Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Springsteen and I

Back in May I wrote about a new Springsteen documentary I was looking forward to. Well on Saturday night I stumbled upon it and it was as amazing as I thought it would be. 

While I love Bruce I wouldn't call myself a die-hard fan but the people in this documentary were. They were fans from all over the world who sent in (in video form) their love for the man who makes the music that they live for. 

There were a few reasons I loved it. For one I am a fan of music and always appreciate seeing people find their own band and to hear what that music means or does for them validates the band I have in my life. Secondly it showed many times where Bruce invited fans on stage to sing, dance or even just run around with. To see those interactions and to see what Bruce is able to do for people is astounding. I loved hearing all the stories, seeing the different ages of people and hearing why this man has changed their lives for the better.

I love music. I love everything about it. And if you love music and appreciate a fans love "Springsteen and I" is a documentary for you.

Here is my favorite clip from the Philadelphia Elvis:

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