Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back to Basics

After what will be described as one of the most emotional weeks I will ever probably go through in my life, things are starting to fall back into place. One day at a time. Its with a heavy heart that I have been walking through these last few days, and well one of the only saviors that I have had is, you guessed it. Music. Its a great feeling to put on a song and go instantly to another world. To forget about everything around you and just feel happy for that moment in time.

I will slowly get back to this blog, bring back the music that is making me happy and keeping me sane. The first is a song that I heard coming out of the back of a guys tent today at "Arts in the Park". I have no idea about the artist, or his music but it was really really good. I stopped and asked and was pleased with what I have found. Enjoy: Mishka "Stars will be shining"

And to anyone out there today who I haven't told that I love them and I appreciate them. I do. Always.

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