Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thoughts on 31

I turned 31 last month and I can't help but thinking about the following things:

-Does this mean I'm officially old?

-Is it still okay for me to travel the country with my friends to see music?

-Why does everyone I know have kids or are pregnant right now?

-Does it matter that I feel as if I'm about 10 years behind everyone else?

-Is it still okay to live by myself and enjoy every moment of it?

-What about missing my parents. Because I still miss them just as much as when I went away to camp when I was 9.

-Does 31 mean that I can no longer pretend I'm a student to get discounts?

-Does it mean that this 6 lbs that I gained this year will just continue to add up and not go down?

-Do I have to pick a career now? I mean I think I have but I'm pretty sure it can change at any moment.

-Does 31 mean my mom will no longer put out a Christmas stocking like she when she stopped when my older brother got above 30?

-What could it all mean???

All I know is that I'm eternally grateful to still be roaming this earth at 31. I'm pretty sure all the questions above will just figure themselves out with time. Until then I'm still planning on hoping in my car on Friday to go see 3 nights of music with my friends. If anyone does tell me that that is stupid or irresponsible to them I will say you are old and jealous. :)

"Please me have no regrets"

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