Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 10 Beatles Songs of All Time

Now here is a list I can really get behind.

First and foremost this post here is dedicated to my wonderful mother who without I'm not quite sure I would be as in love with The Beatles as I am today. Anytime I hear their songs, lyrics or even see a picture of them I am brought back to that moment in high school where my mother really explained to me how crazy of a fan she really was. That day my mother changed in my eyes, she was no longer just my mom. She was in fact once young, and crazy and lived and breathed music. Because of her I am the music fan I am today. That I know for sure.

So, continuing on with this post, Rolling Stone Magazine has dedicated a special issue to the "Top 100 Beatles Songs of All Time". Its available to purchase through Barnes and Nobles and well its quickly been added to my Christmas list for this year. There was never and I believe will never be as good as a writing team as their was with Lennon/McCartney. The songs they made, at the time they made them were not only groundbreaking but they pretty much wrote the book for music for the next 50 years. All the good artists out there today, most of them list The Beatles as one of their influences. I mean how could you not? Again, they basically termed the word groundbreaking.

Well, as many know I can go on for hours about Beatles facts but really lets just get to the list. I will state that I have taken this list right from Rolling Stone (including their reasonings behind it), I'm glad they were able to do it because well if you asked me it would have taken me a good three years to make this list. That and they did a pretty fantastic job, the number 1 is easily the one I would have chosen, but their reasons on the top 10 are just great.


10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The lyrics for George Harrisons first truly great Beatles song began with him choosing the phrase "gently weeps" from a random book. It wasn't until Harrison pulled Eric Clapton in to play guitar that the arrangement was finished.

9. Come Together
Originally inteded by Lennon as a campaign song for LSD guru Timothy Leary when he ran for California Governor in 1970, this became the last song for all four Beatles cut in the studio together.

8. Let It Be
McCartney channeled Aretha Franklin's soul in "Let it Be", recorded during the peak of the Beatle's troubled times. A month after its 1970 release, McCartney announced the band had broken up.

7. Hey Jude
McCartney's lyrics for "Hey Jude" were inspired by John and Cynthia Lennon's five-year-old son, Julian- but Lennon first thought McCartney was singing to him about his relationship with Yoko Ono.

6. Something
Before it became the second most covered Beatles song behind "Yesterday", Lennon said this unexpected Harrison track was "the best track on Abbey Road" and McCartney called it "the best song Harrison has written.

5. In My Life
"In My Life," featuring Lennon's most personal lyrics up until that time, is one of only a handful of Lennon-McCartney songs where the two strongly disagreed over who wrote what.

4. Yesterday
The most covered song in history began as something called "Scrambled Eggs." It also began in a dream of Paul McCartney's.

3. Strawberry Fields
Lennon once said growing up "was scary because there was nobody to relate to." Strawberry Field, a Liverpool youth's home near where Lennon grew up, represented those haunting childhood visions. With this song, Lennon conquered them forever.

2. I Want To Hold Your Hand
"I Want to Hold Your Hand" was the first exposure most American had to the songwriting magic of Lennon and McCartney. It set off Beatlemania, and represented what producer George Martin calls "the apex of Phase One of the Beatles' development."

1. A Day In The Life
The ultimate Lennon-McCartney collaboration, "A Day in the Life" wasn't recognized as the band's masterwork until the Eighties, after Lennon's death. It pairs lyrics inspired by the newspapers and Lennon's own life with McCartney's idea to have classical musicians perform what producer George Martin called an "orchestral orgasm."

-Great choices Rolling Stone great choices!!!!!!

Diablo Cody - Red Band Trailer

So yes, this has nothing to do with music but I enjoy it and well I think the world would too. Diablo Cody is the super talented screenwriter behind the epic film Juno. Her style of writing, well communicating in general is perfectly in tune with the daily thoughts that run through my mind. This is why I love her little web series called "Red Band Trailer" so much. Its bascially just what the title describes. Diablo rides around in a red band trailer and talks to celebrities. She asks them ridiculous questions, they have awesome interviews and well the whole thing lasts about 10 minutes. Its amazing. The one with Chelsea Handler, made me laugh so hard I had to stop walk away then come back. Yes that good.

Enjoy her latest episode staring Megan Fox. And well....its hilarious.

New Release: The Weepies - Be My Thrill

Today marks the release of one of the most anticipated albums of the year in my book. One of my favorite groups The Weepies is releasing their album called "Be My Thrill" today and well I have had an early listen to it this morning and its fantastic.

This band is responsible for creating one of my favorite songs of all time (Click Here), ever since hearing this song it pretty much changed my life. I listened to it on repeat for about a year. It was an instant classic. Soon, I fell in love with their whole entire catalogue of songs.

What I love about this band the most is that they are not out to change the music world. They are not groundbreaking. They are not original. But they are good. They are damn good. And its that effortless feeling that they put into their music, that gives it that sense of calm, soothing and well the feeling of free.

Go get the CD today!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Melissa Czarnik - Raspberry Jesus

Thank you to my favorite blog NPR's "All Songs Considered" for leading me to this next artist.

The picture above could be my favorite cover of the year. I'm still trying to figure out the meaning but the album title is "Raspberry Jesus" and well I'll tell you what it doesn't look like.

Hip hop.

Melissa Czarnik is a free flowing rap artist with mad skills. She is super smooth, her lyrics are fantastic and the timing of her delivery is flawless.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day researching her and figuring out why its taken until now for me to find her.


Fiona Apple: Across The Universe

What happens when you take two absolutely amazing things and combine them... oh yeah thats right.... MAGIC.

There is nothing left to describe this following video. It pairs one of my favorite vocalists of all time.. Fiona Apple. And easily my favorite songwriters.. the team of Lennon/McCartney.

Enjoy this hauntingly beautiful version of "Across the Universe".

This video has also reminded me how much I miss Fiona's whole style. Please put out another album again soon, the music business is not the same without you.


More new music from my favorite Sara Bareilles. Her album is set to drop next week, but until then she keeps releasing these little gems to get us all excited for more!

Enjoy, the more upbeat song "Uncharted".

I can't wait for this album to come out!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Its the Weekend!!

Very exciting, busy weekend coming up. This will be my theme song! Love it!

Everyone have a happy and safe weekend! I promise to write more next week before I go to Cali!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long and Winding Road

Everyone who knows me or has been in my apartment knows that I am obsessed with two pieces of art. Well two concepts really. One is a chair at the end of a dock. The other is a long, road with no end in sight.

Example One:
(While above is not the one I own, its close)

My favorite photo of all time I own I stole off my mothers wall when I left to go for college. I couldn't not live in a house without it. It wasn't going to happen. She was mad at first, but then I think she truly understood how much I loved that piece of art. This piece continues to hang in a prominent part of my apartment. A place where I am sure to see it every single day. I have always said that I know my life is complete when I own something similar to that picture. When I have a dock or a place to sit looking out into infinity. Its the picture of peace for me. The one thing that I believe, I will always be chasing.

Example Two:

My other favorites is a series of photos that I have. They are all of winding roads deep in the middle of nowhere. It could be in the country, it could be a dirt road, it could be a path, in all of them you can not see an ending. Do you know what I feel when I see these? My path in life. The path in this life that I have chosen for myself is not terribly easy. I have made some wrong turns, learned some life lessons, but I continue to move along this path with every passing day. When I look forward I don't see an ending, when I look back I can't see a beginning for the road is not straight. Yet every path that I do choose ends up being beautiful. I don't do things easy. I take a winding path in the road of life and well I wouldn't choose it any other way.

I do believe in my heart that these are the two converging themes of my life. "A Picture of Peace" and "A Road Less Traveled". Well and if I spend the rest of my days chasing these two things, I do believe I will be eternally happy. What are the themes in your life? Have you recognized them yet? Do you have symbols inside your house that reminds you of them? If not? Why.

**Okay well that is all the insights for today....and probably enough for a year....:)**

I Am Embarassed

So...during lunch today I had some errands to run. I jumped in my car threw on the radio and all of a sudden my car was filled with the sounds of a familiar song. A song that I haven't heard in easily six years. A song that well, causes you to do some very dumb things inside your car. These things include: Screaming lyrics, playing air guitar and even pretending that you are in fact on stage performing this song to millions. Yeah, that was me. I looked kind of like this:
(yes there was probably someone staring at me too!)

So yeah, thats what happened to me at lunch today. This old Sophie B. Hawkins (remember her! ha) song came across the radio and before you knew it I was screaming the most embarrassing lyrics ever written down.
"Damn... I wish I was your lover"

Really Katie? This song? I really hope that my windows were not down and anyone heard me because really I think I may have blanked out for three minutes. I know I was really into it..... I'm sorry but how can you not be. This song is awesome.

Free Your Mind...And The Rest Will Follow

When I was in middle school I thought I was quite the rebel. I used to walk around my house rapping "Left Eye's" lyrics on the TLC cd and playing this following song as loud as I could screaming the lyrics. I just thought it was so bad ass. I mean with lines like this:

"Before you read me you got to learn how to see me!"

How could you not love En Vogue's "Free Your Mind". Its awesome. Its strong. Its classy. It completely blew the roof off the pop world when it first came out. I'm happy to say that I owned this cd. Well not only did I own it but I remember distinctly blasting this song and literally strutting my 12 year old self across my bedroom pretending I was one of these girls. Oh to be young again...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Phish Tour Announced!!!

I'm going going back back to NJ NJ!!!!

100 Greatest Artist Of All Time

Starting Sept 6th VH1 will begin another one of their ever so popular "countdown series". You know, the shows everyone watches hungover on Saturday mornings. You have all seen the "100 greatest hits of the 80s" or the "greatest one hit wonders" or the "I love the 80s" series. You can't not love these shows. They are fantastic.

This is why I'm pretty excited for their new one. The "100 Greatest Artists of All Time". This one is going to be tough; I mean how do you really put a number on some of the greatest. Is one truly better then the other? In some cases yes, but in others I'm sure there are some that will always make an argument for or against one side. For example. Better rock band, Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin. Debate! * Editors pick- Zeppelin all the way* Yet I know of a few people who would take the other side.

Its sure to be a great few hours of tv. With some fantastic music.

Here is a sneak peak of the top 20 artists (With the top 5 in alpha order just to keep the surprise)

20. Marvin Gaye
19. U2
18. Pink Floyd
17. Queen
16. Madonna
15. The Beach Boys (My first concert!)
14. Nirvana
13. The Who
12. David Bowie
11. Bob Marley
10. Stevie Wonder
9. James Brown
8. Elvis Presley
7. Prince
6. Jimi Hendrix

And the Top 5 in no particular order:
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Michael Jackson
Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones

My guess - The Beatles.

MGMT - Congratulations Video

Ever heard of a Duck-dog-a-Saurus? Yeah me either. But I guess the band MGMT has. They have one walking through the desert with them in their latest tripped out video for the song "Congratulations". The boys who made it big last year with such hits as "Electric Feel" are back with a new album but that same old sound. The sound that makes them more unique then 90% of the bands on the radio today. These boys are talented.

Enjoy the weird video, and really by now you shouldn't expect much less from these guys.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Sara Bareilles

If your a huge fan of Sara Bareilles like I am, you are no doubt anxiously awaiting her new album drop on Sept 7th. Well as a little treat here is a new song off her new album called "Hold My Heart" and as expected its pretty amazing!

Oh and did I mention her new album comes out the day before my birthday. Just another great early birthday present! Thanks!

Click HERE to check it out!

"This Has All Been Wonderful...But Now I'm On My Way"

Sorry that I have taken a small break from the blog. My little brother came into town and made a surprise visit and well when something like that happens, little things like blogs and emails don't really matter anymore.

After a fantastic weekend of just really hanging out with him and some other really good people I'm refreshed and ready to go for yet another week. A week full of work, more work, an event Friday night and an event Saturday morning. But then its time for vacation... Thats right the countdown for vacation is on. I leave for San Diego, one week from Thursday. I'm super excited!

So today I post this video, a new one from Phish's last tour. And I do for the lyrics....

"Waiting for the time when I can finally say, THIS HAS ALL BEEN WONDERFUL BUT NOW I'M ON MY WAY...when i think its time to leave it all behind, I try to find a way to but there is nothing I can do to make it stop..stop..stop."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't Believe Its Been Two Years....

It was two years ago today that the world lost an amazing talent in Saxophonist LeRoi Moore. Most famous as a founding member of the popular Dave Matthews Band, this man completely transformed the way that the saxophone is used in music today.

I was one of the lucky ones who was there at the Nissan Pavillion during his last performance and well its one I will never forget in my life.

What LeRoi brought to the Dave Matthews Band was the cool, quite, calm to their rowdy shows. He was highlighted on such songs as Bartender (which he co-wrote) and Loving Wings. Yet his presence was everywhere! To me, he is what made me like the band so much. I have a big thing for the horn sound. Its so rich and full, it just makes any band better.

So yeah, I can not believe its been two years since this man was taken from us. Since his passing, I have gone back to see some DMB shows. They have some kick ass people filling in for him, but you can't help but think how much that song would have been different with a little touch from LeRoi.

I hope that he has found a pretty bad ass band up there in Heaven for him to join. Because as we all know, he is truly missed around here...

Lyric Breakdown: DeVotchka

Yesterday while reading some local blogs I stumbled upon one of my all time favorite songs and for a second had trouble remembering the last time I heard it. That troubled me. How can favorite songs like this fall off your radar for such a long period of time?

The first time I heard this song, I sat still. I thought about all of the hauntingly beautiful lyrics of this song and the story that they were trying to tell. After countless listening I had come to my decision on what it was all about. And that day, this song changed forever. You see you can listen to one song over and over and over again and it not mean a thing to you, yet once you assign a specific meaning to it the song is never the same.

Take the lyrics to the song "How it Ends" by DeVotchka
"Hold your grandmother's bible to your breast
Gonna put it to the test
You wanted to be blessed

And in your heart you know it to be true
You know what you gotta do
They all depend on you

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end

There is no escape from the slave catcher's songs
For all the loved ones gone
Forever's not so long

And in your soul they poked a million holes
But you never let em show
Come on, its time to go

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end

Now you've seen his face
And you know that there's a place in the sun
For all that you've done
For you and your children

No longer shall you need
You always wanted to believe
Just ask and you'll receive
Beyond your wildest dreams

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end"

For some this song can easily be summed up by saying its describing everything about life. All situations have their inevitable ending, all things stop whether its a relationship or a certain situation, and while we go through the motions we "all know this will end".

Thats the easy way of thinking, for those like me who find great fun in pulling song lyrics apart there is a whole lot more to this song below the surface.

So thats where I went, and what I found has made this song change my life forever.

Now I am not the most religious person. I am spiritual. I believe in God. I go to church...sometimes. All and all I like to think that I am a good person and at the end of the day I think I have done enough good to one day grant me entrance into those gates of Heaven. Cause well, that I do believe in. I think. I have to right? This can't just be it. This brief time on earth, just simply is not the end. Its this way of thinking that made me believe that this song is all about the experience of dying and finally realizing the truth about what is now in front of you...heaven.

And again to each their own but here is my interpretation:

This song to me is about a man who I think has just died, but now he knows where he is headed. The lyrics "now you've seen his face" (God), and "you know there's a place in the sun for all you have done... for you and your children" (Heaven) The bible says that we will be judged for all we have done here on earth. I think this song is about those first few moments in heaven. The time when you realize that this place you had been wondering about your entire life on earth, does in fact really exist. And really "no longer shall he need" (because you already believed) and finally all you need to do to fulfill the rest of your journey is just "ask and you will receive, beyond your wildest dreams"...

Because really you already knew how this would all end. You are at peace.

Editors Note: Sorry for going off on this for a second. Its just a song that really means a lot to me and well its almost haunting for me to listen to. But it continues for YEARS to be one of my most favorite songs ever.

**The moral of this story.... I love and read into music entirely too much**

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Marcel The Shell...With Shoes On.

"Guess what I use as a bean bag chair?.... A raisin. What do I do for adventure? Hang-glide on a Dorito.... I'm afraid to drink soda because I'm afraid that they will make me float up to the ceiling...."

First off....this video below has nothing to do with music.

I just can't stop watching it. Its amazing.

Brought to you by SNL player Jenny Slate (the one who dropped the f bomb earlier this year), well this is what she has been doing in her off time.

Current State: Laughing Uncontrollably.

Phish Jones Beach

Last night they opened the first set with Fluffhead and the second set with Lengthwise.

I wish that I was going to the show Jones Beach tonight rather then going home and watching Top Chef....

True Blood On Rolling Stone...Appropriate???

Okay this has something to do with music and a whole lot to do with pop culture, so its finding a place on my blog.

I have subscribed to Rolling Stone since I was in High School. I love the magazine, I always have. The articles are (usually) great and the subject matters are usually spot on. But lately some of the things they have been putting out are just plain old weird. I mean come on they changed the size of the cover! That in itself is a tragedy.

I can't help but thinking that parents across the country will be holding their kids eyes in the lines of super markets this week with the new cover featuring the starts of HBO's new hit show True Blood. I do not watch this show, lot of my friends do. But thats not the point. The point is.... "is this cover shot appropriate"?

Remember when Britney Spears hit the cover back in her prime, laying on the bed talking on the telephone. That caused an UPROAR. These people are naked!

And no I'm not a prude, I'm just thinking....really? Is that really necessary? The show plays on HBO, keep this kind of entertainment for adult eyes only, not kids on the internet or in line to buy cheerios.

Happy 90th Birthday - 19th Amendment!

It was 90 years ago today that women were granted the right to vote.


So in honor of this today I bring you....

Queen Latifah with "Ladies First"