Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Tour in Pictures

Surprise Surprise I found myself seeing a ton of Phish shows this summer. TON. I traveled up and down the east coast (still managing to somehow show up for work in between) and then made the annual trip to Denver for the Labor Day Dicks Throwdown. Never will I miss those shows....

So instead of big long recaps of what exactly happened all I will say is this. I saw my second tweezerfest, I got another Lizards encore, Jennifer Dances People!, Lushington almost happened, and I finally saw Phish play with horns again. This is just touching the surface... here is the recap in picture form.

My Summer With Phish and Phriends

Portsmouth with my best friends

Bring it Colorado

These ladies are my life

Best crew ever?

Partner in crime for the merriweather run

"On the road again...."

I will own this car one day

Pinning is winning

The true loves of my life right here

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