Thursday, August 29, 2013

So Long

Well its finally here. I'm leaving to go see Phish in Colorado. Can not believe after booking this trip almost 6 months ago that it is finally here. Looking forward to leaving this city for a little while and creating some new memories. Hope to be a new person when I get back.

Here is one last video before I go. I like Beyonce. I don't care who knows it. And this next video made me like her about 1,000 times more. It must be special to be in a position where you could touch this many lives with a song. Watch.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

4 Days

Vacation in 4 Days.

Can't Come Soon Enough.

Monday, August 26, 2013

JT Killed It

Love him or hate him you can't deny that Justin Timberlake saved the VMAs last night. Killer performance. Show these kids how its done Justin.

VMA's in Three Pictures

Last night was MTV's VMA's and I am too shocked to even write about it today. All I will say is that I'm scared for the state of music and what we are filling out youths heads with. 

Here is the entire show summed up in three pictures.

Lady Gag performed

Miley made everything super awkward

The Smith family could barely take it.

Yup thats the VMA's for you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Tonight!

Been looking forward to this documentary since they premiered the 'Nine for IX' series. 

I will never forget kicking my brothers out of the living room and running around in my Mia Hamm jersey in awe of these women. 

Taylor Swift and Sarah Bareilles

Last night Taylor Swift played the Staples Center in L.A. and everyone was there. Seriously like every single celebrity and their kids were in attendance. 

Taylor also had a special guest onstage with her. Sara Bareilles joined her to sing her new single 'Brave'. The duet was pretty amazing.

Miley Cyrus Loves to Twerk

Please please please if you do nothing else today you must FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Trust me. Don't ask any other questions. And just go there.

You are welcome.

This Is Not A Joke

This image above is not a joke it is actually Princes new cover for his single. 

It may be the best thing the man has ever done.

New Eminem?

Okay I've been seriously behind. I'm sorry. Eminem released a new song for the new Call of Duty game? Guess so! Its a stadium anthem. Not his best work but by far not his worst. I do hold out hope that one day he will return to his original form. 

Can't a girl dream.

New Music: Parachute

Have I mentioned how much I love new music day? Its been long overdue for me to have a day like today, I"m catching up on EVERYTHING. Here is another new single that was just dropped this week by the band Parachute its called "Overnight" and its quite the tune. 

Hope everyone is having as productive of a day as I am. 

Lorde on NPR

A few weeks ago I introduced you all to Lorde; the 16yr old phenom from New Zealand with the hit single 'Royals'. Today NPR has a video of her doing it live. I promise you get on this girls train now, its bound to start moving very fast.

New Music - Tom Odell 'Grow Old With Me'

Great new song by Tom Odell.

"Grow old with me; Let us share what we see
And oh the best it could be; Just you and I

And our hands they might age
And our bodies will change
But we'll still be the same
As we are"

Congrats Ellie

Very very happy for my girl Ellie Goulding for having her first ever #1 hit over the weekend with 'Burn'. If you have yet to hear this song take a listen now... its sure to be EVERYWHERE very soon. Also the video is pretty awesome too.

Tom Petty

As I mentioned earlier I'm working on a playlist today and I was just reminded how great Tom Petty was. I had for a moment let the song 'Refugee' slip out of my head until now. 

Never again.

Great tune!!


With football right around the corner I'm becoming a little concerned about the appearance of my QB. I think a few screws are loose to actually go out of the house looking like this.

Headband? Weird mustache beard combo? Long hair?


Taylor Swift Has Jokes

Nothing I like more than a big star who can make fun of or laugh at themselves. Take a look at the note on the jar of jam Taylor Swift sent her friend Ed Sheeran. 

Good one Taylor.

New Music! Finally!

Last night I finally figured out how to move my entire music library to my portable hard drive and started itunes all over again. It was a nerve-wrecking process but in the end I freed up about half my hard drive on my computer and I no longer have to be nervous about it crashing and losing everything. But with more space means I need more music. So besides working on a very inspired mid 90s and today pop mix for my lovely boyfriend I'm getting all those albums I've put on the back-burner for months. 

New music makes me happy!

Bye? Bye? Bye?

I am shaking my head at the amount of mid 90s acts that are trying to make a comeback right now. Next up.... 'NSYNC is going to reunite at the MTV VMAs. Really now?

At what point to I begin to just feel bad for these guys (not named Timberlake).


Well we are off to yet another Tuesday. The days keep just melting away and before we know it summer is going to be over. Can't say that I'm complaining too much about it... fall has a lot of fun things going for it. I welcome the change.

Today should be a somewhat easy day. I should hopefully have some time to get on here and do some posting, we will see. For now I leave you with something that I know not everyone is going to enjoy. I found myself up for Letterman last night and was very impressed by John Mayers new single 'Wildfire' so I'm going to post it here.

I know John Mayer is a pretty polarizing figure but I do know one fact about him. Man can play one hell of a guitar. Love him or hate him the man is a great musician. 

His new album is due in a few months.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello everybody. I'm sorry for the late start today but I had a lot of work to get taken care of this morning and have spent most of my afternoon working on a ridiculous music mix (more on that tomorrow).

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. The weather here in Richmond was amazing. Nice and cool even a little overcast, I didn't mind that one bit! 

The countdown to Colorado is less than two weeks and this vacation just can't seem to come soon enough. I'm sure I will make it until then I just know it will be a struggle.

Lets start this Monday off in an interesting way. Here is the new Lady Gaga video for her song 'Applause'. I don't really get it. But to each their own.

Friday, August 16, 2013


According to Yahoo these are the top 6 tours right now and the average ticket price for their shows. Can you see why this makes me happy?

1. Rolling Stones - $345.49
2. Paul McCartney - $131.27
3. Taylor Swift - $86.51
4. Kenny Chesney - $75.53
5. Fleetwood Mac - $110.90
6. PHISH - $48.76

Thats right. Under$50 bucks... totally reasonable. Keep your fans happy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Aaron Paul. Thank You.

After a slow day at work today I was able to catch up on more Breaking Bad. This leaves me only a handful of episodes to watch until I'm fully caught up. Something that will happen by either this Sundays episode or next. I'm really happy I'm doing this because well I hate to feel left behind on TV watching. And well everyone said this show was amazing and I totally agree. The acting and writing is out of this world. And the performance that both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul give is worthy of every award in the books. Especially Aaron. The depth he brings to the character of Jesse is heartbreaking at times but I'm so glad that they cast him to give him this shot. 

Warning. The next two videos contain spoilers. If you have already watched or have no intention of watching the show watch them. If you are still catching up...don't.

This second one is best summed up by the first comment on the page "Acting level: God Tier"

Six Feet Under Finale

With great shows like Dexter and Six Feet Under coming to a close in the next month its time to look back at what I truly believe was the best way to end a series ever. Any fans of Six Feet Under out there? Yes its where I first fell in love with Michael C. Hall and for a show about death and dying the final scene wrapped everything up perfectly in a moving elegant way.

It was a flash forward; Claire (Lauren Ambrose) drives east to NY and as her mind wanders she has a premonition as to how each member of her family would die. The sequence underlined an ongoing theme for the show: that sometimes its just as important to ensure that they all died happily ever after.

Just watch. Trust me.

Warning: This is Real

Fact: Michelle Obama is making an anti-obesity hip-hop album with songs like 'Vegetable Luv' by artists like Doug E. Fresh. 

This is not a joke.

Ron Swanson Wins Again

His lines never get old. Ever.

You Are My Person

I can't believe I'm going to admit this to the world right now but I have never missed an episode of Greys Anatomy. Yup I know I'm such a girl, but this show has just grabbed my attention from the beginning and I've never been able to let it go. Which is why I was sad yesterday to learn that Sandra Oh aka Cristina Yang would be leaving during the shows next season. We have seen a lot of this cast come and go but one of the constants was Cristina Yang and her relationship with her best friend Meredith Grey. I'm going to miss her.

"So I'm just saying... I think you should decide to live. Live so you can become a doctor, and you can find a way to do heart transplants without someone having to die. Or, live so you can grow up and have kids and... Raise them not to believe in Santa. That would piss your mom off. Just decide to live. Because in your case? Dying really isn't the best revenge."

It's The 'Phinal' Countodown

The calendar on my desk is reading two weeks!! Two weeks until Colorado!! Can't even begin to explain how much I need this break and vacation. 

Lets just hope I make it through the next 14 days.

Fingers crossed.

Why I Love So You Think You Can Dance

If you have been following this blog for the four years I have been writing it you will start to realize that every summer I have a small obsession with dancing and a show called "So You Think You Can Dance". Many times you have heard me say this is by far the best of the 100 talent competitions that are on tv today. The reason is simple. Talent. The dancers on this show even if they are in the top 20 are all world class dancers. You see dancing doesn't get the exposure that singing does so you have some of the worlds best performers going on this stage to show what they can do. The result are shows that are stunning and dances that are unforgettable. Today Buzzfeed has listed the Top 12 dances from the shows 10 season. Here are the top 3.

Womens Work is a powerful piece about breast cancer.

Here is season 8 winner Melanie one of my favorite dancers ever. The dance is about two best friends, one of which is left at the alter, and he realizes his true love has been standing in front of him all along.

And finally the one that makes me cry every time I watch it. Its choreographed by the amazing Mia Michaels and the piece is about addiction and the terrifying effects it has on a person. Kayla portrays the hopeless addict and Kupono represents the addiction. Powerful.

BONUS VIDEO: To prove how much talent these dancers have check out Twitch (easily my favorite person who has ever danced on this show) dance with BALLET dancer Alex. Insane on how Alex picks up this hip hop. Talent people. Talent.


Phish is releasing their old album Junta on Vinyl on 10/1 and while I don't really want the vinyl album I do want this shirt above. 

Someone find it please.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande

I heard this song on the radio last night on my drive home from dinner and instantly fell in love with it. It features my girl Emeli Sande and the lyrics and everything are just great.

Great Dancing Last Night

Last night the So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars joined the Top 8 competitors and my favorite part of the season began. I think its a very smart idea to pair the competitors with all-stars. Its elevates all of their game and puts everyone at an even playing field. The dances last night were amazing and well I didn't expect anything less. Check out some of them below.

Favorite Dance of the Night:

Cool Video

Take a look at this video of Elton John singing "Your Song" throughout the years. Its quite amazing. Its been said that he has performed this song over 2,000 times in concert. Which means he has spent approx 5 and a half days of his life playing this song. Yet what is the most insane part is the song never gets old....

Old School Photo

The Rolling Stones in Hollywood; 1965.

Um...Lady Gaga?

Its official with all her attention grabbing stunts this week (which have included nude yoga, going out in public in pretty much no clothes and weird ass makeup) Lady Gaga is trying to make her comeback. One small problem....

I'm pretty sure she has completely lost her mind.

Just my opinion.

Oh and her new song is terrible. That is a fact.

New Kelly Clarkson

Everyone is getting married in Kelly Clarksons new video for her song "Tie It Up". Looks like Kelly is really embracing her country roots with this one...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Did Katy Perry Steal Sara Bareilles Song?

Okay Katy Perry you have a lot of explaining to do....

Yesterday I heard her new song "Roar" on the radio and I thought it sounded oddly familiar. Oh thats right because you basically stole Sara Bareilles song "Brave". Not cool Katy not cool.

Do yourself a favor and listen to both of these. They are eerily similar.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Still A BOSS

Bruce Springsteen spotted paddleboarding in Italy.

Orange Is The New Black

How is everyone in America not watching this show right now? It is seriously amazing. I mean just take a look at this screen grab below of one of my favorite characters. I'm still laughing...

Richmond Sunset

Took this beauty from my roof this week.

RIP Jerry

It was this day in 1995 that the world lost a magical musician named Jerry Garcia. It hit my music community hard and it still does. Another musician taken before his time. Today we remember all the good things Jerry brought to my music world. Honestly I'm pretty positive there would be no Phish without this man. 

Enjoy one of Phish's magical moments when they played the Grateful Deads "Terrapin Station" as an encore at their show on 8/9/98 for the anniversary of Jerry's death three years to the day after his passing.

The first 20 seconds when the crowd actually realizes what is going on brings chills to my back still.

RIP Jerry

CBGB Movie

It used to stand for "Country Blue Grass Blues" but at the height of CBGB's there was none of that music to be found. They finally got around to making a movie about this famous punk rock club but I'm just not too sure they pull it off.

Take a look at the trailer below and judge for yourself.

Yup I'm Here

I know I know I've been missing a lot this week but I've had some important things to do.

I have owned ticketmaster over the last few days not only securing tickets for myself for the Hampton October shows but today I helped out a good friend by landing his Massachusetts show. It's always good to have ticket karma on your side in this game.

Speaking of Phish we are a mere 3 weeks away before I leave for Colorado. Unbelievable that this trip is almost here. I can't wait. I need a break from work and from this city and need some friend hang out time. FYI I may not come back. Do not be surprised by this..

In other news there hasn't been too much going on in the music industry lately. Oh wait. BEYONCE CUT HER HAIR OFF. That is right. The picture above is of Queen B's new hairdo. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but it sure is a drastic change.

Also if you have not seen the video of what Stephen Colber did on his show when Daft Punk stood him up its worth the watch.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blurred Lines with Children Instruments

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots recorded another great sing-a-long last week when Robin Thicke stopped by the studio. While it doesn't even come close to the one they did with Christina Aguilera its still pretty great.

Mumford & Sons Amazing New Video

The band Mumford & Sons took the time in their new video to poke fun at themselves and their entire image. The result is amazing. Must watch this now.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mr. Miner's Head Explodes Re: Tweezer

Really one of the only bright spots of this day has been listening to the 37 minute long Tweezer and going on the internet to see phans heads explode. My favorite so far is Mr. Miner and his review. The entire review is up on his blog which you can read HERE, but for now I'll highlight my favorite quotes.

I really wish everyone had something in their life like this that even on the darkest of days can bring a smile to your face. 

"Dreams do come true. On so many levels. Last night Phish redefined what is possible in live music with their finest accomplishment of their career—the Tahoe “Tweezer.” But really it was the finest accomplishment in all of our careers, because the audience—the Phish community— was as much a part of this feat as any. Even the people that weren’t in attendance. I just respun the jam for the first time and Holy.Fucking.Shit! Tears streamed down my face as I listened back to the night of my life. That is the best thing that has ever happened on planet earth.

The reason I see Phish is in pursuit of what happened last night. Not only was it the best jam of the band’s career, it was “Tweezer”—my favorite jam by—oh—about infinity miles. “Tweezer” is Phish. The Freezer is our home. And home has never felt as special as right now. Anyone who has ever doubted that Phish would be back and better than before—put that in your pipe and smoke it. Sculpting a piece of music  far beyond anything they’ve ever done, the band wielded powers greater than we’ve ever dreamed last night. It was simply incomparable. And where the heck do we go from here?

Just the sheer numbers on the Tahoe “Tweezer” are ludicrous. Thirty-seven minutes and not even close to one single dull moment. The seventh longest jam of Phish’s career, and the longest since IT’s “46 Days” in 2003. But 37 minutes of 2013 Phish is unlike 37 minutes of music from any other era. There was no vamping, searching, or meandering—just straight musical genius encompassing Harvey’s like a fucking sharknado. ‘Nuff said. Staggering to the core would be the understatement of the century.

The thing is, beyond “Tweezer” and beyond Tahoe—the new apex of Summer ’13—the Phish universe is in a place of unparalleled glory right now. Things have never been this great. The band’s level of improvisation is off the charts and more proficient than at any time in their past—and they just keep getting better. Trey has not been shy about saying that right now is his favorite time in Phish history, and I whole heartedly agree. 2013 has brought us to a point in this arc few of us saw coming. Everything that has come before this—the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s—have been stepping stones to now—2013, the year that dreams come true.


After the show, I took a photo of the asphalt on which I was dancing last night, for that was a place of unforgettable power—a few square feet I will never forget. And when every one has their own square feet of space, everyone can get down together. It’s simply the best when all your friends are together with enough room to openly take in the divine goods with a reckless abandon. The west coast is the best coast for this very reason, and Phish is showing how much they love the region’s wide open GA environs. But lo and behold, we are about to take this indoors! Are you serious? Bringing this larger than life music into the confines of Bill Graham is going to make for quite the intense experience. Are you ready? Because the band certainly is. Rest up folks, because who knows what’s next?"

The Tahoe-Tweezer has put Phish back on the map and the 29 days until Colorado can't come soon enough.

Oasis - Live Forever

"Maybe I just want to fly
I want to live I don't want to die
Maybe I just want to breath
Maybe I just don't believe
Maybe you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are going to live forever"

LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great

"I wake up and the phone is ringing
Surprised, as it's early.
And that should be the perfect warning,
That something's a problem
To tell the truth I saw it coming
The way, you were breathing.
But nothing can prepare you for it,
The voice, on the other, end."

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

This Happened Last Night

Longest tweezer jam since 1995.


Rent - Seasons of Love

How do you measure the life of a woman or a man?

In truths that she learned
Or times that he cried
In bridges he burned
Or the way she died

Its time now to sing out
Tho' the story never ends
Lets celebrate
Remember a year in the life of friends
Remember the love!
Remember the love!!

Dirty Paws - Of Monster and Men

"The bees had declared war
The sky wasn't big enough for them all
The birds they got help from below
From dirty paws and the creatures of snow

And for a while things were cold
They were scared down in their holes
The forest that once was green
Was colored black by those killing machine
But she and her furry friends
Took down the queen bee and her men
And thats how the story goes
The story of the beast with those four dirty paws