Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Back

Hello and sorry for the week long delay. This last week has been crazy/busy but within the last week I've gotten a lot accomplished. 

I turned 31 years young. Hard to actually believe I made it to this age but I'm grateful and thankful to all the people in my life that made turning this age, a little easier. 

The Jets kicked off their season with a surprising victory on Sunday. A great bday present if I do say so myself. Tonight we have a tougher task with the Patriots, but it can be done. Maybe.

My fantasy football team tied their first game. Sucks but after making a 35 point comeback during the last two games I'll take it.

Work has been kicking my ass up and down the street but I have decided it will no longer bother me. I will show up. Do what I am told and focus on what is important. The guests and their stories. That should keep me motivated enough to stay positive.

9/11 was yesterday. A day of remembering and a day to look back. I will never forget driving back up to my hometown a few days after the tragedy and the thing the hit me the most is driving by my little towns train station to see the numerous cars whose owners were never coming back to claim them. The world changed that day and its something I can nor will ever forget.

So there is is. A week full of craziness. But I promise to pay more attention to this blog and keep it up to date. 

Here goes nothing:

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