Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Big Things

I know I know I basically abandoned this blog this week. I had to, some more important things came up. Or if you really want to know, I have spent the last two days sick as a dog throwing up. Yay. So as you can tell it has just been an amazing week.... :)

Anyways, today is Friday. Its Memorial Day weekend. And while I am not traveling or going anywhere I can not wait. There is nobody here. There are a ton of fun things to do around town. And I'm going to do all of them. 

I'm also going to spend some time at my old apartment on the Boulevard cleaning it up and getting all my security deposit back.  

I will do this all hopefully after this stupid fever breaks. 

Oh and I can't believe I'm missing Phish kick off their summer tour this weekend... boo. Yet I'll see them down here in Maryland in just about two weeks. yay.

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