Friday, September 14, 2012

Remember This Name: Carly Rose Soneclar

Yes I'm talking X Factor again. I can not help it. There is something about these singing competitions (at least during the audition rounds) that hooks me. I was thinking why this happens last night and I figured it out while watching this next girl sing. 

Could you imagine being a regular girl off the street, singing to yourself in the mirror of your room, maybe being in choir, maybe some small community theater. People tell you you are good, but you are from a small town.. from a town where kids still believe they can grow up and be President. You find out there is an audition for a national television show nearby. You and your seemingly normal parents drive to said audition, wait in line all day, not really knowing what to expect. 

Then its your turn. You get on stage in front of thousands. In front of judges that you have been watching for your entire life. With the glare of the tv cameras that are broadcasting your next move to millions of viewers. Its your time. 

Then you put on a performance like this. Completely changing your future forever. You are no longer a small town girl. In 24 hours you have been a trending topic on twitter, a number 6 google search and you had a man who has founded multi-platinum singing groups tell you 'a star is born'. 

These shows change lives and to see this girl get a platform to do her thing. I will always appreciate that.

Watch this video. Watch this girl. Remember her name. Easily the best audition I've probably ever seen since Kelly Clarkson season 1 of that little show called American Idol.

(also loving Britney and her tiny clap!)

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