We are reminded the fleeting time we have on this earth. What matters is not wealth, or status, power or fame. But well we have loved. What small part we have played in making the lives of other people better."

Well said Mr. President. 

Too Important Not To Post

I am an American. 

Because of that, I have been right there with the rest of the country in absolute shock about the events that happened last Saturday out in Arizona. They were senseless, unnecessary and yet another reminder on how things can change on a dime. 

Last night as I sat down to watch my normal night of television my programs were cut off by the memorial service out in Arizona. I sat there stone faced on my couch watching and hanging on every word. How could this have happened? To such innocent people? A 9 year old girl? A man who was just engaged? It just doesn't seem fair. 

In the face of tragedy last night; President Obama and his wife First Lady Michelle made the trip to Arizona to make what I think is a very important speech for our country. He stood tall in front of this grieving crowd, he spoke from his heart. Thirty minutes later I'm still stone faced on my couch hanging on every word. The President did a fantastic job.

America lets have this not divide us.

This speech is too important not to share. 

My Life


Okay this whole no internet in my apartment sucks. I will be re-budgeting tonight to figure out if I can in fact get it back.... boo!