Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pat Summitt (My Hero)

There is not enough space in this blog for me to list all the reasons why I have admired Pat Summit for as long as I can remember. You see for me, a basketball player, there was not many women figures to look up to in the early 90s. Fortunately there was Pat Summit. This lady has lead the Lady Vol Tennessee program since 1974 winning 8 national championships. She ranks #8 on the All Time Best Coach's List (male or female) and well talk about class. This lady is so classy she is in a league of her own. She made girls like me think it was possible to play the game at a high level, that we can be athletic, and that there really are no differences when it comes to sports.

Which is what made seeing the news yesterday so difficult.

She has been diagnosed with dementia, at the age of 59. (Full article HERE)

I can not even begin to imagine the courage it took for her to record the video below. I am happy to hear that she will continue to coach, but again can't imagine how this journey must be for her. 

I'll be thinking of you Pat.

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