Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I can not believe the time has come. The countdown is all but over. On Saturday morning I'm boarding a plan just like this one below for what is probably going to be one of the better vacations I ever will take. I'm heading out with some of my best friends from college to our friends wedding in St. Croix. I'm a little nervous that the plane below will be the one taking the last leg of this journey. But hey, its worth the adventure right?

So todays theme is planes and adventures. Since I'm obviously way too excited to even do a stitch of work. I may as well be a little productive.

Here is one of my favorite "plane" songs. Its by one of my favorite Jason Mraz, its called "plane" and its seriously one of my favorite songs, has been for years. Somehow the way the words flow from this boys mouth is unbelievable. love it.


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