Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Phish Plays Benefit Tonight

Just another reason why my band is better than yours. 

Tonight they are expecting thousands of phans to show up to Essex Junction, VT for a Phish benefit concert with proceeds going to the Vermont natives who were affected by the floods over the last few weeks. 

As many know Phish originated up near Burlington, and many of them have houses still in the area. After wrapping up their summer tour last week, many thought that would be the last time we would hear from them until New Years but many (especially the phans up north) were pleasantly suprised to hear of this quickly put together show. The tickets sold for $75 and other packages including parking passes, and access to a Vt beer tent are going for $250. A great way for the band to show their appreciation to the state that gave them their start. 

I have a few friends who will be in attendance tonight. I know I will be listening on my couch. Either way, should be a fun show for a worthy cause. 

Here is a little tweezer to tie you over until tonight

Phish - 9/3/11 "Tweezer" from Phish on Vimeo.

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