Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lets Hear it for New York!!!

"Without music life would be a mistake.~ Nietzsche".

Well well, here it goes. My first post.


I would like to say first off that I will not use this space to tell you what to listen to or why your music sucks. This is just a space for me to let everyone know what I am listening to at the moment or what live music I'm excited to see. I spend literally about 70% of my day thinking or listening to music.

Okay enough about to the good stuff. The music.

Today is Game 1 of the World Series and anyone who has ever met me knows that I am a crazy Yankee fan and have been since I was a wee little child. (Need proof.. BAM)

Yes, that is me back when I lived in Long Island rocking a sweet Yankees coat...HA.... anyways back on subject.

Tonight is Game 1 and to counter both my nerves and excitement I will be posting Jay-Z's tribute to NYC, "Empire State of Mind" complete with Yankee highlights. I will say on a personal note that I absolutely love this song. Something about the line "these streets will make you feel brand new, these lights will inspire you". Genius.

Okay now I'm fired up...

Lets go Yankees, bring home Game 1!!!

(and there it is, post one done...not so scary...eek)

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  1. THIS from a girl who made me a CD that included Stevie Wonder AND Van Morrison! I love it!!!!

    Readers: There won't be any bullshit here.


    Welcome to blog land. I love the video. Have fun tonight watching the game!