Monday, January 4, 2010

One of the Greatest...

Okay so I know I have been super lazy these last two weeks with the holiday, but I promise I'm back with a purpose. To bring you what I believe is one of the greatest songs/performances of all time. Bonnie Raitt performing "Angel from Montgomery" is to me what defines good music. (And yes you all know that I hate country music! But I can not deny good music!) All she needs is her guitar and a mic stand and she can sit down and give an absolutely amazing performance. The way she can just sing these lyrics, make them seem so heartfelt and really grab your attention is the reason Bonnie Raitt has been doing this for 30+ years and why she will continue to do this hopefully forever.

I heard this song yesterday while shopping at Ukrops and I literally was walking through the aisles singing it out loud. I couldn't not.

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  1. Great choice! My wife and I love Bonnie Raitt and we've been following her a long time. From her self-titled record in the early 70's when she was a full fledged blues artist and is still now one of the best slide guitarists around. Songs like "Silver Lining" in recent years demonstrate her soulfulness and passion for the music and the message.