Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Batkid Rises

Maybe the best story I've seen all year. Batkid for the win! Way to go Make-A-Wish!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Operating Room Dance Party

This is your feel good video of the day. I can only hope that if one day I have to go through this procedure I will be as strong as as brave as Deb Cohan. Who along with the entire OR staff busted out moves to Beyonce's 'Get Me Bodied' before her double mastectomy. 

She needs to get on Ellen stat!

Stand Up Comic DESTROYS Heckler

This is the best video I've seen all day. Watch ASAP.

Lady Gaga Flies At Release Party

Lady Gaga literally had a flying dress to premiere her cd last night. Ha. Got to give it to her that she seems to outdo herself at every turn.

Here is another outfit she wore at the party:


Meet The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms was one of the groups I was talking about earlier that opened for Manchester Orchestra last night that I was super impressed with. Now you will have to bare with me since I have known about this band oh for about 15 hours but I'm doing my due diligence. 

I have bought their latest album and am in the process of listening to it and I'm as equally impressed as I was last night. The other cool thing is I found out they are a product of Bergen Country, NJ. That is a mere 30 minutes from where I grew up. Jersey represent!!

Here is what their amazon profile says:

"What can we say about The Front Bottoms? We know we love them: a punk band that uses acoustic guitar, indie-rock dance grooves, Springsteen-y keyboard lines (this they might deny). It’s hook-filled… it’s anthemic… it’s confessional. Maybe Joni Mitchell by way of Green Day? They must have heard some Replacements along the way, and it seems like what Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers did for the Boston suburbs these guys are doing for Bergen County, NJ. But they still leave us scratching our heads. Just what the hell have the Front Bottoms alchemized?"

Here is their lyric video for 'Skeleton'. I'll write more tomorrow once I get a full listen to the album.

Terrible News Out Of Brooklyn

There is just some awful news coming out of Brooklyn today where it seems that one of the band members of the Indie band 'Yellow Dogs' (who was kicked out of the band about a year ago for selling equipment). Has shot and killed 2 out of 3 of his bandmates and then turned the gun on himself.

Details are still emerging but this is really sad news for a band that made their way to the US from Iran and were really starting to make a name for themselves.


Seriously Beyonce Stop Being So Awesome

I have said it here before and I'll say it again. I love the way Beyonce treats her fans. For a super star as big as her to get down and do what she did last night at her concert was amazing.

Check out the video above where she duets one of her songs with a blind fan named Sophie. Her sister said:

"She's never really been able to go to a concert due to logistical reasons so I made a video about Sophie. Even with everything that she's been through, she's been able to do so much. She raised over $1,000 for people with multiple sclerosis and the Runamuck (for MS Society). I put that all in the video and I just said that I think someone as amazing as her deserves to meet someone amazing as Beyonce."

Love it. Way to go Queen B.

Manchester Orchestra Live In Richmond

Last night I took my boyfriend to see his favorite band perform live at the National here in Richmond Va. And to be honest with you I did not do my due diligence coming into this concert because if I did I would have not been so surprised on how blown away I was by how amazing this band was. 

The bands name is Manchester Orchestra and if you have not heard of them and are a fan of really good lyrics and seriously just good music you should check them out. The bands lead singer Andy Hull has one of the best rock voices I have ever had the pleasure of hearing live. And the bands ability to go from soft to rock so quickly and seamlessly has me shaking my head to why they were not more famous. 

But you see thats the thing. As a music lover and spending my fair share searching around the radio and music blogs I was surprised to know some of their more popular songs. 

The show last night lasted about an hour and a half. They had two openers. One hard rock one that wasn't really my scene but the other will deserve its own blog post so I'll save that. 

But it was awesome last night to step outside my music zone of phish and dance music and see how the rock band fans live. It was extremely enjoyable and I highly recommend that anyone and everyone spend the $25 on a ticket and go see these guys live immediately. I promise you you will be impressed.

I'm sure this will not be the last that you hear of me from Manchester Orchestra. In fact I will hopefully now do my research and figure out really how amazing these guys are. 

For now I think you should check out their video for "Simple Math". It could be one of the best music videos I've ever seen. Seriously it deserves an Oscar or something.

Happy Veterans Day!

This is a picture of my mother father a Chaplain in WWII. Who I do not have a picture of today (but will post tomorrow) is my other grandfather on my fathers side who was in the Navy. I'm so extremely proud to have both of these fine men in my family history.

I am also proud to know many service men and women who are serving or have served in the last few wars.

This is a sacrifice that I know I did not make but I know that makes our country stronger.

Love to everyone who is served, has served or has had a family member serving. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Jennifer Why!?!

Just when I thought my girl Jennifer Lawrence could do no wrong she went off and got the mom hair cut yesterday. Booooooooooo.

We Were Us

Although I must admit my favorite performance of the night was Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban singing 'We Were Us'. Great tune. Fantastic singers. Miranda seems like one of those girls you would want on your side in a bar fight. Watch the video.

Long Night

Last night I couldn't sleep so I sat up in bed and watched one of the three channels I do get in there. One was ABC and I watched pretty much the entire Country Music Awards. It was half enjoyable half painful. The one thing I did learn is that country musicians really love people like themselves. Its like their own little community which I guess is nice. Anyways to the point. I guess they gave Taylor Swift the pinacle award. I didn't think it was that special until I found out it was only given out twice before. To George Straitt and Garth Brooks. Now I'm impressed. 

Take a look at the well deserved video below.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Ate Your Candy Part Three

This is my favorite Jimmy Kimmel stunt yet.

Gaga to Sing In Space

File this under ridiculous.

Lady Gaga is planning to sing in space in 2015.

"She is set to blast off in a Virgin Galactic ship and belt out a single track during the Zero G Colony tech festival in New Mexico. 'She will have to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere' says a source, who adds that the diva's glam squad will join her in the shuffle."

A Phish Halloween To Remember

Phish threw their fans a curve ball last week at their Halloween show in Atlantic City. Rather than covering a bands full album they reached into the future and debuted their yet to be recorded new album in its entirity. While many fans were bummed they didn't do the cover album I for one thinks that new phish is better than phish covering other bands any day. For a band like this to survive 30 years they must come up with new material and us as fans must support that adventure. Not everything will be perfect but I for one don't want them to have to play Tweezer every single year forever. Let them grow.

Click Here for a great article.