Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kurt Schindler

So last week I was on vacation but not just any vacation. It was a wedding extravaganza complete with a one man band. Thats right, only at a Lisa and Neill party would you find the DJ stop playing at midnight and then they roll out this guy named Kurt Schindler. Lisa had talked this guy up as being as good as Keller so many of us were pretty amped to see him play. Well let me tell you... he did not disappoint.

(This is us getting looooow)

About two hours into his set, he had the drunken guests who were left at the party in a frenzy on the dance floor. Singing covers, orignials, I think I even saw him pull out a flute. He was probably one of the best one man bands I have had the pleasure of seeing ever.

I have yet to find a better video then the one below but I'm glad that it does feature one of his originals. Yes the song name is "Mr. Happy". How can you not love that?

I hope to grab a few of Kurt's CD's and spread his music to everyone.

Thanks again to Lisa and Neill and Kurt for giving me one of those nights I will never forget.

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