Friday, August 9, 2013

Yup I'm Here

I know I know I've been missing a lot this week but I've had some important things to do.

I have owned ticketmaster over the last few days not only securing tickets for myself for the Hampton October shows but today I helped out a good friend by landing his Massachusetts show. It's always good to have ticket karma on your side in this game.

Speaking of Phish we are a mere 3 weeks away before I leave for Colorado. Unbelievable that this trip is almost here. I can't wait. I need a break from work and from this city and need some friend hang out time. FYI I may not come back. Do not be surprised by this..

In other news there hasn't been too much going on in the music industry lately. Oh wait. BEYONCE CUT HER HAIR OFF. That is right. The picture above is of Queen B's new hairdo. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but it sure is a drastic change.

Also if you have not seen the video of what Stephen Colber did on his show when Daft Punk stood him up its worth the watch.

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