Monday, December 5, 2011

Amy Winehouse

Just now while looking at 45 of the "Most Powerful Images of this Year" found the one above. It was a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. And while at first you say..."aww how nice" take a closer look. All I know is that if I happened to leave the earth today I hope that people don't remember me with liquor bottles, wine glasses and cigarettes. 

This girl was tragically talented. She was almost too talented for her own good. She just didn't know how to handle it. She turned to booze and alcohol for reasons that I care not to even look into, but the girl was troubled. I hate that she will go down and be remembered as a junkie. Because well under the right supervision and with the right guidance, she may have still been with us. 

The shot above is sad. 

I will remember Amy as the person who put out an album almost four years ago; that has never left rotation of my ipod. And I can only say that about a handful of albums. 

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