Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bono Lets Blind Man Play

Just when I thought I couldn't love U2 any more... Bono goes and pulls a stunt like this. 

Scene: Nashville, U2 ends their show and is taking a bow when Bono reads a sign in the front row. Its from a man who wants to "play a song for his wife". Bono asks the man what he wants to play and he replies "All I Want Is You". Bono agrees and pulls the man on stage. Kicker? Man is blind. He picks up the guitar and plays with Bono and the full band backing him the entire song! Truly a moment that this man will never forget. Then at the end as Bono is leading him off the stage, he hands him his guitar. So not only did this man have the performance of a lifetime but he also has a pretty bad ass guitar now. 

Good move Bono. Good move.

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