Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Week In Music

Jerry garcia grateful dead rip
I know I promised to get back to this blog last night, but i've been feeling off my game the last few days and I fell asleep at 8pm. Sorry.

To make up for it here is a good list of what happened in rock music history on this week. 
-John Lennon apologized for 'blasphemy'
-Janis Joplin performed live for the last time
-Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran almost drowned
-Fans rioted after a disastrous Guns N Roses/Metallica show
and most historic (in my mind)
-The great Jerry Garcia died

What a week....

In 1995 Grateful dead lead guitarist Jerry Garcia was thought to be on the mend when he met his untimely death. The figurehead to many like minded people like myself had just checked himself into a California rehab center to kick his persistent drug addictions, but he succumbed there to a heart attack. He was only 53.

Say what you would like about Jerry but I know my life right now would be a whole lot different if not for this man. First off my favorite band would not exist. And secondly, the culture that I love with my whole heart would not exist either.  You can dismiss the man for his drug use, you can dismiss his band for the way they lead their lives, but the music is just undeniable. 

We miss you Jerry. 

Here is an amazing moment from back in 1994. 

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