Monday, September 24, 2012

Guess Whos Back?

You know you have been gone from your blog for too long when you come back and the entire format is changed. What is up with that? Hopefully this ends up looking semi-normal.

I am sorry for my absence last week. Had a lot going on at work and in life and didn't have the time to get on here and talk about whats new in my world of music. But lucky you I have a lot to tell you! 

-Did you know that the lead singer of Green Day had a meltdown at a music festival this weekend and landed himself in rehab?

-Mumford and Sons killed it on Saturday Night Live with their new song "I Will Wait"

-C-Lo is officially ruining Thursday night football

-Fiona Apple was arrested for drugs in the same small Texas town as Snoop and Willie Nelson. 

-Its official. Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban will join Mariah Carey on what is sure to be American Idol's final season.

And thats just the start.... stay tuned!

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