Thursday, November 5, 2009

Number 27

Well, what a difference does a good night sleep and a world championship make on a persons mood. I'm seeing the world through a better perspective today and I have to tell you its a whole lot better than where I was yesterday. The Yankees are World Champions of baseball and all is right in the world...

Last night I had such a fantastic time watching my (yes they are all mine) New York Yankees bring home their 27th championship. It brought me back to all those years during middle school and high school when the Yanks were the dominating force in baseball. The last 9 years they have struggled to stay on top, struggled with figuring out their lineup and especially struggling in pitching. Yet last night they put all those critics to rest hammering the Philadelphia Phillies to take home game 6 and bring another championship to the greatest city in the world.

It is times like these where I kick myself for moving to Virginia. I grew up 40 miles away from the best city in the world with some of the greatest sports teams and fans you will ever find. I moved to Virginia whose only sports team are the pathetic Washington Nationals and the even more suffering Washington Redskins. What was I thinking? Now I get to sit back and watch my brothers and dad go celebrate at the parade in the city tomorrow, celebrating with the rest of the world yet another championship.

I will be there in spirit, with my pinstripes on under my work clothes... Lets go Yankees!!!

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