Friday, December 16, 2011

It's The Final Countdown!

"Its the final countdown...."

Thats right people, this time next week my car will be loaded and I will be on my way back to New Jersey/NYC for 10 whole days! I've waited a while for a vacation from work and after three months of a very busy schedule I can't believe that its almost here.

What will I do with myself up there for that long? Easy. I got two parents (and two step-parents), two brothers, a jets game, four phish concerts, numerous friends and other relatives and well CHRISTMAS to keep me busy. So yeah I think my schedule will be pretty full.... 

I still can't believe I get to do four nights at my favorite venue with my favorite band. Seriously if it is half as fun as last years I am in for a treat.... oh wait you need a reminder of how I actually brought in the new year last year? 

Here you go! (And yes, don't judge I shot this on my own camera and did my best...)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!!

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