Monday, January 27, 2014

The Good The Bad... The Grammy Awards

Well let me start this post off saying there is no way I will be able to cram all I have to say about what happened on CBS for 3 hours last night into one blog. It may take all day, heck it may even take two. Last night was the annual Grammy Awards and well they were quite interesting. I found portions of the show to be quite entertaining and other parts to be downright atrocious (sorry Ringo... I'm looking at you painfully). 

Lets get down to it shall we?

-The show started out with a very weird performance from Beyonce and Jay-Z. I get it Beyonce you are beautiful and your body is amazing. Yet dancing around soaking wet in a chair for 5 minutes and then having your husband come out wrapping about how he is 'drunk driving on love'. Just didn't sit well with me. I get it you both have over 15 grammy awards a piece. This performance just missed the mark.

-I loved Lorde's performance. She ended up being quite the winner last night and after watching her perform and accept the awards I now know why. She is straight up talented. I get it that 'Royals' is completely overplayed but for her at her age to have that much composure and song writing ability makes me extremely jealous. 

-Also the performance I thought I would hate I probably enjoyed the most. Bravo to whoever put Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons together. Somehow it worked. No idea how but it did... Go to youtube and watch it ASAP. 

-Lets just stay on the loves for the moment and I'll write the "not so lovely" post later.

-Casey Musgrave was a real treat. I have no idea who she is but she seems to be a fresh voice for the country scene. She also won numerous awards including 'Country Album of the Year'. Congrats.

-Paul McCartney still has it. Love that man. He can still hit the notes. He can still write great new music. Seeing Ringo back him up on drums was a treat (he should have done that rather than perform). 

-Pinks solo performance put the entire room on blast. How that girl is able to swing from ropes above the crowd all while singing live is a feat I will never be able to understand. I would be so out of breath not to mention not strong enough to hold myself up that it would be a disaster. 

-And finally my girl Sara Bareilles got to perform with her idol Carole King. And while Carole's voice was not the best I've heard seeing these two amazing singer songwriters share the stage was an absolute treat.

Okay I gotta run but I promise to be back later with all that was ridiculous including:
-A little kid named Hunter Hayes who was lost on the big stage.
-Robin Thicke and Chicago's mess.
-And well my full thoughts on Ringo and his All-Star Band.

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