Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy's Continued....

Okay since this is the blog post where I talk about the moments I didn't really care for I have to start off with Pharrell William's hat. I mean really? I think Arby's said it the best when they tweeted:

"Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back? "

Thats right Pharrell you just got owned by Arby's.... HA. 

Anyways moving forward to the moments that were a little weird and awkward from last night. 

-I will say that I don't know where to put McKlemores performance. While I do not really care for the man and his music (after being completely overplayed and acting ridiculous in 2013) I did find their Grammy performance to be excellent until the part that Madonna came out on stage. Is it just me or is she finally starting to look her age? I get it, it was really cool to have 30 or so couples get married live on stage. But did you have to get Queen Latifah to do it? You know that she is one of the biggest closeted lesbians in hollywood right? Okay maybe I'm the only one that found her doing that ironic. It was a cool idea and I did get a little emotional watching people so happy about exchanging vows in front of millions but I'm not really sure how exactly it felt to everyone else. 

-Katy Perry pulled a Gaga and performed in a snow globe. I really didn't get her performance and thought it was way too over the top. Katy I've said this before and I'll say it again, you are talented. You don't need all the theatrics to sound good.

-I don't know who Hunter Hayes is but he looked 12 and sounded 9. I'm sorry country music but if this is your future you are surely in trouble.

-Robin Thicke featuring Chicago was a 'blurry' mess. See what I did there? He sang blurred lines. (I thought it was clever). Anyways I know he was probably trying to make himself look more classy after the VMA debacle but this just didn't work for me. Just seemed like a mess.

-The cut NIN/Queens of the Stone Age/Dave Grohls performance short because the show was running late. Trent was not to happy about this and took to his twitter later on in the night to give the Grammy producers a piece of his mind. Note to self. If you get Trent to perform at your award show don't disrespect him like that.

-I love Taylor Swift but she did more headbanging in her performance than I have ever seen in my life. I really thought her head was going to roll off her pretty little shoulders. Also watching her react to thinking she won album of the year was amazing. 

Those are my thoughts about it. Oh Grammys... you are getting better but still have a long ways to go.

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