Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everything is Everything

I guess its just been one of those days, where you read about something early on in the day and it completely changes the rest of your afternoon. After reading that article about Lauryn Hill I was inspired. I for a second allowed myself to forget how talented this lady is. So for the rest of the day I have dusted off my old cds and have had door closed dancing in my office for the last 3 hours.

Check out this song below and please tell me if there is a greater female MC ever to hit this stage.

"Let's love ourselves then we can't fail
To make a better situation
Tomorrow, our seeds will grow
All we need is dedication"

THE Lauryn Hill Interview

Go to this link -

Well I have been waiting for this interview for about 10 years or so... at least. Lauryn Hill is hands down one of my favorite artists to ever grab a microphone. I was first introduced to her talent during her time with the Fugee's a group that comes from my home state of NJ and a group that still goes down in history as the sickest trio of rapper/singers ever. From there Lauryn made a name for herself in the music industry as an outspoken, beautiful talent. A talent to the likes that we have never seen before. Her debut solo album, the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill still ranks to this day as one of the top 25 albums ever (on my list).

Quickly after that record things went downhill and fast for Hill. Her decline was as fast as her rise to stardom. After a few missteps in the press, and saying things that she probably shouldn't have, she disappeared. And not disappeared as they do these days in hollywood and drop out for a few years. Hill was GONE. She did not surface for years. She married, had a child, changed her world and started living by her own rules completely. She was changed. She was not the Lauryn Hill that people had come to know, she was a new person. Yet one thing was still the same, her Passion.

This interview by NPR is probably the best one that I have ever read. The way that this author is literally chasing down Lauryn Hill to talk to her and then at the end just sits in the stairway and cries because of the conversation he finally got. Its quite perfect.

A back up singer on her debut album once said: "I would just stare at her, like, look in her mouth! Because when you hear her sing, and then hear her speak — it had such power and volume and rasp. It was something to strive for."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chris Brown MJ's Tribute

Bravo to BET and to Chris Brown for their tribute to Michael Jackson on Sunday night. Last year during this award show (which aired literally the weekend after Jackson passed), they did a half ass attempt to pay tribute to the legend but failed miserably. This is why I am happy to see them redeem themselves by calling upon the one person in the game that can channel MJ better than anyone. Yes anyone.

I am talking about Chris Brown. We all know that Chris has had his problems as of late (big problems) but you can not deny the talent of this kid. The first four minutes of this video is literally the best MJ dancing I have seen ever. Then the end when he breaks down during "Man in the Mirror" shows how human this KID is. Yes kid. Hes very very young. Bravo to Chris Brown for the courage, bravo to BET for taking the chance on him and bravo to the fans for embracing him. While yes, he still has a way to go to win his way back into the puplic spotlight. This was a good start.

Quote of the Day

From one of my favorite artists (who I have been talking about a lot lately) her newest album is getting ready to drop very soon... here is what she says about the release of her latest single "King of Anthing" (video found below).

"King of Anything is sort of a 'fuck you' song" she jokes. "I've had more unsolicited advice on my life than I care to mention, and this was how I dealt with it. It felt empowering to turn that frusteration into music, especially a song that doesn't even sound angry. Thats sort of what "Love Song" was as well. Aparently, I don't get over things very quickly..."

Love her.

One Night Only

After a pretty amazing weekend in MD for some of the most insane Phish shows I have ever seen, its back to work and back to the task at hand. Finding new music! And well today I have a gem. While stumbling around on sites today I found the band "One Night Only" and their latest video for the song "Say You Don't Want It". It stars Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movies who I guess is dating the lead singer, making the video even cuter.

But really what I love about this band is their sound. They belong in the 80s... and I mean this in the best way possible. It seriously could be a cut on "The Breakfast Club" soundtrack. Its catchy, the lyrics and melody are great and well its a great NYC centric video. Enjoy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Never Can Say Goodbye....

It was one year ago today. June 25, 2009 around 4 p.m. This is when my phone started rining with a text from my older brother. It was short sweet and to the point, for there was not much else to say... the text read. "MJ Died" It didn't need to say anything else. No other words would have lessened the blow of learning that the living legend known as Michael Jackson had just died.

The world then stopped. Completely.

Every single person sat home that night watching the news, looking for answers and just not wanting to believe it. For you see MJ was the man of our time. Say whatever you want about his career in the last ten years but this man is hands down the greatest artist of my generation. He completely changed the game, threw it up on its head and danced his way into history. And thats what people didn't want to let go. Nobody wanted to believe the tragic news, but it was true. MJ was gone.

We all know his career, from the Jackson 5, to Thriller to We Are The World and beyond. His music spans generations. His videos are iconic. He will never ever be forgotten. All I can think about is how lucky I was to be alive while this man made his music. I remember the crazy video premieres (especially Thriller because it scared the living daylights out of me), I remember the pepsi commercial, the changes to his appearance, the trials I remember it all. But there will still be one thing that I will always be impressed with (beyond the music of course). It was his fans.
Now these people are dedicated.
They are hands down the most dedicated fans that I have ever seen before in my life. Anywhere that this man would show up, a hotel, a concert venue even a courtroom they would show up by the thousands. With signs, t-shirts, posters anything and everything with Michael on it. They would pass out at the sight of him, cry being within five feet of him, they just absolutely adored him. And well really who can blame them? He was amazing.

Like I said before. Say what you will about Michael Jacksons career or life in the last 10 years. No matter what that will never ever erase the impact this man had on the music industry and especially to musicians today. And thats why the world stopped for a moment when this legend died. A big piece of our culture went with him and all we have left is his music which I guarantee will live on forever. My kids will listen to it, I will tell them stories, I will always treasure what this man brought to our world.

MJ you are missed.

Now enjoy this performance which I think sums up the man, his fans, the music, the experience that is Michael Jackson.

What's Up

Do you know those songs that make you instantly drop what your doing, turn up your radio, and start screaming like a mad person out the windows of your car? Yeah well it happened to me this morning. Driving to work approx 10 am down the boulevard, and what comes on my radio. Thats right, its 4 Non Blodes with "Whats Up". A classic song from way back. Waaaay back. But you know what, its still as great as it was the first time it came across my tape deck in middle school. Listen to this song and I dare you not to sing along....dare yoooou.

Twilight vs Iphone

I know I know I'm getting away from the task at hand, the music. But I was visiting one of my favorite sites (Best Week and they were asking a very important question. Its a question that has been covered by every media outlet and every newspaper.

Who are worse? The people who stand on line to see the Twilight films or the poeople who stand on a line to get the newest iphone. See picture below.

Now for me I think they are both idiots but really your going to stand on line for a phone? Really? I mean at least the people going to the movies are going to see actual human interaction right? Wait the more I think about it I was right at the start, they are both complete idiots.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not Music Related

This post is not music related but it is New Jersey related so I think that I'm able to share. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live's Special he had the cast of the new Twilight movie on. For fun, he decided to recreate the saga with the "Jersey Shore" cast and well it was nothing short of fantastic. I can not get enough of these guidos and guidettes (their term not mine). Maybe its because I got the hell out of NJ as soon as I had the chance or maybe its just because they are hilarious. Either one. Enjoy this clip!

Space Bound

Last night I spent the majority of my evening researching some new music. First I threw it back to high school when I downloaded the new Eminem album recovery. Like I said last night and I'll say it again, I think everyone who is a rap fan should enjoy this album. He is back to his old sound. Hes done rapping about stupid things and is back to the lyrics that made him famous. The real lyrics. The ones that put him in a league with only a handful of others known as the "best around". Above the song Space Bound is quickly becoming my favorite new tune. Check it out above.

The second thing I did last night (since I was in a rap mood) is I watched a documentary about the up and coming new rap superstar "Drake". It was kind of like an MTV Diary of sorts. It followed him around during the process of him putting out his first album (Dropped last week). Now say what you would like about Drake (the jury is still out for me) but you have to give the kid credit. Thats right hes a kid. Hes a kid who somehow, someway caught the eyes of some of the best rappers in the game and has been put on a pedistool from these guys (like, Jay-Z, Kayne and Lil Wayne) as the "future of rap". This wouldn't be too far fetched, well if the kid even had an album out to back him up. Until last week, there was no album, it was all talk and mix tapes.

This kid was walking around huge stadiums, opening up for legendary acts and basically having the road paved for him ON MIX TAPES. That is just unheard of.

I know there are a lot like me who think that the jury is still out on this kid. But the documentary was interesting. It was very weird to see someone at the forefront of his career, yet not having much room to go... he is already at the top. But I will sit here watching and waiting patiently to see how his story unfolds. Will he carry the torch of these superstars, is he as good as they all say? Well I think at the age of 23 its a little premature, but hey go for it.

Below is his first single off his new album titled "Over". And yes I will admit to bobbing my head to this tune once or twice.

World Cup Waiving Flag!

If you have been watching the World Cup like me there is no doubt that you have heard this song over and over again as it quickly becomes the theme of this years games. The artist is K'naan a young rapper from Somalia who has been slowly making his name in the rap game for a few years now. Yet, due to this sized publicity his name won't be a name we will forget for much longer.
Check out the perfomance below of his song "Waivin' Flag" from South America.
I just love his energy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The truth is that at this moment I am currently downloading the new Eminem album. And you know what I can't wait until its done! Yes I know. I feel like I have woken up in 1998 when I used to drive around with his cd literally burning out in my cd player (portable...yes I rolled hard). So yeah I am downloading the new one, its supposed to be pretty good as well. We will see, check back later and I'm sure I'll have some sort of reviews.

Oh and fyi this is one of my new posts from my new macbook that I have no idea how to use. Its probably the crazies piece of machinery that I have ever owned. It keeps wanting to be smarter than me, yet I keep trying to dumb it down to my level. I have a feeling I'm going to lose this battle....bad.

**Update** Its pretty great. I highly suggest you download it immediately and get it into your summer rotation. Goodnight.

I. Am. Lame.

I know I know I have been majorly neglecting this blog as of late but I promise I have a variety of excuses: 1. Work has picked up making my days insanely busy 2. New laptop at home (its an apple, I'm dumb and have no idea how to work it) 3. World Cup is on 4. Phish tour.
Those excuses mixed with the 100 degree heat and life in general have caused a brief absense from this blog. Yet I promise you many great posts are in the pipeline! Stay tuned!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay...

This is easily one of my favorite songs of all time and while searching for the perfect version to post on here I stumbled across one of my favorite artists covering it. How perfect. I bring you Sara Bareilles with her stunning rendition of the Otis Redding classic.

Is it time for your new album to drop yet?


To me there is no better way to end a rock concert then when Phish does it with their Tweezer Reprise. Its the ending cap to their popular song "Tweezer" and its literally just three minutes of completely build up ending in a just fantastic "Won't you step into the freeeeezer". Amazing.

This weekend we were treated to a unique closer. A Reprise>Reprise. Thats right. I said it. They played it twice. It was amazing. Epic. Look at the energy inside this place! Amazing!!

My Favorite

Some people laugh at me when I tell them that old 60s soul music is hands down one of my favorite genres. There is so much heart in that music that it is able to shine on its own without the work of technicians in a studio or heavy instrumental. This music is about the life in a persons voice. Soul music is the music that comes from the gut, its music that sounds like if that person did not get that out at that moment that they would just explode. Thats passion. Thats music.

The following is a song from one of my favorites Irma Thomas. Just listen and enjoy. And then don't look at me funny when you get in my car and "Soul Town" is the station on the radio and this music is blaring out my speakers.

Couch Tour 2010

What did you do this weekend?

I know what I did. I participated in Phish's Couch Tour 2010. Pretending I was in upper state new york, pretending I was at the show, pretending I was anywhere but on my couch in Richmond. And I must admit, it was pretty fantastic!

I love technology so much. Its a crazy world that we live in that I can log into my computer at 7:45 and find literally live streaming feeds from a concert that is going on LIVE hundreds of miles away from me. From there I can follow the show as its happening, note by note. Its amazing.

So yeah thats what I did this weekend and I didn't mind one bit. I did not travel. I did not pack my car up for yet another destination. I did not spend a ton of money. Like I said, pretty fantastic way to enjoy the weekend.

So to all who want I really recommend you logging onto the internet during this next show and take part of couch tour 2010. Its definitely the place to be (if not at the actual show of course).

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day In The Life

The handwritten lyrics of the last song from the Beatles album "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club" was auctioned off this morning in NYC for a staggering 1.2 million dollars. The double sided piece of paper shows the original lyrics with some edits written in pen.

Rolling Stone Magazine listed "A Day In the Life" as number 26 in their list of the 500 greatest songs in rock n roll history.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Made My Day

This video has made my otherwise blah day so much better! Watch this drummer, I think he is at the wrong gig! Make sure you watch until at least 1:47 when he breaks into robot drumming. Awesome.

Luka Bloom

Here is a guy named Luka Bloom doing his very best cover of u2's song "Bad", and well its pretty fantastic. The way he takes an already understated song and does it justice is something not a lot of singers can pull off. I actually may enjoy this cover more than the original... Sorry Bono.

Dear Adam Lambert

I love that you are outrageous but this video looks like you took a bunch of LSD and then watched Alice in Wonderland and Avatar then came up with the concept. Intense.

King of Everything

I know I've talked at length about this girl on my blog before but I absolutely adore her and her music. Sara Bareilles was a breath of fresh air when she hit the music scene with the ever so catch "Love Song" a few years back. But to anyone who was smart enough to buy her debut cd found an artist that digs much deeper than the pop hit sensations you are likely to hear on the radio. She is just a fantastic voice. Her piano based music is new and different. Her voice is unique enough to help her stand out and her lyrics are just incredible. Definatly one of my quick favorites. Her second cd is set to drop in a few weeks and you can bet I will be one of the first on line.

This is her new single "King of Anything" and its just stellar. The lines:

"All my life I've tried,
to make everybody happy while I
Just hurt and hide
Waiting for someone to tell me its my time to decide"


Listen Right Now!

Okay NPR what are you trying to do to me? I'm never going to get any work done when you keep posting things like this. Click on the link below and revisit the Flaming Lips concert from Bonaroo this past weekend where they covered one of my favorite albums of all time. Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". Its pretty fantastic. Listen now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Backwards Down the Number Line

Here is a video from the Phish show out in OH from this past weekend. Its of the song "Backwards Down The Number Line" and its one of my favorite new ones in rotation. The room it gives the band to go during the jam is just incredible. Its nice to see a band that has been around as long as Phish has to take a new song and just go off. Shows they still are just as good as that day the band started up in Vermont.

Great video of a great song.

"Happy Happy All My Friends...."

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is back with a new #1 album called "To the Sea" as a dedication to his father, a famous pro surfer who passed last year. The album pays homage to the place where they called home. The pacific island. Johnson says about the title "I guess it's a reference to a father leading his son to the sea, with the water representing the subconscious. So it's about trying to go beneath the surface and understand yourself". And thats just what he does in this album.

He took the catchy acoustic songs for which he has made his name. And put some really meaningful lyrics behind these simple tunes. Oh and did I mention how just great of a guy Jack is. The proceeds from this album sale will go directly to charity. Now thats a dedication his father can be proud of.

This first video for the song "You and Your Heart" shows exactly who Jack Johnson is. Just a simple surfer from California who moved out to Hawaii and just lives his life. Simply.

Listen Now: DMB at Bonnaroo

What are you doing right this second? Nothing. Well I got you. Just click the button below to hear the entire DMB set at Bonnaroo from this past weekend. Pretty raging. do it.

We Want You To Be Happy

So last night I took my car after work picked up a few friends and headed about 100 miles south to Portsmouth, Va with one mission. Get this summer kicked off right with a sick Phish show.

Well I was not disappointed one bit. Its been since early December that I have last seen my favorite band and well you can say that at least the last two months have been a little off kilter. So as you can imagine I was ready to get my head back into a good place with some good music. Because believe it or not this is what this band does to me. Its music literally sooths my soul to the point that anything and everything in my life gets put perfectly back into its place. Things make sense when I'm at these shows. The music leaps off the stage it fills my ears and just like that the world is a little brighter. This is why I see Phish shows. This and the fact that its just the best enviroment ever. Last night everywhere I turned there was someone else I knew. Because thats what happens when you've been seeing Phish at the same places for 10 years. It all becomes familiar, the people the venues, everything and everyone is there for one reason and one reason only. To party down.

I would not have picked anywhere else in the world to be last night at all. Nowhere.

Also, I knew that last night was special when this song came up. While yes, it is NOT their best song. Its not at all. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the way that this song came up. My first show back. My head needed these lyrics. It needed to hear this. And like I said, just like that everything was back in its place.

Because this band gets it. They "want me to be happy and not live inside the gloom, they want me to be happy"

Thats as simple a sign gets.... agreed?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Tonight - 7pm

I can't wait! Finally my band is back in my state and I only have to make it for another hour and a half of work then I'm off to p-town.

Will update on the show tomorrow, until then its full speed ahead.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nothing Today

This is how I feel today. I have been way too busy at work to post, and I got a new laptop this weekend so I wasn't able to store any posts. So well... I got nothing for you today.

I hope to be back for one or two tomorrow before I get on the road to Portsmouth to see.... PHISH! YAY!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Tour is Here!!!

Summer tour is here! Summer tour is here! Summer tour is here!!

Thats right today is the day that we have all been waiting for, it marks the kick off of Phish Summer 2010! Their first shows since New Years Eve and a start to what is sure to be a great summer for a talented band.

While getting all excited over tonights show in Chicago... (Shout out to birthday girl Brianna and Beth who have made the journey for tonights show). While I patiently wait until I see them in Portsmouth on Tuesday I can't help but sit and wonder what exactly is going to go down this summer tour. So while out reading some articles getting amped for next week I stumbed upon "Mr. Miners Phish Thoughts" page and he gave us his 20 questions for June, and well I completely agree. So now I pose you the very same questions: (some I may even give my answer)

20. What lasting impact will Joy material have in setlists? - As long as its "Stealing Time" and not TTE
19. What will Trey's "show shirt" be this tour?
18. What new covers, if any, will they incorporate? Hope some Genesis!!
17. "Free: Do or Die?"
16. Which shows will smoke harder - SPAC, Camden or Atlanta - ATL easy its fourth of july
15. What songs will emerge as the prominent jam vehicles of the month.... I'm calling Ghost.
14. Will the band minimize or shelve "TTE" after leaving it out NYE? - Man I hope so!
13. Will Exile have a lasting impact on the band? - I hope so!
12. When will Phish bust out "Liquid Time" - Hoping for Portsmouth
11. Will meathead Merriweather security guards ever stop pretending to be bouncers at nyc nightclubs? - Nope never will.
10. How will the ticket scene shake out? - So far pretty easy
9. Will Tuesdays prove tremendous at Portsmouth, Great Woods and Canadaigua - heeeell yes.
8. Will "Fluffhead" gracefully fade into the background as a symbol of 2009. -Unfortunately yes.
7. Will Miami prove to be a baseline for jams in 2010?
6. Will "Show of Life" debut in Chicago?
5. Was "Golden Age" one and done? -NOOOO
4. More open jamming? - Yess!
3. Will Mikes Song return to prominence or remain an 8 min custy anthem. - tough one.
2. How will the Flyers losing in the NHL finals effect Trey's head space going into tour?
1...... Can you still have fun?? -- I sure hope so!

See you on the road boys!!

Glee Finale

On Tuesday night, Glee ended its freshman season with a pretty stellar season finale. There were songs, there was some dancing, crying, laughing they had a little bit of everything.

They featured some great songs including Bohemian Rhapsody, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a Journey Medley and finally this song, To Sir With Love. Its just a great song, a great ending to a great season. Now I just have to go spend an arm and a leg and buy the dvd.

If you haven't been watching Glee this season, I strongly recommend it as hands down best new show of the season. They will be playing replays all summer. Do it. Trust me.

Take It Back

Saw this video last night and it took me back to when I was 13. When the rap game was completely different and the songs and videos of the time were epic. Do you remember this one?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Am I Doing Tonight?

Man I can't wait for this....Tonight marks the return of Josh Ritter to Richmond Va!! (I wrote about his song "The Curse" last week), but he is coming to 'Groovin' in the Garden' tonight at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Thats right the series is literally called "groovin in the gardens".

Its perfect for artists like Josh who are more folk music than anything else. Its a perfect setting for an artist that enjoys just sitting there and just strum on his guitar. Its sure to be a great night for sure.

I really hope that I hear this song... So if you need me you know where to find me tonight.


Hey Jude Presidential Sing-A-Long

Okay never thought I would say this ever. But I want to be the President of the United States. If for no other reason than you are allowed to invite Paul McCartney into your home and have a sing-a-long with him to "Hey Jude". Are you kidding me!! This would be the highlight of my life. I would give him his own room to stay in. Okay, priorities changing, leader of the free world here I come!

What Condition My Condition Was In...

This morning on my way in this morning a song came across my radio, I hadn't heard it in a while and it started a mini dance party on I-195. So for the last few hours I've been singing the chorus in my head over and over and over. So I was quite surprised this morning when I was looking for a good version of it to post on my page, and I stumbled across my friends in the "Blaire Reinhard Band" version of the song and well it was no surprise that I was blown away.

I'm just waiting for the day that this band makes it really big and I'm able to sit in th back of the crowd and say that I knew them well. Until then I will continue to support because not only are they a fantastic sounding band they are some of the greatest humans on this planet.

Keep doing what your doing guys....

The Joker - Remix

I always love the way you can take old songs, throw a beat behind it and make it sound a little different. Take a look at Fat Boy Slim doing his thing with Steve Miller Bands classic "The Joker". Besides the fact that I really don't like cats, I really do enjoy this song.

Kill Devil Falls

Last night Phish returned to the Jimmy Fallon Show to perform a cut off their latest album "Kill Devil Hills" and like always they rocked it. (And forced me to stay up until after 1:30 a.m. basically ruining my morning) But again totally worth it.

Two notes on this performance. First, I hate Trey's new haircut. Its kind of weird. Second, how can I become one of those dancers in the background? I want to soooo badly! haha. I'm serious.

For my friends heading out to Chicago on Friday for the tour opener, I hope they rage it! But not to hard, need to leave room for an epic throw down in Portsmouth on Tuesday... :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Favorites: Eels

Okay new mission of the day find out who this band is, and why I haven't been listening to them before 2:30 this afternoon. This is unacceptable and must be changed immediately.

More on the "Eels" to follow.

For now enjoy this:

Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne (stage name not god given) draws heavy influence from the music of Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Barry White and Smokey Robinson. Making his sound vastly different then most of the music out there today. And is exactly the reason I'm writing about him right now. Hes the man.

Born and raised out in Michigan he has found fast fame since moving to LA in early 2008. This was the first single from his debut CD and I'm sure there will be many many to follow. Anyone that is headed to Bonnaroo this weekend be sure to catch his stage show. Its sure to be great.

Check out this video for "Just Ain't Going to Work Out".

Dreaming Tree

"Long before these crowded streets, stood my dreaming tree"

This is easily one of my favorite DMB songs for many reasons. I absolutely love the tone and lyrics of this particular song. Its a treat to hear live. Dave sings it so passionately. The line "progress takes away what forever took to find" is one that has always stayed with me throughout the years.

To me one of the many meanings of this song is that its about when dreams die in the whole growing up process. Heart being broken, ideals crushed. And when these dreams die, its so easy to feel lost in the world and just wish that you can go back to the days of "sitting under the dreaming tree".

I think this is one we can all relate to.

We Enjoyed Ourselves

This is a pretty neat trailer for a documentary that came out about a year ago about Phish and Coventry.

And yes, I was one of the "group of people who must have walked...." :)

(P.S. I get to see them in less than a week)

Tiny Desk Concert: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Nothing will wake you up in the morning better than some dueling acoustic guitars. And what better way to bring that to you than through NPR's amazing series "Tiny Desk Concert", today I'm posting the one with Rodrigo y Gabriela. This mexican duo now living in Dublin comes into the offices and shows off their unique style of playing for an eager crowd. Sit back and enjoy what is just great guitar playing... These two are talented.