Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Phish In Denver. What a Weekend!

Well what can I say about this weekend that would perfectly sum it up?? Lets see. I flew out to Denver, met up with four of my best friends, saw three amazing Phish shows, made the mecca to Red Rocks, drank local beers, ate at local food trucks and pretty much soaked up every bit of fun that my body could handle. How does that sound?

Seriously though this weekend was things that dreams are made out of. I remember sitting in my apartment after the Phish Colorado run last year thinking to myself 'Wow...if those guys go play out there again next year I'm going'. And well I did it. I finally figured out what all the fuss is about and witnessed it with my own eyes. Phish in Colorado is a whole other experience that every Phan should witness. I don't know if its the clean air, the mountains, the venue, the tour closer but there is something that makes the band extremely comfortable. 

2013 has been a banner year for my band. How many bands do you know are playing as well or better in their 30th year then they did in their 10th? These guys are on fire and they know it. I'm just glad that I'm along for the ride. 

I would describe the shows like this.

Friday - Welcome party
Saturday - Second set was the highlight of their year so far
Sunday - Raging dance party

All three nights were different and standouts for their own right. 

Friday I finally got the Icculus that I have been chasing for 15 years. After the Lizards of last year I think that all my favorites are finally off my bucket list. Saturday we were treated to a 23 minute Chalkdust Torture that literally took a year off of my life. And Sunday's dance party especially the Boogie On ended the weekend on a high note. 

Explaining these occurrences to a non-phish fan is hard but just understand that for a fan like me this will now be my yearly tradition. If they go out on Labor Day each year to Denver I will be shocked if I'm not in attendance. SHOCKED.

Now a final shout out to my friends. 

I am literally the luckiest person alive to have these girls in my life. This weekend was a welcomed distraction from a very tough summer. The fact that I can get on a plane and meet up with four girls that I would literally lay my life on the line for is something that I am extremely grateful for. For the first time in about 5 or 6 years the crew was finally all back together doing what we do best. Dancing. Laughing. And enjoying each others company. There is something special about these ladies that literally make me cry for joy when I see them. This weekend will go down in the books as one of the best executed weekends of all time. Thank you guys for accepting me (bad dance moves and all) for who I am and allowing me the opportunity to cut loose and enjoy myself. I would not be who I am today without you all. 

Okay its now time to struggle through the rest of this week at work. Yet every time I get up and feel the soreness in my legs I remember what a great time this weekend was and how it was all worth it. 

Again feeling extremely grateful and blessed this morning that I have this thing in my life that brings me utter happiness and joy. 

Now let the 45 day countdown until the 3 night run at Hampton begin now!

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