Monday, October 31, 2011

Jacks Mannequin

"I swim for brighter days despite the absence of sun"

Someone asked me this weekend what was the cd in my car that never really leaves rotation. Its not really a CD but two. The first and second album from Jack's Mannequin. Many people don't know of this band, and well thats how I like it. But there is something about their songs that just work for me. I love his voice, love the heavy piano, love the lyrics, I really just love it all. The song above "Swim" I tend to listen to a lot when I get too caught up in life and need the simple reminder to just... swim. Song means a lot to me. 

So if you want a recommendation today go and check out Everything in Transit and Glass Passenger.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my brother and I. I mean come on, how amazing are these outfits? My mom would always knock it out of the park every year, but this year took home the top prize. I remember I refused to put my arm down the entire day at school because "I was the real Statue of Liberty..."

I wish I was still young enough to where it was socially acceptable to walk around in these types of costumes, adults in costumes just look silly. There I said it. 

So I hope everyone filled their bowls and made it the best Halloween ever for those little ones who knocked at your door. Their memories of tonight will last a long time... make it good!

Its also not a complete Halloween without...... the "Monster Mash!"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Remembering Phish Halloween

This post is in tribute to this weekend last year. I went up to Atlantic City with three of my best friends and had one of the best weekends of my life. Phish for three nights. Amazing music. Amazing times. 

Here is the video from the 30th. The Zeppelin medley. The 20 minutes where all we did was sit and scream. This is why I love this band so much. This is why I'm waking up super early tomorrow and getting to a ticketmaster outlet to try and get more tickets for the new years run. (I still need the 28th and 29th). Shouldn't be too hard. 

My parents must think I'm nuts...

Christina Perri "A Thousand Years"

"I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more"

Christina Perri why do you always do this to me? You write songs that absolutely tear my little heart apart. Something about your voice, knowing that you write all your own songs, and your look that has me completely sold. I'm sold so much that I don't even care that you just wrote a song for the new Twilight movie. I still love it. So much. Also I love candles and the video features a whole lot of them! yay!

Well I made it. Two years ago I was bored one night and decided to enter the world of blogging. While I think I have about four readers its been one of the more enjoyable projects I've worked on. 

Through this simple blog I've discovered more music and fun things than I ever thought imaginable. 

So here is to that. Here is to two more years. And here is to many more fun projects. 

Have a great weekend. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Did You Get The New Coldplay Yet?

What the hell are you waiting for? One of the best rock albums I've heard in the last year, that's for sure.

And do these guys know how to pull off a video or what? And take a peek at the lyrics for this song "Every teardrop is a waterfall"

"I turn the music up; Got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on
Maybe the streets alight
Maybe the trees are gone
I feel my heart beating to my favorite song"

Added bonus for your fans out there. Here is my favorite video they did for my favorite Coldplay song ever! Moment at 2:40 is just amazing. I can't even imagine if that was me....

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Its hard not to really like everything that this band is doing right now. They are original, talented and well aren't backing down from anybody. They emerged onto the scene last year with their stellar debut album and now they are following it up with a second album set to release soon!

Here is a great video for the song "Lonely Boy"; cause really this is what we all end up doing in our living rooms once these boys come through our speakers.

Good News Wednesday!

Yesterday was the best day ever. I got really good news at work. I got really good news on a personal level. I want every day to be "Good News Wednesday". 

Yesterday after posting the post below this one. I went to check my email... and BAM. I actually hit the Phish lottery. This may not seem like a lot to most... but I haven't hit it in 8 years! And I play all the damn time. And well... what an event to hit! I landed four tickets to the 30th and the 31st for Madison Square Garden. 

Which means that picture above will be repeated this year on new years eve with four of my best friends. 

Wow. Still in shock. 

This makes Saturdays battle with Ticketmaster much more manageable. 

Yay for good news Wednesdays! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Phish Photo Of the Day

Today has been one of those days that being a Phish fan is nothing but pure anxiety. We are all waiting to see if we were lucky enough to hit the Phish Lotto for New Years Eve tickets. 

I'm hoping for at least one of the shows so I don't have too much pressure getting them on Saturday, but so far no credit card holds, and my hope is getting smaller....

Pretty please Phish make my New Years dream come true today!

She & Him Christmas Album

This week I think I've officially pissed off my neighbors. Not only am I finding new music and blasting it throughout the apartment, but I'm blasting Christmas music now... **gasp**

I know its a little early to be playing holiday tunes but I can not help it. She & Him dropped their new Christmas album this week and its nothing short of amazing. 

Check out my favorite track from the album. And yes you should download this today! Trust me, its never too early for Christmas :)

Andrew Bird Documentary

"Have I simply been sick all year, or am I turning into another type of animal?"

This is the question that Andrew Bird asks in his new documentary that is part doc and party concert film called Forever Year. Looks pretty great, I also love just about anything that Andrew does so I'm going to have to find this film!

Official Trailer (2:45) from Andrew Bird: Fever Year on Vimeo.

Phish During College Gameday!

Check out the sign in the middle of a 'College Gameday' halftime show.


Phish Phans Everywhere...

For Your Enjoyment


X Factor: I'm Hooked. Damnit.

I promise you I didn't mean for this to happen. But last night in between listening to hours of music online I found myself slowly being swallowed by the new reality competition that is 'The X Factor'. Its basically a combination of American Idol and The Voice. Four judges. Each have about 4 acts. They compete each week against their own team and each week four are eliminated. 

I didn't want to watch this show. I promise you I didn't. But there I was last night watching... act after act after act. And you know what? Some weren't too bad. I mean I can only imagine how nervous these people were... did I mention the prize? Oh its only 5 MILLION DOLLARS. 

So yeah... good luck people. That type of cash is sure to change someones life. 

Here are my two favorites. Again I just started watching last night so I don't know much about either one of these people but they are solid.

First is Drew Ryniewicz. She is just talented...

and here is a 12 year old rapper named 'Astro'. I love him. What a star!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Arcade Fire & Neil Young

Okay I think this is the last one for the evening... I need to get some sleep. The final cut is a good one too, here is Arcade Fire with help from Neil Young on "Helpless".

Its been fun listening to all the great music from this concert tonight. If you have some spare time youtube some videos, they have some acts entire sets. Then go and make a donation to the Bridge School, I promise its all well worth it. 

Someone Get Me This... Please?

Okay family and friends. Put this on my list for Christmas. Please!!

After doing more and more research on the Bridge School I have found out that they are set to release a DVD/CD commemorating the 25th anniversary. Check out the trailer below. Looks pretty amazing right? Well it all goes to a good cause, so well... thanks!!

The Cave: Bridge School Edition

I wonder if these guys fingers ever get tired from playing so hard? Seriously... these guys when they get into it, get down! 

Check out Mumford & Sons with their hit "The Cave"

Carlos Santana ft. Dave Matthews

Above is a picture of some of the kids that attend the Bridge School, again just an amazing cause for Neil Young to get behind and get all these others so inspired as well. The Bridge School founded by Young and his wife after learning about the limited options for their disabled son is a non profit whose mission has been to help individuals with severe speech and physical impairments to achieve full participation in their communities. Love when people take their influence and do good with it...

Back to music... if you were to ask me who is my favorite person that Dave Matthews has ever collaborated with (well besides Tim Reynolds... that shit is like magic) but my easy second choice would be Santana. Between his guitar playing and Dave's voice, much like the combination with Tim, this just works. Which is why I was super excited to see Dave come out during Santana's set on Saturday night to join him for one of my all time favorite songs "Love of my Life".

Like the guys said who is filming it... "this is fucking cool"... sure is man sure is.. 

"Where you are is where I want to be... and through your eyes all the things I want to see... and in the night you are my dream, youre everything to me.."

Nora Jones "Remember Me"

Hopefully one day soon I will be one of these people applauding all these great acts coming together for such a great cause.

Here is my girl Nora Jones singing "Remember Me"... oh to have a voice as pure as hers. You don't need much else.

" the end fair weather friends may break your heart... and if they do sweetheart remember me..."

One More From Eddie

One more from Eddie before I get into some others. This man is just well... the man. Don't know how else to describe it. Here is "Rise" one of my favorite songs off his new solo album.

I also want that hat.

Sorry For The Delay: Bridge School 2011

Yeah Yeah I know I'm late on this one. Yesterday just got out of control and I was unable to post last night. 

I promise I'll make it up to you tonight. I will be bringing you an array of performances from the Bridge School Benefit that happened in California this past weekend. Again, they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the charity event, and well this year surely wasn't a disappointment.

Here is one of the best acoustic versions of "Porch" I've ever heard. Bravo Eddie Vedder.

More to come... stay tuned.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tonights Special: The Bridge School Concert

I promise you a great post this evening. You will have to wait for it, but I promise it was worth it.

Over the weekend, Neil Young threw his 25th anniversary "The Bridge School Benefit" out in San Francisco. A yearly benefit concert where countless numbers of musicians come out to show their support for Neil and the school. 

Over the weekend they celebrated 25 years of fantastic music memories. Ones that include seeing R.E.M. and Phish hit the stage in 1998 or Tony Bennett and Paul McCartney in 2004. Last year it reunited Buffalo Springfield, and this year it included newbies like Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons. All and all its an event you can tell that the artists want to be a part of it as much as the 22,000 in attendance want to see them.

So tonight you get the performances. Sorry I don't have time at the moment... but its worth the wait.

Pearl Jam Twenty 'Faithfull' Ale

How do you celebrate 20 years in the music industry? A new documentary? And well just being an all around bad ass band? Thats right... you make your own beer.

Introducing... Pearl Jam: Twenty "Faithfull Ale"


Paradise by Coldplay

Want to know what I did all weekend? Its easy. I watched football, drank beer and listened to Coldplay's new album. All and all a perfect weekend. 

Their new album is pretty amazing, if you are a fan of theirs (which I'd be shocked if you weren't... they pretty much kick ass) you should go and buy this album. Its a great listen from track one through the end. 

My favorite song? Paradise.

The video is pretty amazing too.

Way to hit it out of the park yet again Coldplay... these days you pretty much can't do anything wrong in my eyes.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Song Is Dope

I was just driving in my car and this song came across my radio. Instant dance party. 

Never heard of Elle Varner, but you had me at the first beat.

Be prepared to dance.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


GroupLove is a new Indie band I just discovered. Their story is actually quite interesting. One summer while on a retreat on the island of Crete the decided to forge a friendship that ultimately led to them playing music together. They left the island and decided to work together creating music in the drummer's home studio. Next thing you know they have a ridiculously good album and are opening up for Florence + The Machine.


And this song right here (while the video is a bit weird) they song is super catchy and infectious. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

No One But You

Queen's "No One But You" written after their front man Freddie Mercury passed is one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard in my entire life. I can't really explain more than that how much this song has touched me. It just seems to sum up Freddie pretty great... not to mention the countless other musicians we lost too young. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for his brothers in music not only to write this song but to perform it to perfection. 

"One by one
Only the good die young
They're only flyin' too close to the sun
And life goes on-
Without you...
And now the party must be over
I guess we'll never understand
The sense of your leaving
Was it the way it was planned?
And so we grace another table
And raise our glasses one more time
There's a face at the window
And I ain't never, never sayin' goodbye....
One by one
Only the good die young..."

And yes I know I'm totally in a Freddie Mercury phase but really can you blame me?

Who Is Maverick Sabre

Yup here is another new one. Makes me really happy that there is all this really good music out there just waiting to be discovered. Meet Maverick Sabre, a vocalist/rapper coming out of England. His new album has spent weeks on top of their itunes charts and he is set to make it big now in America. 

Oh and did I mention he is only 21. Yeah...

And a bonus cover of "Wonderwall"

Halloween Costume Idea

Say you have a lot of kids... like six. I have the perfect Halloween costume for you!!


The Mini Jersey Shore
(but no joke aside... I would totally dress my kid as this!)

photo jerseyshorekids 600x450 I Want a Dress Up for Halloween

New Beyonce

Queen B is back again with a new video to her song "Love on Top". Guess she is trying to fit everything in before she gives birth to Jay-Z child. 

I really like this song. I really like Beyonce. 

Enjoy it while I try and get my head on straight. Mondays are usually not my days...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cuteness Overload!

Warning. Warning Warning.

Cutest thing I have ever seen.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Austin City Limits Festival 2011

Here is another festival that I must make it to before the end of my days... 

Austin City Limits... I love you.

Check out some of these great artists that showed up this year.
Kanye West

Foster the People

Alison Krause

Fitz & The Tantrums

Court Yard Hounds

Nas and Damien Marley

Steve Wonder

Happy Festival Attendees

Sara Bareilles 

Favorite Weekend In Richmond!!

Thats right... the Richmond Folk Festival is back this weekend!!! Yaaaaaay!!!

Easily my favorite weekend down here in Richmond, and I will be in the middle of it all. Have two volunteer shifts, one on Saturday afternoon and the other on Sunday morning. 

Can't think of a better way to spend my weekend. Volunteering for a fantastic local music event. Win win win!!

Here is a video highlighting some of the 2009 festival!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Song of the Day: Even If I Don't

Found a new artist today, her name is Rachael Yamagata and I'm quickly falling in love with her entire album. Yet there is one song that I have played at least three times already. "Even If I Don't" is the story of a love that just doesn't work. And well dont' we all know that story....

The video is pretty amazing too it shows the relationship between a tiger and a bunny.... and well just watch where it ends. 

Here are some of the great lyrics:
I miss you most in the morning; most every morning
I wake up thinking; I could call
I could come visit; I could come running
We could relive it

But when I think of all that we've been through
going back to you
Seems like such a foolish thing to do
I hope you know; that even if I don't 
I wanted to

All those words; you said at the ending
were pretty reveling; and I can't forget them
All those ways; we missed at connecting
Despite all our trying; it always came back to
What I couldn't give you...."

Occupy Wall Street Protests

occupy brooklyn bridge wall street march protest
Not really sure what to think about these things. For one I agree with free speech and the right to protest.... buuuut I'm just not sure that we are approaching this issue the right way. 

Do things need to be changed. Of course. Does protesting our great country really help? Not really. 

So again... not too sure how to feel about these guys. 

Let Me Blow Your Mind

Throwback video of the day!!! Eve ft Gwen Stefani "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"

I can't even tell you how many times I listened to this song on repeat when I was in high school. Still puts me in a great mood every time I hear it...

Battle Song

Man in Libya plays the guitar while his friends fight in battle.

How great would it be if he was singing..."WAR...What is it good for?... Absolutely nothing!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just Announced.....


Thats right. Phish. Four Nights. MSG. New Years.

Today officially rocks.

Meet Ross.

This story has nothing to do with music. 

I'm not going to tell you much about it because I went into it blind and well I think you should too. But its easily one of the craziest/most inspirational stories I have ever heard. 

Just wow.

Part Two:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Music Alert!! Laura Marling

Meet Laura Marling at the age of 23 she has already made quite the name for herself in the folk-rock scene. She is from England and has toured with a number of well-known indie artists in the UK. Her sound contains a lot of melodies and poetic lyrics. She has two albums out at the moment and recently took down Best Female Solo Artists at the 2011 Brit Awards. Not to shabby...

I don't know much more about her yet, but I'm getting there. For now take a peek at this hauntingly beautiful piece of music called "New Romance". 

Here's To The Crazy Ones

Steve Jobs, tech's craziest one of them all, narrates this never before aired commercial for Apple's "Think Different" campaign; it was later voiced by Richard Dreyfuss. 

"Here is to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify them or vilify them.

About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward.

Maybe they have to be crazy

How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? Or sit in silence and hear a song that's never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels?

While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

See Ya Hank Williams, Jr!

Hank Williams Jr Apologizes
Hank Williams, Jr (most famous for his "Monday Night Football" song) has been dumped by ESPN after going on a radio show this week and comparing Obama to Hitler. 

Many people in the country music community are up in arms about this. "How can they do that?" "Its freedom of speech" "He has the right to say what he wants". 

Can I give you all one little reminder here???

Yup. Thats right. I am sure all of you people are the same who gave these ladies shit when they said they were "Embarrassed that the President was from Texas". 

So will country music stations pull his music? Will they out them like they did with the Dixie Chicks?

Should be fun to watch...

Someone Like You. Official Video.

Its no surprise that the song of the year so far for me is Adele's "Someone Like You". No matter how many times I hear it come across my ipod or on the radio it stops me in my tracks. The powerful lyrics, the voice, its perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Finally it has an official video and guess what? Yup perfect as well. Simple. Understated. Moving. 

Enjoy it. 


RIP Steve Jobs

"Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinion drowned your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become" - Steve Jobs RIP

The world lost a good man yesterday. Steve Jobs, founder and innovator of Apple died after a long battle with cancer, he was 56. I would just like to say from a personal note that Steve changed my life. From his products, inventions and speeches the man was quite an inspiration.

He forever has changed the face of the music industry. And forever changed our lives. 

You surely will not be forgotten.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Justin Timberlake, Make Music Again

This is pretty hilarious. 

Check out the video below of the campaign to get JT to stop doing movies and make his way back where he belongs... on stage... being sexy. 

Justin... stop wasting everyones time and just get back. These people make some great points...

Take Notice.