Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

"And in the end its not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years"
-A. Lincoln

Its quite fitting that I start this post with a quote from Lincoln. I did drive out to Springfield this year to visit the land of his birth, but it also fits for the kind of life that I'm attempting to lead right now. 

I don't pretend to be anything that I'm not. I'm a happy simple kid (can I still hold on to kid for one more year until I'm 30?... thanks) I get pleasure out of the little things, a nice day, a great concert, dollar taco nights, this blog. I like how easily I can laugh, and I like that I have people in my life that keep me laughing way more than crying. I love my job with all my heart, and I thank my lucky stars every day that I found it.

Today is my 29th birthday. To some it may be the beginning of the end... the start of the last year of my 20s. But really... what do I have to complain about? Here are just some of the things I've been lucky to do in the last year. 

I cheered my brother on at the NYC Marathon 

Was a glow-bot for Halloween in Atlantic City

I fried a turkey at the Jets game for Thanksgiving
3 Night Phish run in NYC for New Years

Had some great friends come to visit

Made it to yet another AFC Championship game (this year we are coming back with a win)

Saw a lot of concerts....again. 

Moved to downtown Richmond

Did I mention how great my friends are?

Road trip with my mom from Chicago - Springfield 

Loved my job

Bring it 30! 

I look forward to doing more in the year ahead. Thanks to everyone who has called/texted/emailed or saw my name pop up on the corner of your facebook and gave me a shout out on my wall. I appreciate you too. 

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend! Yay dolla taco! :)