Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Robyn Kills on SNL

This past weekend on of my favorite 'dance' artists performed as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. I said 'dance' artists because Robyn is one of those artists that I can throw her cd on and then all of a sudden I'm dancing around like a fool in my living room. You can't help yourself, I mean watch the performances below... she can't even contain herself on stage! 

I dare your feet not to tap during these two songs.... and yes I would love to go to one of her concerts and dance for two hours. I think it would be fabulous! (And yes I know how ridiculous she is and I just don't care... she is a Swedish pop star... how can you not love her!)

Here is her first one: "Call Your Girlfriend"

And her second performance of "Dancing on my Own" (which is my favorite song of hers)

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