Monday, September 3, 2012

Best Oasis Song Sung By Noel

This debate was sparked and settled within a weekend. Lets see where your opinion lies.

First a little background on Noel and Oasis.  

Noel Gallagher was born in May 1967, he is an English musician formally the lead guitarist and main songwriter of the rock band Oasis. He began learning guitar at the mere age of 13. After holding a ton of random jobs in construction he started working for a local band called Inspiral Carpets as a roadie in 1988. It  was there where he learned that his older brother Liam had formed a little band of his own. This band eventually took the name Oasis and after Noel returned to England his brother invited him to join as a guitarist and songwriter. 

Oasis debut album, Definitely Maybe (released in 1994) was the start of the huge rise to fame the band had. Their second album (Whats The Story) Morning Glory? solidified them as stars staying at the top of the album charts in many countries and their third album Be Here Now, became the fastest selling album in UK chart history. The next two albums failed to bring them back to the top of the charts and in August of 2009 following an altercation with his brother Liam, Noel announced his departure from Oasis announcing he would make a go at it as a solo artist. 

Noels run with Oasis was marked by much trouble especially during the peak of their success. He was involved in several disputes with Liam and the brothers fights and wild lifestyle was tabloid gold. Even with all this many have compared Gallagher's songwriting abilities with the likes of George Martin claiming Noel to be the 'finest songwriter of his generation'. 

In Oasis Noel let his brother Liam take most of the lead vocal parts. Noel was happy to be the guitarist/songwriting genius in the background (everyone knew he was the real leader of the band anyways...). Yet every now and again he would march front and center and take his turn in the spotlight. His voice sweet and pure. Which brings us to the debate we had at the start of this overly worded blog post. 

What were those songs that stood out among the rest...(And warning these songs will be in your head for at least two days... promise you.)

3. Don't Look Back In Anger
-This song was the first to feature Noel on lead vocals, it also contains one of the best opening lyrics on any song... "Slip inside the eye of your mind...don't you know you might find... a better place to play"

2. Half The World Away
-This was very close to being number one yet after numerous listens it ended up strong at number 2. I think the easygoingness (is that a word) and lyrics make it one of the best Oasis songs on the books.

1. Master Plan 
-This song was originally released as the B side to their huge hit "Wonderwall". Noel has declared that this song was one of the best he has ever written and I can't disagree. He claims that at the time Creation Records boss upon hearing the song told Noel that it was "too good" to be on a B-Side to where Noel quickly snapped "Well, I don't write shit songs!". No sir you don't.... 

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