Thursday, September 12, 2013

Drew Kennedy New Album Wide Listener

I saw Drew perform here in Richmond a little under 2 years ago and was blown away. His previous albums have been nothing short of stellar and to be honest his new one "Wide Listener" has the potential of blowing those out of the water (and that is saying something). 

What is even more impressive is this entire album was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. By people who believed enough in what this man does to throw their hard earned money at him to make a record. To anyone who likes storytelling, this man does it unlike any other. His songs sound simple but looking deeper you can see the complexity of a man wanting to tell other peoples stories. 

I found this review of the new record on the 'Farce the Music' blog and it does ring true.
"Wide listener is the sound of a man who's found the sweet spot - where creativity, passion and talent all overlay each other on the venn diagram. Drew Kennedy may never be the best known singer-songwriter in the world, but with albums like this, we can rest assured he'll always be known as one of the best."

Congratulations Drew on the new album release and well deserved accolades that are coming with it. 

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