Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bob Plays Soccer

Many people are surprised to hear that Marley was a fanatic soccer player and fan. It doesn't seem to fit the image of the world's most legendary reggae star. But he simply just loved kicking the ball. Every single day when on tour or in the recording studio he can be seen kicking. 

A famous story that while on a trip to Brazil in 1970 Bob joined in on a heated street soccer game with some fellow musicians, street kids and Paulo Cesar, member of the 1970 Brizillan World Cup team. Before the game the Brazilians had given him a number 10 Santos shirt (Pele's number). Bob smiled and when he put it on was heard saying that just like Pele, he could play in all positions. 

Many of his friends claimed that if Marley had not been so dedicated to his music, he could have made it as a professional soccer player. 

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