Monday, November 2, 2009

Regrets: Dave Matthews Band

This video does not need a lot of explaining....

To anyone who is familiar with the Dave Matthews Band concerts and their fans will find this parody video absolutely hilarious. DMB became famous in the early 90s with the release of the album "Crash". They maid their name by touring a good 250+ days of the year for the last 10+ years. They are a road band, a band that likes to get out there and play as many shows as they can for their fans. Many people have knocked DMB for "selling out" or for basically playing "glorified frat parties". I know that in my high school it was absolutely the "cool" thing to do. Especially during their epic 3 night runs at Giants Stadium...

I know when I watched this video all I thought was...."Yeah, I'm guilty"

Yet laughs or not, DMB is one of those bands that I make an effort to see when they come through town. Their unique sound of pairing an acoustic guitar with a sax, violin, piano and drums is something that just works. The lyrics that Dave writes I feel are lyrics that will last forever......"The future is no place to place your better days".

My Top 10 Favorite DMB Songs (and my favorite live version):
10. Grey Street - Live Trax 3
9. Satalite - Live at Red Rocks
8. Ants Marching - Live at Red Rocks
7. Warehouse - Best of Whats Around Greatest Hits CD
6. Crash - Live Trax 7 (Features Bella Fleck)
5. Funny the Way it Is - Va Beach - Summer 09
4. Say Goodbye - Live Trax 3
3. Crush - Live Trax 2008 Tour Sampler
2. #41 - Listeners Supported Album
1. Two Step - Central Park Concert