Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Aaron Paul. Thank You.

After a slow day at work today I was able to catch up on more Breaking Bad. This leaves me only a handful of episodes to watch until I'm fully caught up. Something that will happen by either this Sundays episode or next. I'm really happy I'm doing this because well I hate to feel left behind on TV watching. And well everyone said this show was amazing and I totally agree. The acting and writing is out of this world. And the performance that both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul give is worthy of every award in the books. Especially Aaron. The depth he brings to the character of Jesse is heartbreaking at times but I'm so glad that they cast him to give him this shot. 

Warning. The next two videos contain spoilers. If you have already watched or have no intention of watching the show watch them. If you are still catching up...don't.

This second one is best summed up by the first comment on the page "Acting level: God Tier"

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