Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Super Troopers

As we near the end 2009 I have been doing a lot of time of reflecting over the past 10 years and what exactly has been done with my life. Really there is nothing better that sums it up better than the opening of this movie. "Super Troopers" is a movie that my friends from home and I found during one late night at blockbuster. We had at the time, no idea what we had just found, yet one hour later and after watching the opening sequence about 30 times, we had found our movie of the decade.

This movie is probably one of my favorites comedies of all time. It ranks up high with Old School, Zoolander, Royal Tennenbaums, and even the Hangover. All movies that I could watch none stop for days or like some people like to say, my five dvds I would bring with me to a deserted island.

Super Troopers is based on corrupt cops up in Vermont who have more of a knack for practical jokes then they have for actually taking their jobs seriously. A majority of their time is spent brainstorming new and fun ways to mess with stoned college students and most of all the rookies on their squad. The entire movie is an instant classic. I think that I may have even burned out my dvd in college I watched it so much.

The opening of this movie is hands down my favorite from the last 10 years. Anyone who hung out with me in high school or even in college for that matter will understand why, I can not stop laughing. "you are freaking out....mannnn". :)

Your gem of the day brought to you by me is the first 8 minutes of this movie:


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