Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Is It!

Last night I went to the movie theaters and saw the movie about Michael Jacksons last tour called "This is It". And after months and months about hearing about all the details and circumstances that went into that brilliant mans last few weeks leading up to his untimely death. I can finally say after seeing this. "This really is it".

Like many of you out there, I was a huge MJ fan. I think that the man was a musical genius, a talent of which we will never see the likes of again. I was skeptical about seeing this movie. I didn't want to see one of my
favorite artists, sick or not dancing well. I wasn't sure what this movies angle was going to be. Was this just the producers way of making an extra buck? A way to pay back AIG for the huge losses they are taking for the concerts that never happened in London? I'm happy to say that whatever the reason the producers decided to release this footage, THANK YOU!

What Michael was preparing to do for those last 50 concerts in London would have been something that would have made the world stop and take notice. This movie which basically is raw footage of his concert rehearsals, shows that he was nowhere near the end. His voice, his moves, the costumes, the backup dancers, the stage, the lights, his songs were all there. He was back. Of course he looked a little different (wink wink) but really the man sounded better then I have heard him in years and he was up on stage dancing showing these professional back up dancers moves that they would never even dream of.

This movie was shot documentary style and included many behind the scenes interviews with musical directors, show producers and dancers, all conducted before Michaels death. These interviews were especially poinent because of the way they spoke of the influence MJ had on all of their lives. These were the best of the best. Dancers and musicians gathered from around the world to take part of what would be the high point of all of their careers. Performing with the King of Pop. During his solo performances they would sit in the audience in awe of what they were watching. They would dance, encourage him to improve, they would laugh, cry and most of all just enjoyed being in the presence of their idol. One of the dancers even said "My whole life I have been thinking of my career and how to get to the next level. For the first time, after Michael. There is nowhere left to go".

This movie left me in awe of the man the myth the legend that is Michael Jackson. The talent that he had in his fingertips is more than most people have in their whole body. He knew his entire song catalog from front to back. He knew exactly in his mind what this show was going to look like, and he was hell bent on making it happen. He would stop production during a number to change the tune of the trumpet. He would stop a dancer mid move to show him how to hold out that extra count. This movie showed all of that genius and much much more.

The final thing I will say about this movie is what I took away from it the most. We should all be so lucky that the last six months of our time here on earth to be as fortunate as Michael. He was surrounded by about 80 performers, dancers, production and friends who were head over heals in love with him. He was performing the songs he loved, dancing on stage, laughing behind the scenes, not at home sick or under media scrutiny. Throughout the movie he often states into his mic how much he loves the people who were on stage with him and how much fun he was having. How great is that? How great it is to know that you left this world doing what you loved. We should all be so lucky...

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

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