Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bad Books - How This Ends

Here is another recommendation from my fantastic boyfriend. One of his favorite bands is Manchester Orchestra and one of the side projects of the group is another band called Bad Books (which includes the guys from M.O. plus Kevin Devine). I wrote about them a few weeks back when they announced that their new album will be dropping in October. 

In recent days he has given me a list of songs to catch me up this band, and I am here today to say that this band is fantastic. There are numerous songs that are worth the listen and I will be requesting a copy of the first cd from him for immediate download. 

For starters here is the song that really jumped out at me off the list. Its called "How This Ends" and I believe its a simple song where the lyrics seem to point out that our beliefs have no effect or bearing on what actually happens in the end. And no matter how you interpret whatever "book" you live by, once your life is over, your beliefs were only yours anyways and that is all. 

Again simple but great! You will hear a lot more about these guys soon...

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