Friday, October 10, 2014

Jesse J Covers Sam Smith

Jessie J is having a monster year. She has the #1 song in America and she is proving why with this cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'.

Ridiculously amazing.

Happy Weekend Everyone! I have all my friends coming to town for the Folk Festival. Pray no rain....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Come Rain or Come Shine

A Classic

The Rock on RAW

RAW was in Brooklyn last night and its actually hilarious how many of my friends were in attendance.... Yet what I was most happy about was reading that The Rock made an appearance! 

That is right The Rock actually wrestled. This brings me back to being about 12 when my little brother was so into wrestling he actually went to a live show. Yes, med school rick was a WWE fanatic. Guess there is something for everyone....

This is for you Rick.

Click Here


"Waiting for the time when I can finally say.... this has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way"


Did another week really go by that quickly? Unbelievable that we are already in October. Thats crazy. The only good thing about the time moving so quickly is that its officially fall and this weekend is the annual folk festival. The one time each year where every richmonder travels to Brown's Island and pretends to like folk music. Its actually quite popular and hilarious. I can't wait.

If you need reading today click HERE

Trust me you will thank me.

Monday, September 29, 2014

What A Weekend

It is Monday and I am absolutely totally exhausted. Isn't it supposed to be the opposite? Instead of relaxing and taking care of myself this weekend I was working two different events that literally kept me out and about all day long. I can barely feel my legs. My body hasn't had a good nights rest in well over a week. And my mind is starting to play tricks and lose it on me. I have about 30 seconds to pull myself together and get back on track. 

The next few months I have a lot that is going on but I just can't seem to actually get my mind focused on that. Right now its get through every day. Get to sleep. Wake up. Work. Repeat. I will make it right?

Right now the chances are 50/50 at best.

Please send help. Or sleeping pills. ASAP.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bucket List Check

This summer I knocked another one off my music bucket list and finally got myself to see Sara Bareilles in concert. I've been talking about this chick for literally years on this blog and all it took was getting up early on a Saturday morning to get some really great seats to her Charlottesville, VA show. A great time was had... here are some videos from the night. (FYI: not mine so don't judge the quality) 

I'm not sure if I've ever seen a performer be so candid and funny...

She played one of my favorite old school covers... "My Lovin (Never Going to Get It)

Music Heals

Two of my favorites right here...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

To The Left... To The Left

Man on days like these I love me some Beyonce.

I'm Sorry But I Can't Hate On Taylor Swift

I've said it before on this blog and I will say it again.... I just can't find myself hating on Taylor Swift.  (click here - I wrote this in 2010) Her new song is another example. I've literally been singing and dancing to it for 3 weeks. What am I 19? Maybe so... I just don't care. 

"cause the haters going to hate hate hate hate"

Phish with HORNS

If you are not a Phish fan you will never understand what it means to phans when the band plays with horns. For me its the way the band was meant to be. Their music suits itself perfectly to match up with horns that in the rarity that it happens it blows the roof off (youtube, phish and giant country horns if you really need to see what started it). Anyways I've only seen Phish with horns once before (Atlantic City 2010) and then came Dicks this year.

After spelling out Lushington (the song we have waited to hear again since the late 80s) they tricked us and didn't play it. Damn you Phish! And then to make up for it brought out horns for the set closer. It was epic. Watch below.

Need Motivation?

A friend of mine sent me this picture of Freddie Mercury a while ago and I keep it ready on my phone for motivational purposes! :)

Fall Tour in Pictures

Surprise Surprise I found myself seeing a ton of Phish shows this summer. TON. I traveled up and down the east coast (still managing to somehow show up for work in between) and then made the annual trip to Denver for the Labor Day Dicks Throwdown. Never will I miss those shows....

So instead of big long recaps of what exactly happened all I will say is this. I saw my second tweezerfest, I got another Lizards encore, Jennifer Dances People!, Lushington almost happened, and I finally saw Phish play with horns again. This is just touching the surface... here is the recap in picture form.

My Summer With Phish and Phriends

Portsmouth with my best friends

Bring it Colorado

These ladies are my life

Best crew ever?

Partner in crime for the merriweather run

"On the road again...."

I will own this car one day

Pinning is winning

The true loves of my life right here

Update: Life is Moving Quickly

Oh Hello!

I know my five readers have been missing me but for real I can not believe the year that I have had already. Its been a very intense last few months but it seems as if I have finally landed on my feet and am ready to tackle the fall.

Lets see what have I been up to the last few months.

I changed jobs. That was a big one. I really did see myself staying at HHH Richmond for a much longer time but when opportunities present themselves you have to go grab them right? So I find myself the new manager of the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House, its a great opportunity with great people. I feel blessed that they came and found me.

And for a whole other set of reasons today kind of feels like day 1 of the rest of my life. Anyone who knows me knows why and I just hope and pray that it turns out okay. I must remember that there is a lot of life ahead of me and I need to be available to grab it.

My mother told me a great story this weekend when I needed it the most. It was from a time that I had almost forgotten about but needed a reminder. She told me a story from when my coach presented me my captains award at the end of my basketball season my senior year in high school (hard to believe that was 14 years ago....). My mother reminded me of the story that my coach told that night. She said "Katie and I had a very interesting last four years. There were days that we would butt heads and fight until we were both out of steam. Every time we both thought we were right and we would both hold our ground. She would leave practice so angry that I would think that she would never come back to my team. Yet there she was the next morning bouncing into my office like nothing had happened. The resiliency in this girl is incredible. She always manages to tackle the most difficult tasks but keeping her eye on the prize. And the prize was this team."

Now for many this story would not make sense but for me right now it is what I needed to hear. I've been bounced around a lot in my life but I manage to wake up get on my feet and hope for the best. I have my parents to thank for that. They always said I could do and be anything and no matter how much I thought they were ridiculous they certainly were right.

Here is to ending 2014 with a bang and bringing on the next 32 years....

(Yes I just turned 32, how insane is that!)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pink at the Oscars

Speaking of the Oscars not only did Ellen kill it hosting but Pink literally put the entire music industry on blast when she belted out a tribute to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". She was stunning, incredible, and put all the doubters to rest. Wow.

"Let It Go" on Jimmy Fallon

You would have had to been living under a rock this year if you haven't heard of the movie FROZEN and how its driving parents with small kids nuts with its sing a long music. I can only imagine this is exactly what my parents felt like when the Lion King, Aladin or any of those Disney musicals came out. (Yes I was a theater geek as a kid. I owned every soundtrack. Knew every word!)

I was super impressed with Idina Menzel's performance not only at the Oscars but during the Tonight Show when she teamed with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots. Check it out.


Hey Again. Remember me? My name is Katie and I used to write every day on this blog. I know I know life has gotten the best of me these last few months and work has been insane so this blog has taken a dive. But I really want to get back to at least a few posts a day. Can't be that hard if I've been doing it for almost 4 years now right? Well lets get to it!

Meet HAIM. I became obsessed with them at the end of last year and they have been on heavy rotation on my cd player and phone every since. Its a band made up of 3 sisters. They used to have a family band with their parents but they dropped them and formed their own band. These ladies are super talented, playing all their own music and writing their own songs. I highly suggest you give them a try.

And while you are at it will someone please get me tickets to their show at the 9:30 club in April? Somehow I missed the on sale day and its sold out. 

Do it!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Don't Wanna Break

Hi. I promise I'm alive. Been dealing with a whole bunch of craziness lately that has forced myself to think about some big things and get some persepective. Anyways, all is good. I'm back on track and moving forward with 2014. 

One of my favorites Christina Perri is releasing an album later this year and so far I"m loving all the new music that is coming out.

Here is her lyric video for "I Don't Wanna Break"

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did I Dream This?

I slept for a grand total of an hour and a half last night. As I sat there lying staring at my ceiling I started thinking about some things that I want out of my life. Where will I find my happiness? Will things and projects that I've put my heart and soul into work out? And then I remembered that I have to have the faith.

I saw Phish for the first time in 1998. It was over 15 years ago. And well countless amounts of shows later I started to set some goals. I wanted to see a Lizards, why not an Icculus too. And while I was at it I set some more goals. If Phish goes back to Colorado I'm going (my favorite state and favorite band). I've wanted to rent a trailer and go cross country touring with the band. Jazzfest with Phish is another. I wanted a Pollock poster. I also wanted to be front row at one of their shows. Then I start to think about how exactly lucky I am that I've done most of these off the list and that I continue to do it a few times a year. 

If you were to tell me when I was 16 at my first show at MSG that this would be my life 15 years later I would have laughed. NYE 13 was the highlight of my Phish career for many reasons. I'm actually not sure that if I followed the band for another 15 years I will ever have a moment like that one. You see 12/31/13 was all about faith.

There I was surrounded by one of my most favorite people in the world, my little brother. I was about to expose him to the ridiculousness that was Phish NYE. The thing that I've done countless times because in my opinion there is no way to kick off your year than with this band. We got to the floor section and picked our spot. I tied  my bag to the rail that split the front section from the back. And then about an hour later I turned around and the band had come to me.

I realized last night the magic of that statement. I did not push my way through the crowd and get to the front. I did not sleep outside a venue to be the first person in the gate and ran towards the front. My favorite band came to me and played Lizards and Icculus in my face. I know to many of you that makes absolutely no sense. But its the reason I was up for another few hours after thinking that. 

You have to have faith in the things in your life that you work hard at and that you want to work out. You must put those thoughts and feelings out into the world and you must have the faith that they work out. 

I moved to Richmond on a whim. I got my first job at the Heart Association by telling my old boss "Trust me you want to hire me. You will not meet a soul who wants it more." I got my new job by telling them that "I was born to have this position". Were all those things correct? Hells no. But I had faith.

I'm not really sure what I'm going for here but a night that started out in utter confusion and almost tears left me feeling satisfied and happy about what my future holds. As long as I have faith and put my heart and soul into what I believe in things will COME TO ME. I deserve that. I am a good person and a good friend and good things come to those who wish good not only for themselves but for the others around them.

2014 is going to be quite the year for me. I can feel it now. We are 30 days in and I've already had a lot to be proud of and happy about. I've never wanted a tattoo but today I feel like tattooing "FAITH" on my wrist to remind me about what is important.

There it is my rant for the day. 
Carry on.

Taylor At Grammy's

With all this talk about Justin Bieber and the downfall he has been on its made me think more and more about how grounded and well graciously Taylor Swift has made her way through the music business. While Justin was in jail Taylor was singing at the Grammy's and while yes she did some very weird headbanging towards the end I find this performance stunning.

Plus I love this song. Love it. Also can't help but notice literally how beautiful this girl is. Damn you for being perfect Taylor!! :)

"Time won't fly, it's like I'm paralyzed by it
I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find it
After plaid shirt days and night when you made me your own
Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone

But you keep my old scarf from that very first week
'Cause it reminds you of innocence and it smells like me
You can't get rid of it 'cause you remember it all too well, yeah

'Cause there we are again, when I loved you so
Back before you lost the one real thing you've ever known
It was rare, I was there, I remember it all too well"

Worst Five Minutes Ever?

Last night Miley Cyrus performed on MTV's Unplugged and well it was interesting for sure. She looked and sounded terrible and between all the crotch grabbing and swearing I'm beginning to forget exactly whose attention this girl is vying for anymore...

Then to just make the night even weirder out came Madonna to sing the last song with her and it was um.. well... how do I describe this..... extremely uncomfortable!!!!

Ellen's New Super Bowl Commercial!

I love that Ellen did a commercial for the SB for Beats! Its pretty fantastic... surprise surprise!

Anna Kendrick Wins Again

Anna Kendrick can literally do nothing wrong. Between fan girling over Beyonce at the Grammys and now her new commercial for Newcastle. Girl is winning at life.

Check it out. Hilarious.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Tonight after I get back from playing in the snow (solo because people in VA are well just confusing).

I am figuring out exactly what I need to construct a food stadium.

Mission accepted.

The Fault In Our Stars

Finally they have made one of my favorite books into a movie. Can not wait to cry my eyes out throughout this movie.

Formula Behind Every Pop Song


Why don't people actually play in the snow anymore? Walk around and take pictures? Go to a park and enjoy sliding down a slide full of the powder? 

I don't understand. 

AKA I'm begging for an excuse to leave work where 3 people have showed up....

Birthday Boy

Happy 29th Birthday to my favorite person on this planet. Rick is spending his birthday like most would. Studying his ass off for an exam tomorrow in Medical School. 

How he does it I have no idea.

Rihanna Wins Again

Photobombing Full House guys.... Ha.

Its Just Snow

Well the more I think about it the more living down here in the south might not be for me. Seriously 2 inches of snow has paralyzed the city and scared anyone from doing anything (including work or go to school). I don't understand it but whatever makes people comfortable I guess.

I'm guessing there will be no school and I will be one of three people at work for the rest of the week. Meanwhile if you really want to chuckle google what happened in Atlanta yesterday.

Meanwhile in NJ they most likely got another foot and will have a super bowl this weekend. Ha.

Here is something to distract you while I laugh.

Monday, January 27, 2014

I'll Admit It

Okay I lied I just watched the McKlemore performance again and cried at my desk. I don't care what you think about the man and his music this moment was beautiful. And really when it comes down to it who doesn't want Madonna to sing "Open Your Heart To Me" at your wedding.

Sorry but I had to admit it. Watch it and tell me if you don't feel the same.

Also when Katy Perry caught to bouquet from one of the couples at the end... adorable!

Grammy's Continued....

Okay since this is the blog post where I talk about the moments I didn't really care for I have to start off with Pharrell William's hat. I mean really? I think Arby's said it the best when they tweeted:

"Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back? "

Thats right Pharrell you just got owned by Arby's.... HA. 

Anyways moving forward to the moments that were a little weird and awkward from last night. 

-I will say that I don't know where to put McKlemores performance. While I do not really care for the man and his music (after being completely overplayed and acting ridiculous in 2013) I did find their Grammy performance to be excellent until the part that Madonna came out on stage. Is it just me or is she finally starting to look her age? I get it, it was really cool to have 30 or so couples get married live on stage. But did you have to get Queen Latifah to do it? You know that she is one of the biggest closeted lesbians in hollywood right? Okay maybe I'm the only one that found her doing that ironic. It was a cool idea and I did get a little emotional watching people so happy about exchanging vows in front of millions but I'm not really sure how exactly it felt to everyone else. 

-Katy Perry pulled a Gaga and performed in a snow globe. I really didn't get her performance and thought it was way too over the top. Katy I've said this before and I'll say it again, you are talented. You don't need all the theatrics to sound good.

-I don't know who Hunter Hayes is but he looked 12 and sounded 9. I'm sorry country music but if this is your future you are surely in trouble.

-Robin Thicke featuring Chicago was a 'blurry' mess. See what I did there? He sang blurred lines. (I thought it was clever). Anyways I know he was probably trying to make himself look more classy after the VMA debacle but this just didn't work for me. Just seemed like a mess.

-The cut NIN/Queens of the Stone Age/Dave Grohls performance short because the show was running late. Trent was not to happy about this and took to his twitter later on in the night to give the Grammy producers a piece of his mind. Note to self. If you get Trent to perform at your award show don't disrespect him like that.

-I love Taylor Swift but she did more headbanging in her performance than I have ever seen in my life. I really thought her head was going to roll off her pretty little shoulders. Also watching her react to thinking she won album of the year was amazing. 

Those are my thoughts about it. Oh Grammys... you are getting better but still have a long ways to go.

The Good The Bad... The Grammy Awards

Well let me start this post off saying there is no way I will be able to cram all I have to say about what happened on CBS for 3 hours last night into one blog. It may take all day, heck it may even take two. Last night was the annual Grammy Awards and well they were quite interesting. I found portions of the show to be quite entertaining and other parts to be downright atrocious (sorry Ringo... I'm looking at you painfully). 

Lets get down to it shall we?

-The show started out with a very weird performance from Beyonce and Jay-Z. I get it Beyonce you are beautiful and your body is amazing. Yet dancing around soaking wet in a chair for 5 minutes and then having your husband come out wrapping about how he is 'drunk driving on love'. Just didn't sit well with me. I get it you both have over 15 grammy awards a piece. This performance just missed the mark.

-I loved Lorde's performance. She ended up being quite the winner last night and after watching her perform and accept the awards I now know why. She is straight up talented. I get it that 'Royals' is completely overplayed but for her at her age to have that much composure and song writing ability makes me extremely jealous. 

-Also the performance I thought I would hate I probably enjoyed the most. Bravo to whoever put Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons together. Somehow it worked. No idea how but it did... Go to youtube and watch it ASAP. 

-Lets just stay on the loves for the moment and I'll write the "not so lovely" post later.

-Casey Musgrave was a real treat. I have no idea who she is but she seems to be a fresh voice for the country scene. She also won numerous awards including 'Country Album of the Year'. Congrats.

-Paul McCartney still has it. Love that man. He can still hit the notes. He can still write great new music. Seeing Ringo back him up on drums was a treat (he should have done that rather than perform). 

-Pinks solo performance put the entire room on blast. How that girl is able to swing from ropes above the crowd all while singing live is a feat I will never be able to understand. I would be so out of breath not to mention not strong enough to hold myself up that it would be a disaster. 

-And finally my girl Sara Bareilles got to perform with her idol Carole King. And while Carole's voice was not the best I've heard seeing these two amazing singer songwriters share the stage was an absolute treat.

Okay I gotta run but I promise to be back later with all that was ridiculous including:
-A little kid named Hunter Hayes who was lost on the big stage.
-Robin Thicke and Chicago's mess.
-And well my full thoughts on Ringo and his All-Star Band.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Old School Stones

Take a look at this video from 1982 (great year) of The Rolling Stones playing 'Under My Thumb'. So great.... especially Micks outfit! 

Look At Me!

Here I am blogging two days in a ROW. Can you believe it? Yes I know I got started a little late today but there is still a few things that need to be discussed.

The Grammy's are this weekend. I would not be watching except my girl Sara Bareilles is up for numerous awards and while I doubt she will win its still nice to see her name in the bright lights. As for the other nominees I either do not care for them or have never heard of them before. 

Will you be watching? 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

When Ellen Met Elias

Maybe the cutest moment on her show since the introduction of Sophia Grace & Rosie.

Damn You American Idol

I promised myself I would not watch American Idol this year. Yet there I was last night laying down reading trying to watch the one of five channels I get in my bedroom and I tuned into American Idol auditions. While I absolutely hate Harry Conick Jr. AND Jennifer Lopez I was blown away by a few auditions.

Here they were:


Can't believe yesterday was six years.

Speaking of Country Music....

This latest venture is not the first time I got really into country music. Trust me it does happen from time to time. The first was Mr. Garth Brooks and the second time was when I fell hard for the Dixie Chicks. I loved them and well I still do. I think their songwriting was absolutely stellar and Natalie's voice is incomparable. 

Their songs still go down as some of my favorites. Can they reunite yet?

Pretty sure this next song got me through moving to Richmond. I used to sit in my apartment by myself and play it over and over again trying to convince myself that this move was a good one. 9 Years later I still play it.

"She needs wide open spaces
Room to make her big mistakes
She needs new faces
She knows the high stakes

She traveled this road as a child
Wide eyed and grinning she never tired
But now she won't be coming back with the rest
If these are life lessons, she'll take this test"

'Traveling Soldier' is another good one.

True Story

Anyone who has visited this blog over the last few years has known that I very rarely post about country music. So this is a big deal.

I don't know why and I don't know how but somehow within the last few months I've been on quite the Miranda Lambert kick. She is a girls girl and well has a kick ass voice. Nothing to hate on here (except her choice in husband).

Get it girl.

Phish vs Billy Joel

Well I didn't see this feud coming:

According to various websites: Apparently Billy Joel made some snide off-hand comment to the MSG staff about Phish having booked MSG for new years. I guess the story goes that he tried to book it in October and was told that Phish had it on lock. His response was something to the effect of them being a "no talent cover band".

Phish who is are known for never backing down for a challenged played all four nights at MSG with original songs. No covers. No Repeats.

Your turn Mr. Joel. Play four straight shows and don't repeat one of your "hits".

Phish - 1
Joel - 0

Love Won't Keep Them Together

The famous duo Captain and Tennille are getting divorced after 39 years of marriage.

They are most known for the song "Love Will Keep Us Together".

How ironic. 

Wow Bruce Gets In On Bootleg Game....

It looks like Bruce Springsteen is joining the bootleg game offering downloads of its shows this tour up to 48 hours after he plays. This is getting a lot of praise and attention.... yet I must ask. Where is the coverage of Phish? A. They have been doing what Bruce has done for YEARS B. They offer a free download of the show if you attended it.

While I'm glad to see that people are now using the internet as their friend, this is not new.

Moving on.

The Downfall of Bieber Has Begun....

Its actually quite sad that a person with that much money and power can't find a way to balance it out. I know everyone gives her shit but stories like this prove to me that Taylor Swift is a rarity in child stars and should be credited for not pulling this type of stunt.

Bieber was arrested last night in Miami for DUI, Drag Racing and possibly having other drugs in his system. Now I'm not going to say at the age of 19 I was not doing dumb shit but when you are in the public eye you need to be careful. 

I really hope he is able to get the right people around him and clean it up before he turns into one of those tragic stories...

Link to story on Rolling Stone:

Reason #475 Why Everyone Should Love Michelle Obama

Watch This Immediately: 

Best Pics Ever?

Final Phish post I promise. I managed to grab these two during the balloon drop on NYE. Maybe some of my best work yet. (And trust me thats saying something)

Best Set Ever

Since I've already talked about it I should probably show you what will go down in history as the best Phish set I will ever see. You can see me throughout the video dancing next to a man in a shiny top hat. I have a t-shirt on and most of the time I'm losing my mind.

The stage is also set up using the equipment that they started with 30 years ago. Page is sitting on milk crates while Trey and Mike's mics are made from hockey sticks. Couldn't make this up if I tried.

Seriously Phish you gave me my Lizards literally in my face. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Phish Official 30th Anniversary Video

I am still getting over the fact that only 24 days ago I was literally an arms distance away from my favorite band. New Years Eve 2013 will go down as a highlight in my life for many of reasons. 

Yet something else special happened that night. You see it was a big celebration for the bands 30th anniversary. Think about that 30 years. I was 1 when they first started. And still they are together with the original members and sounding and playing better than ever. Love it. 

Here is the video they showed before midnight. After watching this you will see that this band has almost as much fun as I have when I see them.

Ellie Goulding on GMA

My girl Ellie Goulding is heading out on her first headlining tour next month and I'm fighting the urge to buy tickets to her MSG show. I mean I really really want to be there. I started writing about this artist when she was playing small clubs in England and to see how far she has come has been amazing.

So how about it who wants to go with me in March?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Born To Run Spoof

Springsteen was on Jimmy Fallon last night and couldn't help but take the stage with Jimmy to make fun of Gov. Chris Christie about the bridge scandal. It was pretty hilarious!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wait What?!?

The line up for Jazz Fest has been announced and Phish is included! Wait what? I thought my days of big festivals were behind me but I may have to make an exception on this one.

Damn I'm going to be so broke and have nothing but ticket stubs to show my kids.

Gatorade Collection

I know exactly what this guy is going through. I used to collect Snapples. Ha.

Golden Globes

Tina and Amy won again at life on Sunday while hosting the Golden Globes. Please watch the  opening monologue below, its pretty epic.

Also was happy to see American Hustle take home most of the top prizes. Easily one of my favorites from this year. Amy Adams is stellar. 


If you have a few minutes watch this short video about the 'Biggest Secret in the Music Industry'. Crazy!

Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious

This next song is co-written by the lead singer of Fun and him and Ellie made quite the song. Goodness Gracious is a great track. Check it out.


Oh my god I can not believe its been two months since I've posted on this blog. Actually I can because I have done a whole lot in that time. Work completely kicked my ass all over RVA. I went back to NJ for Thanksgiving and saw all my friends and family. Had a wonderful holiday season which included a trip to West Virginia and the annual trip to NYC to see Phish. Oh and yeah I was front row on NYE (see picture above). Yup that all happened and more so while I'm sorry that it forced me to take a break from this blog I'm glad to be back on track and moving forward in 2014.

Goals for the year.
Be happy
Be happy
Be happy

Shouldn't be to difficult right?
Lets see how it goes.