Monday, November 11, 2013

Manchester Orchestra Live In Richmond

Last night I took my boyfriend to see his favorite band perform live at the National here in Richmond Va. And to be honest with you I did not do my due diligence coming into this concert because if I did I would have not been so surprised on how blown away I was by how amazing this band was. 

The bands name is Manchester Orchestra and if you have not heard of them and are a fan of really good lyrics and seriously just good music you should check them out. The bands lead singer Andy Hull has one of the best rock voices I have ever had the pleasure of hearing live. And the bands ability to go from soft to rock so quickly and seamlessly has me shaking my head to why they were not more famous. 

But you see thats the thing. As a music lover and spending my fair share searching around the radio and music blogs I was surprised to know some of their more popular songs. 

The show last night lasted about an hour and a half. They had two openers. One hard rock one that wasn't really my scene but the other will deserve its own blog post so I'll save that. 

But it was awesome last night to step outside my music zone of phish and dance music and see how the rock band fans live. It was extremely enjoyable and I highly recommend that anyone and everyone spend the $25 on a ticket and go see these guys live immediately. I promise you you will be impressed.

I'm sure this will not be the last that you hear of me from Manchester Orchestra. In fact I will hopefully now do my research and figure out really how amazing these guys are. 

For now I think you should check out their video for "Simple Math". It could be one of the best music videos I've ever seen. Seriously it deserves an Oscar or something.

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