Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Shoes

Well this post is for one person and one person in particular. He happens to be one of my favorite people on this side of the planet, and for good reason. Hes my brother Rick or like I used to say it...the Rickenbocker... da da daaaa**symbols** ha. Okay enough of the inside jokes.

This kid is a class act. Unlike most kids his age who are out getting hammered being a kid in their early 20s this guy has his head on straight and is busting his ass to be the best doctor that the east coast has ever seen. He spends most of his days around the Rutgers campus and his nights split between working ridiculous shifts (7pm-7am) at both the Emergency Room at Morristown Memorial or at the EMT Squad where he has been a volunteer since he was 16. I look forward to him regaining his normal life again one day soon but for now he knows whats at stake and he is ready for war. I am so proud of this kid in ways that he will never understand. He is my rock. He is my best friend. He is the one person in my life that I can call no matter what time no matter what circumstances and somehow he has something smart to say.

So today Rick, this post is for you. This post is for you to celebrate the end of your Organic Chem final. The close to end of the rest of your exams and well close to a nice well deserved break. Did I mention he is going to squeeze picking me up at the airport in his busy schedule? Again, fantastic brother. So Rick this song is for you, I know it is one of your all time favorites. Every time I hear it I think of you and laugh uncontrollably.

Can't wait to see you!

PS: Yes I know this song is incredibly sad, I guess its just one of those "had to be there moments". If you actually like this song please refer to: "Butterfly Kisses" haha. :)

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