Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Is Going On America?

A few questions America? Who is this lady? Why did I wake up to her on every single morning show imaginable this week? And how is it exactly her CD is being released at #1 beating out such heavy hitters as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and the (real) American Idol winner Adam Lambert?

America I get it; you are a sucker for the come from behind story of the person who "dreamed a dream" and made it a reality. But to avoid sounding really bitter on this cold evening, I will just say I will be glad to see this one pass into the youtube abyss soon. That and DOES SHE SING ANY OTHER SONG??? (Okay I'm done)

Okay that is all. I'm off on Phish tour for the next two weeks hitting up Philadelphia, NYC and Charlottesville on the run. Going to squeeze a little turkey in on Thursday. I suggest you do the same! I promise full tour update when I return.

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